uminant animal most likely a goat due to its inward-facing knees and had a torso of a man but with the head of a reptile walked on the left side of Stein.

I, the surviving humanoid creature with purple eyes walked on his right side.

I couldn help but think it was like they were bodyguards escorting some very important person.

Once more a very ironic thing because the world would honestly be better with people who didn abuse knowledge like Stein.

”I think you should know that when we are created beyond this realm we are completely different people. After coming into the body and scenario you have prepared its like the original us would die and this new personality would take over. ”

I would say with a confident voice but it was clearly laced with small traces of confusion.

I said this based on the fact I possessed information about things I should have no idea about.

”Hmmm. Like some kind of forced eject due to a compulsory change in souls or reincarnation or possibly even regression of sorts. Your Name? ”

Stein spouted with pride while holding his cigarette in his hand, every word that escaped his mouth was followed by white puffs of smoke.

”It can be that simple Sir Stein. You must be doing something wrong for the universe itself to attempt to reverse or make a change to something that has already been decided. ”

”The universe is a hindrance. Its too dumb to understand my ultimate goal. NOW, GIVE ME YOUR NAME ”.

As this is said the black crooked shadow behind him started vibrating violently once more and little pins and spikes would sprout signifying Steins rage.


”M-My Name Is Azur… ”.

Seeing the change in the physical features of the shadow behind Stein I was able to deduce that it reacted directly to steins feelings or command and according to the recurring chain of words he was dangerous.

Every fiber of my soul and body screamed out for me to run as far away as I could get from the shadow and Stein but I knew it wouldn matter much.

If I was correct I didn want stein to end up using the shadow to attack me.

I was wary because a piece from its body was able to hold my mouth and eyes shut for so long despite all I had done previously to try to pull them off.

”Azur, Huh? thats oddly a good name. I think Ive heard that name before. Now to introduce you to my main freakish followers. ”

He said as he pointed to them as he introduced them.

”The one with a lizard head is Hoax, he failed due to the fact he couldn survive in the hotter trials. The minotaur goat is Yagi, he failed because he lacked the physical strength that should have come with his minotaur build. He excels in the manipulation of energy to make up for that. The interesting black mass behind me is one of my personal favorites. He survived all trials with little complications but he lacked the ability to think for himself, he had zero sentience. Like he was just some preset object until he touched me, after that he stuck himself like a leech to the back of me. Residing within my shadow. An actual beast, his name is Kage. I think thats all for now until you meet the other even worse failures. It may be best to not let you even come in contact with them, failure could be contagious. You are the closest we have gotten. ”

Stein further accented the fact that he has little to no care for the beings who he forced into existence.

Its even highly likely that the ones around his facility are the ones he failed to kill and just gave up on.

I looked upon Stein from behind as he walked away signaling for me to keep following him.

Leaving me nothing else but to wonder if this was what I would be forced to put up with.

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