#Edith after Aldo fell from exhaustion#

Many village elders would say that Ediths paranoia was unfounded, that she had better stop being so paranoid about every improbability, but Edith thought otherwise.

#after the ceremony#

Edith had been expecting Aldo to lose to his curiosity faster. When he fell unconscious she moved with trained smoothness as though she had already foreseen the event occurring.

Edith had never been aggressive, but when Aldo fell she exuded a pressure disallowing anyone from approaching as she brought him home to rest, on the way out asking the ceremonial elder for permission to take Aldo out for his inheritance test.

The elder barely able to fumble a reply answered:

—y…e.s..yes, you can take hi..him out when the proper pa..papers have been tur…

Edith simply gave him a stack of paper work with what he could tell were enhanced-runic-papers in between, as she commanded in her aged voice:

—This should be all the paperwork the extras for you boy, buy something nice with it.

The elder couldn have expected someone to so openly bribe him and yet he couldn refuse, what was in his hands was enough to let him retire from politics and live out his life in lavish luxury and comfort.

—Th..the papers will be done in a day.

—Make it in half.

On the way she fed Aldo all sorts of medicine she had produced for when this happens.

#back to Aldo#

When waking up it was already the dawn of the next day. Next to his bed he could sense Edith looking at him with weary eyes, on the ground potion flask galore and a litteral mind splitting headache.

—E..E.Edith wh..why does it hurt so bad?

He heaved between every word as he felt like his mind was being tortured by the searing heat of a thousand suns.

He couldn distinguish between what he saw with his eyes and he sensed with his mind.

—Why are you both young and old at the same time… why do I exist and die at the same time!!?? Edith make the pain go away, please help!!

Aldo though he had reached the age of maturity still felt a sort of dependance on Edith as she had always had all the answers when needed.

”puck ”

The sound of a resounding slap could be heard throughout the whole room as Aldo stoped crying and started whimpering as he touched his face. Edith had never hit him before she would be stringent when needed but she had not once in his previous twelve years of life been hit by her.

Aldo Looked at her in disbelief as he reeled in the reality, when he noticed that the headache was gone. His eyes were open though all that he saw was the emptiness of space all around him it was utter darkness he could now that he had calmed down, understand what had surrounded him was the empty space before the creation of the universe.

—Thank you Edith.

Was the first thing that he uttered, now much calmer than before.

—Anything for you my boy. Now get your things in order, we move out of here before dawn.

She spoke in a tone that left no room for questioning.

An hour later the papers had arrived and they quickly left for the gates leaving a copy of the papers without the guards noticing they left the village.

—Edith why did we leave so hurriedly?

—Aldo you are a forest guardian of angelic descent, that means that theres no one who could question your inheritance of a position from your family line, you are able to become a forest guardian without competing and you grow in strength without training. For the elves you are the perfect tool to take advantage of to gain immortality from Yggdrasil.

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