chapter 3 of the monkey kingThere was never a doubt in my mind that we should leave. Aldo is to young to make a faction of his own and it is frightening how easy he is to manipulate and to use.

—We will blend in with the merchants heading to the nearest town and make sure that we don leave any noticeable trails behind us.

—So are you planning on telling me about why we are leaving so early and urgently in the morning.

—Many say seeing is believing, I say if you need to something to believe in it than it will be to late to prepare for it.

—I know you tell me that every chance you get, but what does that have to do with anything?

—A few months back I heard rumors about the elders planning a ritual to harness some of the mother trees power to prolong their sorry lives.

—And? Edith just get to the point.

—Well the point as always is to prepare for the unexpected and make sure we have an escape route, who knows if that crap needs the sacrifice of a convenient political adversary.

—Wait, so we are leaving home because of a rumor!?

—Well if you say it that way then yeah sure it sounds stupid but we can ever be sure.

—But, didn you have a plan for containing each of the elders?

—And I do, but we need to have an escape route before anything, almighty tree, have you not been listening from the beginning?!

—Im sorry Ill listen from now on.

#3rd pov#

As the party of two made their way to the nearest town, they took the shortest path they could find as they had barely got anything to survive on in the wild.

Aldo never really needs to eat because he like all FG:s (forest guardians) has the ability to survive on mana and sunlight alone, another reason why the great tree favors them as they are creatures that never kill for anything other than s-elf-defence.

—You corrupt, wife stealing, kids selling, money laundering dirtbags. How dare you come to our land and still have the gall to tell us that we are the evil ones underlings.

—Our people die starving on the streets, only to end up as feed for lice and dogs, while you get to live scot free in your castles and mansions.

—We never asked for anything from you, and yet you dare tell us that we should pay the toll for your nonexistent work.

A women that would seem to be the leader of this caravans guards, as she was giving out orders whilst shouting with full vigor.

—You think you
e so justified then why don you go fight the nobles, we are not your targets and yet you dare to attack us without just cause or reason, if you are not bandits and thieves then Ill make sure that I mark your gravestones as such after Ive pissed on them, you scum of the earth!!

The scene goes eerily quiet after the shout the people don seem to quite realise what just happened.

In the bushes along the periphery of the deadlock, one could almost make out the figures of an elf and an adolescent monkey.

—Hey Edith, whats going on why did they go quiet all of a sudden, weren they about to fight?

—We have more important things to worry about right now.

—Like what?

—Like making sure our identities aren found out by possible pursuers.

—Why would anyone b-, so how about I color my fur its not yet winter but I could make it white, no one would suspect a white monkey in the summer…

—Aldo put it on your right arm…

As soon as Aldo equipped a bracelet as Edith had told him to. his fur got shredded and then burned to ashes before the ashes were brought away with the wind, leaving Aldo naked, cold and bald.

—Here are your clothes, henceforth your name will be hidden from friends allies and family, your name is not to be told to any outsiders. Have I made myself clear John?!

Edith spoke in a solemn tone as Aldo put on the clothes at speeds faster than the eyes could register, and asked with a tired voice:

—Well, will you tell me whats happening now.

—The merchants are losing this one, it would seem that the numbers are overwhelming, it would seem adviseable that we head to another road to avoid confrontation.

—Or we could help them sort things out.

—I didn ask for your opinion boy, we take the mountain road, Id rather face monsters then discuss anything among these warmongering thieves..

—Hey, Edith, why does it feel like youve become more distant ever since we left home?

—At home I had my tools, weapons, contacts and information of the ins and outs of the area, as you should know I don like being caught unprepared. Until weve set a new base of operations you will not be engaging in frivolous fiascos such as the—s—e—— why do I even bother?

As Edith was speaking Aldo moved to reveal their position to the group. The people stoped, fearing what they might have attracted.

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