Morland: Blood and Sweat

Awake, Why The Hell Can\'t I Control Magic?


Seuvial sat at the table in her tent as she scribbled down some of the events that had occurred in the past week.

The hunt for the remnants had concluded, now only the Greyhearts remained at large, Seuvial had yet to receive a confirmation on whether she was allowed to expand her search towards the nearby towns around the entire Oris region.

This delay will harm my faction in the thirteen. Seuvial pondered to herself as she concluded the writing on her scroll.

During the previous Holy Knights meeting, the Knights had concluded that the Heart of Oris was no longer in Oris as it was previously surmised by the archeologists in Moriandia, it was now considered to be in the hands of the group known as the Greyhearts.

Now we have eight Heroic ranked maniacs with a volatile artifact loose on Morland.

”I pray to Moria that no fool gets a hold of the Heart of Oris. ” Seuvial sighed quietly. ”Snooping around at this time of night? ”

A quiet pause, then a figure suddenly appeared near the tents entrance.

”You always could find me easily sister, ” Vedial walked silently into the tent. ”Even as kids when we used to play in the palace gardens. ”

Seuvial smiled weakly.

”Don tell me you walked all the way here to reminisce about childhood memories, ” She replied sternly. ”Why are you here little brother? ”

”Of course. ”

Vedial understood the pressure his sister was going through, he had tried to lighten the mood by bringing up fond memories of them, but Seuvial had done as she always did and shut him out.

”I was coming to say my farewells to my closest sibling, ” Vedial started. ”The Captain found a lead and has tasked me with investigating it, perhaps I can find clues on the whereabouts of these Greyhearts. ”

”How so? The Greyhearts are my quandary! ” Seuvial exclaimed.

”I didn ask for it- ”

”You never do! ”

The heated exchange calmed as quickly as it had started, the two understood each other better than the rest of their siblings.

”I almost have them, once the Captain approves of my search expanse- ”

”He denied it, he says the plan is too erratic. ”

”Erratic?! ”

Seuvial slammed her hand on the small table, the small table shattered and sent her properly arranged scrolls scattering across the carpeted tent floor.

”Seuvial you have been like this since we left the capital, whats happening to you? You know you can tell me! ”

Vedial moved close to console his sister, but Seuvial raised her palm to him warning him not to get any closer.

”Seu-? ”

”Get out! ”

Shocked by Seuvials reaction, Vedial quickly left the tent in hopes of avoiding a fight with his beloved sister but bumped into Calestian who had been patrolling the area.

”Apologies for my clumsiness Lieutenant. ” Calestian stood aside to let Vedial pass and expected a harsh reproval, but the Lieutenant walked by him without a word.

Seuvial stood in the center of the tent trying to hold back her tears, her hard work had been denied again, but regardless of what this task meant to her as a Holy Knight of Moriandia, she would have to obey these orders without question.

I thought you expected great things from me father?!

Seuvial brooded over the expectations her father, the current Emperor of Moriandia had bragged that she would achieve.

How dare you send him to do it for me!

Seuvial looked out the tent and watched as her brothers silhouette vanished in the dark of night, compared to her Vedial carried a much greater burden and one that gnawed at his consciousness day and night.

”One sent to save us? What a load of horse piss. ” Seuvial muttered to herself and turned away.

Promised to the Princess of Quaria, Vedial stands as the avatar of the two nations, the bridge that will one day restore their eroding friendship with their southern cousins.

Sounds more like a takeover. Seuvial mused. More of fathers underhanded tricks.

Unfortunately, the King of Quaria only has one daughter, who is the sole heir to the throne of Quaria and if she were to marry Vedial, he would now become the new heir to the throne of Quaria.

Given Moriandias history, many in Quaria despised the house of A.L. Seuvial sighed as she walked to her bed.

”I wonder what my next task will be… ”

Seuvial looked at the empty space around the tent, she was the first-ever princess born out of Moriandia in all of their known history and her father had no idea what to do with her since the house of E.L had no male heirs.

To the Emperors surprise, Seuvial showed exponent potential in all areas that a royal must dominate. She was an A.L to the fullest, but her father did not see that, what he saw was a little girl.

I will show you just what I can accomplish out in the world father I will not become some old Lords second wife!

The very thought of it infuriated Seuvial who ended up smacking one of the supporting pikes of her tent and sent a part of it tumbling to the ground, one half of her tent was now open to the outside and the cold night breeze filled the rest of it.

”Lieutenant, I heard a noise! ” Calestian came running with his sword in hand.

”How fragile do you take me to be? ” Seuvial glared at Calestian who immediately put away his weapon and stood back. ”I am going for a walk, don follow me. ”

Seuvial took a horse and rode away from the camp, her true intentions concealed in a minor ruckus she was free from the Captains authority for a time. Seuvial rode the horse for close to an hour until she returned to the first place they had encountered him.

”So this is where you came from… Dar-rel. ”

Seuvial got down from her horse and proceeded to examine the crater they found after encountering Dar-rel, a pattern of symbols arrayed the exterior of the crater and it appeared as though someone had carved them with a powerful inscription spell.

”These symbols look familiar, ” Seuvial muttered. ”I should be able to find the translations in Moriandia. ”

Using the ancient texts hoarded in Moriandia Seuvial would be able to translate the meaning of the symbols written here all she had to do was to make a copy of them and take them with her on their next trip to the capital.

”Calestian may still be learning, but he is no fool. ” Seuvial pondered as she inspected the symbols. ”I am his master after all. ”

She returned to her horse and rode in a different direction from the Oris, her mind drifted away and she recalled a memory of her own master.

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