Meanwhile, went Mura had a call from her friend saying that she was.

Kobayashi: hey Mura went are you coming over to the dorm?

Mura: Im coming soon

Kobayashi: okay see over there

Mura: okay senpai

Later they ended their call and suddenly Muras car had right in front of the dorm her car window is transparent and can see anything from inside the car but outside they can see their reflection only.

Mura: ** my futa cock is getting hard and I want to **** someone or **ing someone to make their pregnant

Out of a sudden, one of the Sakurazaka46 idol groups had to see the Kobayashi friends car had park outside the dorm and she went over to her and knock on her window but she didn hear anything from outside because she is too busy of doing something right else with her **ing futa cock that she was rubbing hard until it semen over her seat while she was opened her car door and saw that Mura had a huge futa cock on her.

Mura: Rena? why are you doing here!

Rena: I saw your car parking outside but went I was knocking at your window and you didn answer so I went inside and see that you have that thing on you

Later went Kobayashi was calling Renas name and Mura take her hand and went inside the car with her and wait for her to go back inside the dorm.

Kobayashi: Rena!! where are you?

Tamura: where did Rena go?

Kobayashi: that weird she was here but now she gone

Karin: maybe she went to see her friends

Kobayashi: maybe she fetches Mura

Morita: no that is her car over there was parked but I think she went out for a walk I don know

Karin: maybe yea never mind lets go back while we wait for them to come here

Kobayashi: that was a great idea

When they were going back inside the dorm and only Mura and Rena were alone inside her car and she suddenly had passion kiss on Renas lips while Mura was rubbing her futa cock that hard until it had a second cum and her semen is keep flowing over Rena clothes.

Mura: sorry I didn mean to kiss you, Rena

Rena: its okay but it is my first-time kiss with a girl

Mura: can we do that thing here inside the car

Rena: we can do it together we are both girls right?

Mura: yes we are both girls but we can get pregnant

Rena: what if I get pregnant and you want to keep the baby

Mura: of course, I want to keep the baby

Rena: please be gentle it is my first time having sex with someone

Mura: relax and look at me while I put my futa cock inside your pussy

Rena: okay senpai…

Once Mura was carrying Rena and we are now the behind in the passenger seat while Mura was seating at the sit and on the top of Mura had Rena and Mura were moving her hips while Rena was having some sex with Kobayashis friend but every time Mura had cum her futa cock into her pussy and she had a moan and Mura was kissing Rena lips while we are having sex with each other inside the Mura car.

Mura: Rena…Rena…Im going to cum inside of your pussy please take all of my **ing semen

Rena: yes…yes…give to me I want more of your futa cock

Finally, Mura had cumming more semen inside Renas pussy while they were kissing sexy exotic kiss her when Kobayashi was calling Muras phone and she picks her call and answered it.

Mura: hello? Kobayashi…?

Kobayashi: Mura where are the hell are you right now?

Mura: no sorry I was still inside the car with Rena why?

Kobayashi: wait…did you do anything with her before she enter your car?

Mura: yes I did and why?

Kobayashi: Mura how many times do I say not do that thing with her

Mura: well its too late now

Kobayashi: no wait you stay there I will go outside and go to your car

Mura: fine Im waiting for you

They ended their calls and Rena was looking at Mura she see that Kobayashi was coming out of the dorm and went over to Muras car and knock on her window while she was wearing back her pant and she went out of her car and open the car door and close it behind her while Mura was asking Kobayashi some questions to her.

Mura: hello again Kobayashi

Kobayashi: not hello and where is Rena?

Mura: relax she is inside the passenger seat

Kobayashi was pushing Mura away from the passenger seat and opened the car door and reveal that Rena is half naked and her pussy had white semen inside her and she exchanged Muras face and Kobayashi slap her face right in front of Rena while Kobayashi was helping Rena to change into new clothes and went out from the car and go back inside the dorm.

Kobayashi: come on Rena lets go back inside the dorm

Rena: okay Kobayashi but Im sorry senpai can we see each other later

Mura: of course, we can see each other later

When Kobayashi takes Rena to the dorm with her member and they help keep Rena safe with them while Kobayashi was doing with Mura some serious talk to her.

Tamura: Rena did she do to you?

Rena: yes she did

Karin: what is she doing to you?

Rena: she rapes me and did some sex with her

Morita: what did she do to you?

Rena: I don know but can we go inside while Kobayashi talks to her friend

In the meantime, they went inside the dorm and just only Kobayashi with Mura they talk with her right before Mura had the police report call from her radio and she need to do her work done.

Radio: agent Mura we need you here and we have something that you want to see

Mura: okay Im coming over roger out

Once Mura started the car engine and Kobayashi was worried that she had an accident again went she go on the police duty.

Mura: Kobayashi I need to go now and tell Rena I love her so much, please

Kobayashi: I will but be careful out there and I worried about are where our baby

Mura: I love you too honey and early this morning we have are having sex with each other but I wear a condom to protect her that you saw the all of the white is ice cream over her body

Kobayashi: okay I believe you and go before I change my mind babe

They were kissing each other while Rei was seeing them was the kiss Mura and she left the dorm with a police siren on the top of the car.

Mura: later honey I will be right back

Kobayashi: okay

When Mura was driving to the police scene with a lot of crime all over the place and Mura had arrived at the scene and they see that agent Mura had something on her mind.

Police: well agent Mura did you know who did this?

Mura: let me think and close my eye

Police: okay

When Mura was closing her eye and she had the crowd in my vision and suddenly the killer is something that is going to happen inside the Sakurazaka dorm Mura was teleported back to the dorm but she was shouting at them to have my backup.

Mura: everyone please go to the Sakurazaka dorm right now I know who that killer is

Police: okay we see you over there

Mura: okay

Right after Mura was back inside the dorm and of a sudden, Mura was knocked out by someone who is hunting her with her wife.

Out of a sudden, Mura woke up and see that she saw that the police are getting ready to shoot someone but they hold the fire and Mura get free herself.

Mura: honey where are you?

Dion: well…well…look like you had to wake up from the knockout

Mura: where is my wife?

Dion: she is over there

Mura: honey are you okay?

Dion: she can hear you

When Dion wants to get Muras wife killed but she had protected her from getting killed by him.

Dion: you are so stupid are you?

Mura: not Im stupid but you are going to die

Dion: what are you saying?

Suddenly, Mura cut the rope around her body and she hugs her while the police officer fires him Mura was injured in her stomach and she helps Kobayashi to free her.

Mura: honey…honey…please wake up

In the meantime, Kobayashi wakes up and sees that Mura had saved me but she had injured herself for me to rescue me from him.

Kobayashi: babe you are injured because of me

Mura: no I protect you it was because are were baby safe

Rena: wait…hold on both of you are married couple

Kobayashi: yes and Mura is my wife

Mura: Kobayashi is a wife too

Rena: so you are a lesbian married couple

Mura: yes we are

They were kissing each other while the doctor was checking her injured wound and while everyone is busy all the time with everything that happens in their life with them is close friends or even friends each other.

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