In the meantime, Mura was bandaging her wound and Kobayashi grab her arm she drive off and left the scene while others are speechless just looking at both of them.

Mura: wait…honey what the hell are you doing?

Kobayashi: hold still babe I want to do something

Mura: do what?

Out of a sudden, Kobayashi was opening her pant zip with her boxer and it revealed her futa huge cock and she started to suck her huge futa cock that fast and sudden Mura had cum inside of Kobayashis mouth and it keeps semen all over her mouth.

Mura: no wait…if you do that I can handle any more honey!!

Kobayashi: babe I want your huge futa cock inside my pussy, please

Mura: but I thought you are pregnant

Kobayashi: no I haven pregnant yet

Mura: fine okay I will ** you up so badly until you had enough of having sex with me

Out of nowhere, Mura was **ing Kobayashis pussy until we have enough of having sex with her ass and meanwhile, back outside the Sakurazaka dorm and there have Karin who saw Kobayashi with Mura who are having so much fun with her wife are doing some **ing sex inside the car but sudden went Karin was drinking the wrong potion and went she drink the potion with inside the drink ingredients we have a futanari that means she can grow a **ing huge futa cock on her.

Karin: I want to go to the toilet I feel so sick drinking this stupid potion that Kira give me

Later Karin went to the Tenchan dorm toilet where she was alone inside her room with no roommate.

Karin: Tenchan can I borrow your toilet I felt so sick drinking the potion that Kira give me

Yamasaki: sure, please

When Karin open the dorm toilet and close the toilet door behind her and went she want to open her pant down and she saw that she have a **ing futa huge cock on below her.

Karin: what the hell is going on here?

Later Yamasaki can hear that Karin is having some trouble and went she wants the dorm toilet door wide open she sees that Karin had a huge futa cock Karin grab her hand and went inside the dorm toilet with her alone.

Yamasaki: Karin…why did you have a huge futa cock?

Karin: I think I drink Kira potion and make me grow a male dick

Yamasaki: Karin…can we do that thing here and please put inside my pussy

Karin: Tenchan wait are you saying you want to have sex with me here but what if they hear us

Suddenly, Yamasaki crawled onto Karins huge futa cock and sudden Karin can feel so much set invite went Tenchan was touching Karins futa cock.

Karin: please Tenchan please stop touching me like that if you do it make me feel so damn good

Yamasaki: oh you mean like this

Once Yamasaki was rubbing Karins huge futa cock that fast and tough sex and until Karin cum with her a lot of full semen covered Tenchans face and body.

Karin: you want so much to have some sex with me are you Tenchan!!

When Karin was putting inside into Yamasakis pussy wearing some condom to protect her from getting pregnant and Karin was rubbing her huge futa cock that hard and fast until we had **ing enough sex for one day for her to get comfortable with Karin.

Karin: Tenchan…Tenchan…Im going to cum and we finish the sex together

Yamasaki: please cum inside me, Karin!!

Finally, Karin had cum a lot of her semen inside her condom and she take out her semen condom while Karin was half naked and sudden Karin had **ing kissing Yamasakis cute lips and she was touching her futa cock and back outside the dorm with Kobayashi and Mura were having some sex together with both wives.

Kobayashi: Mura please ** me up more

Mura: as you wish honey

Finally, Mura had cum a **ing lot of semen inside Kobayashis wet pussy until Mura take out her futa cock and put back her boxer with her pant and while we having some exotic sexy kissing each other inside the damn car while Kobayashi was living so much with Mura her new wife on her **ing life together with her.

In the meantime, Morita was visiting Hirate at her new house where she live alone by herself and once the door opened itself and Hirate was still sleeping in her bedroom and Morita go and woke her up from her bed.

Morita: techi please wake up

Later Hirate woke up and see that Morita was here to go somewhere together with her for a day Hirate can feel something growing below her but went she lift the blanket and she saw that she had a male dick on her too and she see that Kira was giving her the same potion as Karin did.

Hirate: Hikaru please come closer to me

Morita: why did something wrong?

Hirate: please I want to hug you so much

Morita: fine I will come closer to you

When Morita was coming closer to Hirate and sudden she grab her hand and suddenly she kiss Moritas lips while she looked at techi face was blushed at both of the girls who are looking at each other with her.

Morita: techi is everything okay?

Hirate: Hikaru I want you to have sex with you on the bed with me

Morita: what? did Kira give you the potion that you drink early

Hirate: yes I did but my huge futa cock wants your pussy

Morita: okay fine but it is my first time having sex with my ex-member

Once Hirate was putting her huge futa cock inside Hikarus cute pussy and we have so much fun just having a **ing great sex on Hikarus ass.

Hirate: Hikaru…Hikaru…Im going to cum inside of you

Morita: techi…techi…I love you so much

Hirate: I love you too Hikaru

Meanwhile, Hirate had cum a lot of semen inside her pussy and she had a **ing cute face with red blushing on her face later Hirate had to kiss her lips while we do second sex on Hikarus butthole.

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