Death, at some point will catch up to us.

And yesterday it caught my grandmother.

I attended the funeral with my parents in Kyoto.

I don have to worry missing anything in the uni since its currently summer break.

I live alone in my apartment in Tokyo

My parents send me my allowance every week and it pretty much covers my rent and food.

After the funeral weve gone and retrieve some important possession of grandma.


Mother manage to convince me to take in this cat.

This cat was grandmothers.

I guess I just have to take care of it.

As long as I leave it alone and give it some food from time to time, I think we won have a problem.

Upon closer look, shes a female.

You don have to ask me how I find out.

She also has a shiny sleek fur and shes not chubby and not too skinny, her appearance looks normal.


Her tail have a strange pattern.

Ive never seen it before.

It has a black and red pattern which contradict the patterns on her body which are white and cream.

Just looking at her tail makes my guts tingle.

”I don know your name yet, and Mom didn know either, guess I have to give you a new one. ”

I remarked to her.

Shes laying on my bed like she owns it since we arrived here in my apartment.

Whats a good name for a cat and easy to remember?


She turns her head towards the chair Im sitting on and stared to my eyes.

She didn recognized my presence until now, I wonder why?

”Hmm.. ”

I tilt my head.

She did the same.

”Ill just think of a name for you tomorrow. ”

I just got home from Kyoto.

Im pretty tired.

I didn notice but its already 10:00 pm.

This cat shows no sign of getting off my bed, guess Ill just get my extra futon and sleep on the floor for now.

As I lay on the futon I made beside my bed.

The cat leans over and continues to stare right in my eye.

Its kinda creepy.

But I guess this is the way they get used to their owners.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

After a while

I opened my eyes to check if the cats still staring.

Shes gone.

It seems she already retreated to the bed and decided to get some rest.

I closed my eyes and falls back to sleep.

At some point in my sleep I feel strands of hair tickle my cheeks.

It couldn be my own hair making contact with my face.

My hairs too short.

I opened my eyes and saw a face of a girl, with ginger colored eyes and cream colored eyebrows.

Her lips opened to utter a name.

”Hiina! ”

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