I felt a sharp pain coursing thru my head causing my shout to be cut short.

Books fell to my side with a chain of several thud.

It seems I bumped my head on the desk.

”Hiina! ” The intruder shouts again.

”Hiina? ” I asked.

”Thats my name! ” The girl intruder remarks.

”Theres no need to think of a silly name. ” she continue.

Think of a name?

Im more concerned of the fact theres a child in my room right now.

Its time to throw a rain of questions.

”How did you get in here?! ”

”Why are you naked?!! ”

”Why are you standing on my bed?!! ”


She gives me an annoyed look.

”I told you my names Hiina. ”

”You didn answer any of my questions!! ”

I closed my eyes and took a long deep breath to think this through rationally.

”Nope! I answered one, I did. ”

A girl- no, child suddenly appeared inside my apartment.

She do not look like a vulgar and it seems she does not intend to rob me either.

It looks like the only way to unravel this is to ask her.

I stood up from my futon

”Hey you! ”

”Hiina! ”

”H-Hiina! ” I crossed my arms.

”How did you get in here? ” I asked her.

She nonchalantly sat down on my bed.

”Well you took me here, yknow. ”

I just noticed again

Shes naked!!

I closed my eyes.

I hurriedly took off my t-shirt and threw it at her.


”Why so worked up? ” she chuckles.

”Just do it! ”

”Alright. ”

”Are you done? ”

I received no answer.

”Now YOURE naked! ” she points at me.

”Shut up! ”

I opened my eyes.

I just noticed she had cat ears!

”Why do you have those?! ” I pointed at her cat-like ears.

She gave me a confused look and tried to reach for the ears Im pointing, after she reach it her eyes brightens.

”Ohhhh! you mean these? ” her ears twitches.

Thats so cute.

”Its my ears, dummy. ” she answered as if its only natural for her to have those.

It seems asking her would get me nowhere.


Wheres that cat?

My apartments very small, thats why its easy to notice if somethings missing.

I quickly surveyed the room, and theres no sign of the cat.

”You seem to be searching for something. ” she chuckles, somehow it sounds evil.

The cats gone.

And this girl suddenly appeared.

Could it be-

”Thats right. ”

I looked at her.

In the dark, her eyes glow with cold rays of gold.

Its like the glints of her eyes are piercing mine.

”Im the cat. ”

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