”I don buy it. ” I flatout said.

”WHAT?! ” Hiina exclaimed.

”First, its impossible for a cat to turn into a human! ” I remark with disbelief.

”If you wan me to believe you, turn into a cat this instant. ”

”Then kiss me. ”

”What? ”

”My human have to kiss me so I can turn back to my cat form ” she explains as her tail keeps swaying.

What the hell?

I can possibly kiss a ten-year old cat-girl!

Thats just wrong.

”You win. ”

She tilts her head.

”So you believe me now? ”

”Your tail. ”

”Hmm? ”

She turns her head behind and sways her tail to the side so It can be seen better.

”What about it? ” she ask.

Shes not the sharpest tool in the shed, huh.

”You have the same tail, same with my cat. ”

”And what does that mean? ”

e grandmas cat. ”

”Ding-ding! ”

”I can believe it! how did you do it? ” I need to know or else I would go crazy.

She waves her hands as if telling me to drop it.

”Okay! with that out of the way lets go to work! ” she dashes toward my apartments window and jumps out.

In a blink of an eye she got out of sight.

Where did she go?!

With panic, I rushed to my window and lean downward to the ground.

This apartment is on the Third floor of this Three-storey building, a drop from this floor would be fatal.

No dead cat-girl body below.

Thats a relief.

But where is that girl?

Before I can survery the surrounding roofs I catch a glimpse of the cream headed brat.

Shes on a two-storey building fifty feet away from where I was standing.

Brats waving gesturing me to come over from here as if Im some kind of monster that can jump a hundred feet high.

Her head flicks, as if she just realized something.

She position her hands around her mouth to shout.

”I forgot! ”

She jumps toward me.

As she gains height and comes closer toward me I move out of her way fearing to collide with her.

But before I could, shes already in front of me.

”Humans are weak. ” she said under her breath.

Standing on the stool of my window.

Her hands are going for my arms.

I panick as soon as I realize her intentions and tried to hastily retreat from her.

However, she grasp my arms before I could do anything.

She threw me out of the window and into the sky, I couldn do anything but scream as loud as I can.


I never screamed so high and so loud in my life.

My eyes widen as I realize that I couldn even recognize the cars below as I gain height, the wind was so cold as it slam on my topless body.

As I continue screaming, I felt small little fingers wrapping at my sides from my back.

Its Hiina!

I never felt so relief after seing her face, but it quickly goes away as I realize we
e now falling to our death.

”WWWAAHHHHHHH ” was the only thing that I could say.

”Boy, humans sure are loud! ” she complains as she lands on a roof still carrying me.

That was strange.

I should have been killed by the fall.

But it seems her stubby little legs absorbed everything!

Shes a monster.

The t-shirt shes wearing flutters wildly as she lifts me roof to roof and balconies to balconies.

”You can just throw people out their windows like that! ”

At this instance I could break free if I struggle, but it would be a death sentence to do that, if you
e held by a cat-child that can throw you around like a doll then I suggest that you don fight back.

Im not the one in control.

Regaining my senses, I can finally ask

”Where the hell are you taking me?! ”

She stayed silent for a while.

I tried asking her again but before I could open my mouth she answered.

”Ill answer your questions later, for now we must hurry. ”

Her tone were serious this time, and I decide not to protest.

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