«The first clause on the Boyfriend Rental Contract, Party B must be contactable by Party A at all times, 24 hours a day and Party B is required to always keep his phone on; Secondly, Party B must fully cooperate with Party As requests; Thirdly, any physical contact must go through Party As permission… fourth… fifth…»

Seated at a quiet cafe in the Dong Cheng district comfortably by the window:

A young woman, with black hair touching her waist, dressed in a light blue dress, was reading a contract out loud with a serious expression.

The girl had a pair of beautiful eyes that were as bright as limpid autumn waters, her eyebrows curved like the moon, her lashes were long and luscious. She had captivating red lips and delicate facial features. The aura she had around her was as if a fairy had walked out of a painting — refined and elegant.

Sitting across her was a young man in a wrinkled blue-white striped shirt, wearing a pair of crocs. He had short hair, a good set of features and a manly look. He was listening to the lady intently.

Each time the girl read a clause, the man would nod earnestly, indicating that he was acceding.

«Signatories of this contract: Party A, Su Qingxue.

Party B, Ye Fan. Time of agreement…»

Su Qingxue heaved a sigh of relief after she read the entire Boyfriend Rental Contract without leaving out a single line. She looked at Ye Fan, whom she had just met for the first time today, and was quite satisfied.

Sure enough, she had great foresight about people. From the way Ye Fan looked, and the documents he submitted online, she knew straight away that he was an honest, considerate and simple man, and would listen obediently.

Also, this man didn look too shabby either. Although his dressing was quite plain, just a little cleanup, and he would be good enough to be her imposter boyfriend.

«This is roughly the contract, I will rent you for three months first and see how it goes from there. Do you have any objections?» Su Qingxue pushed the contract over to him and said indifferently.

Ye Fan took the contract carefully, then flipped through it. When he reached the last page, he said politely, «Miss Su, I have a few questions that require your confirmation first.»

Su Qingxue nodded, «Of course, what is it?»

«What happens if Im having a class with my students, can go over to you straight away and delayed a bit?» Ye Fan asked.

Su Qingxue took a sip of coffee and said plainly, «Thats very thorough of you, seems like you
e a responsible and diligent tutor.»

Ye Fan smiled bashfully, «Im alright. After all, Ive taken my salary so I can let my students down.»

Su Qingxue looked very pleased, she admired Ye Fans attitude of being serious in his work after taking someones money — this sort of person was reliable.

«Don worry about it, I won pursue such small matters. I will avoid looking for you during your classes,» Su Qingxue had already considered this point.

«Thats great, I see that Miss Su is also a reasonable person,» Ye Fan said gratefully.

At this moment, Ye Fans lousy phone, which he had gotten for free after topping up $100 of call credits, rang and the caller ID indicated that it was from «Student Mu Mumu».

Ye Fan picked up the call and said apologetically to Su Qingxue, «Sorry, Miss Su, its a call from one of my students.»

Su Qingxue didn mind it, «Take the call first, it might be urgent.»

Ye Fan took his phone and answered the call outside of the cafe like he was sorry to disturb the other customers in the cafe.

This polite gesture gained a couple of brownie points in Su Qingxues heart once again.

Outside of the cafe, Ye Fan answered the call and asked, «Student Mu Mumu, what is it?»

A girls clear and melodious voice came through the phone, «Teacher Ye Fan! Come and save me *Cries…* My diamond tier has dropped back to platinum tier…»

«I see, but I have another job to go to later and Im quite busy these few days, I can only go over to your place another time.» Ye Fan looked like he was in a difficult position.

«Ah? A few days? I… I wouldn drop another tier, would I? Great Ye Fan, just quickly come and save me…» Mu Mumu pleaded with her sweetest voice.

Ye Fan spoke in a sincere tone, «Don worry, teacher is here, I will help you get back to diamond tier sooner or later. As long as you pay me enough tuition fees, I can be a great master or king — no problem!»

«But… Ive given you all my allowance this month, I really don have much anymore.» Mu Mumu spoke pitifully.

Ye Fan smiled, «I know that its not easy for you, but its going to be the next month soon and youll be getting your allowance, right…»

«Hmph! Annoying, you only care about taking my allowance.» Even though Mu Mumu was upset, she still said eagerly, «Come over to my place once you
e free, Ill wait for you.»

«No problem! Your teacher, I, always keep my promises!»

After Ye Fan was done placating his student, he returned to the cafe with an apologetic smile.

«Sorry about that, Miss Su, I made you wait. Stud

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