Feng Yue Ying seemed both sweet and charming, as she pursed her red lips and lowered her head, afraid to look in the onlookers eyes .

The female staff members, and big mom Zhao were all giving dubious smiles . After all, it was their first time seeing Feng Yue Ying so shy .

They took the elevator and arrived at the 26th storey . The higher the storey one lived at, the higher the status of that person, and the more exquisite the room became .

But for a department head like Feng Yue Ying, she was already living in a single room that was about 100 square meters – and it was pretty comfortable for her too .

She opened the door and there was a faint Dior perfume scent once they entered the place .

Ye Fan put Feng Yue Ying down on a grey European style sofa, and when he saw her biting down on her lips, looking like she was in pain, he asked, ”Department head Feng, is it very painful? ”

”Aai, I don know why but its getting more and more painful, and I also have a couple of important meetings the next two days – Im in so much trouble… ” Feng Yue Ying looked very worried .

Ye Fan thought about it and said, ”Do you want me to take a look at it? ”

Feng Yue Ying was about to thank Ye Fan and send him away but hearing this, she was puzzled, ”You know how to? ”

”I know a little about Chinese chiropractic but I can guarantee that youll recover faster, ” Ye Fan laughed and said honestly .

Feng Yue Ying thought about it – this man seems to know a little martial art so he might really know about Chinese treatment . Seeing how sincere he was, rejecting him might hurt his good intentions .

”That… alright, then . Sorry to trouble you . ” Feng Yue Ying sounded a little nervous . With just a man and woman alone in the apartment, just thinking about this made her purse her red lips tightly .

Ye Fan sat on the carpet and removed the broken high heels from her foot .

As it was the summer, Feng Yue Yings foot was a little sweaty but a beauty is a beauty – there wasn any stench even when she was sweating a bit .

After some time, Feng Yue Ying noticed that Ye Fan had his head lowered and wasn doing anything, she asked, ”What are you looking at? ”

Ye Fan laughed, ”Nothing much, just that department head Feng has such beautiful feet that I couldn help but look . ”

When he said that, Feng Yue Ying immediately spat tenderly at him, ”Little rascal, so you
e so indecent, huh . I couldn tell at all last time… ”

Ye Fan wasn embarrassed, ”An attractive, wise and virtuous lady is a gentlemans desire – I am a guy and would definitely like a beautiful woman . This is a normal reaction and you can blame me for that ah .

If you had to blame someone, you would have to blame yourself for looking so good . . . ”

”Alright, alright! Thats enough! ” Feng Yue Yings cheeks were like overripe peaches, she turned her head and mumbled, ”I merely commented once, and you came up with such paragraphs of flowery speech – where did you learn this from… ”

Ye Fan replied earnestly, ”I didn learn it, it came straight from my heart, I said it because I meant it . Department head Feng… ”

”You… say one more word and Ill get mad! ” Having a man commenting on her feet, Feng Yue Ying felt a little strange; her heart was racing and she said that she would get mad, but why does it sound rather soft and powerless .

Suddenly, Ye Fan released the girls foot and stood up, ”Alright, department head Feng, try walking . ”

Feng Yue Ying was taken aback and slowly returned to her senses, ”You
e done? ”

She didn notice at all that when they were conversing just now, Ye Fan had already massaged her ankle for quite some time .

”I don mind if department head Feng wants me to massage longer, ” Ye Fan said .

”No… no need, ” Feng Yue Ying shook her head non-stop and carefully placed her feet on the floor, then stood up .

She took two steps and even though it still hurts a little, it doesn really affect her that much anymore .

Feng Yue Ying looked at Ye Fan, surprised, ”Its really fine now! How did you do that? ”

Ye Fans smile was pure, ”I merely relaxed the muscles, nothing special . ”

”I think you don have to be a handyman anymore, you can change jobs and be a Chinese bonesetter, ” Feng Yue Ying laughed, ”Thank you so much, you helped me so much today . ”

Ye Fan replied casually, ”Don mention it, they
e small matters . Department head Feng, if theres nothing else, Ill go fix the air-conditioners now . ”

Feng Yue Yings heart was filled with gratitude, she knew that standing up to the White Shark gang wasn an easy task at all, and Ye Fan had taken quite a big risk .

”Ye Fan, we have known each other for quite some time already, don call me Department Head anymore . You
e not an employee anyway so you don have to address me that way… ” Feng Yue Ying said .

”Sure, should I call you sister Yue Ying, then? Is that okay? ” Ye Fan laughed .

Feng Yue Yings face reddened – actually, she thought calling her ”sister Feng ” would be enough but Ye Fan called her name directly and she didn have the nerve to reject him .

”En, thats fine, ” Feng Yue Ying spoke as she walked over to the fridge to get a bottle of cold water and passed it to Ye Fan, ”The weather is hot, you should drink some water first before fixing the air-conditioners . ”

Ye Fan wasn formal with her and took the bottle of mineral water, ”Sister Yue Ying, you
e so sweet, the man who marries you would be so lucky . ”

Their relationship seemed to have gotten more intimate, following the change of the way he addressed her . Feng Yue Ying rolled her eyes at him, ”Just continue teasing me, its your fault if I can get married . ”

”Thats not a problem, Im single too, ” Ye Fan winked .

Feng Yue Ying was completely helpless, her entire face was flushing red and she said, ”You… you only know how to tease me . Hurry up and leave after you
e done drinking, Im not going to entertain you anymore! ”

Ye Fan didn expect that this beautiful department head would blush so easily, he found her quite interesting but he was just teasing her slightly and would not go too far . After he bid farewell to Feng Yue Ying, he walked out of her apartment .

After Ye Fan left, Feng Yue Ying looked worried . Although nothing happened today, what if 9th Wang sends his men again – she doesn know what to do .

”Seems like… Ive to go overseas to hide for a while after settling some stuff tomorrow, ” Feng Yue Ying had a load on her mind and an indistinct fear on her face .

An hour later, Ye Fan, who had fixed three air-conditioned and collected his pay from big mom Zhao, walked out of the apartment building .

Ye Fan rubbed his tummy – it was time to find somewhere to have dinner .

But just as he was about to get his bicycle, Ye Fan noticed that behind the two flowerbeds at the entrance, there were a few sneaky figures standing, who were constantly looking towards the building .

Ye Fan knitted his brows . He didn even have to think to know that they were sent by 9th master Wang to tail someone, they still hadn given up on Feng Yue Ying .

Logically speaking, this has nothing to do with him at all, but Feng Yue Ying was a respectable woman, she has a good heart and it wasn easy for her to make a living in a big city all these years . He really couldn bear to let such a lovable flower get trampled on .

Ye Fan took out his cigarettes and placed one between his lips as he strolled towards the three little gangsters .

”Bros, have a lighter? ” Ye Fan smiled politely .

A blonde gangster shot a disdainful glance at him, ”Whos your bro eh? F*ck you, get lost! ”

”How uncultured – you can only blame yourselves for getting beaten up . ”

Ye Fan sighed, he lifted his fist and landed a punch at the blondies face in lightning speed!

”Aiya! ” The blondie wailed and fell to the ground immediately .

The other two gangsters were stunned – how could this poor and ragged-looking man be even more unreasonable than them!? He started a fight the moment he arrived!?

The two people wanted to strike back initially, and were waving their fists towards Ye Fan .

But Ye Fan didn even care and took a step forward . He then dodged those two fists and turned and lifted his leg, kicking the buttocks of these two punks .

The two gangsters didn even realize that the person was gone, they directly fell straight down and wailed in pain .

The blondie tolerated the pain and stood up, he swept his leg towards Ye Fan like a crazy man but that kick was blocked by Ye Fans arm in midair – it hurt him so badly that it felt like it was broken!

”My leg! ” The blondie screeched and fell to the ground, he hugged his calf and nearly cried .

Ye Fan trampled on another gangster who was about to get up, he bent down to get a lighter from his pocket and lit his cigarette .

He took a drag and glanced coldly at the three trembling chaps .

”It takes so much effort to borrow a lighter – if you had taken it out earlier, wouldn it be much easier? ”

The thugs could tell that this young man was well trained and people like them, who only pretended to be tough, weren his match at all, they could only admit defeat .

”Big brother, we are just taking orders and doing our job, please let us off, my leg is almost broken… ” The blondie laughed it off, but his smile looked uglier than a sob .

Ye Fan couldn be bothered to waste any more time with them, ”Don let me see you guys again . ”

The blondie and gang acted like they had just received amnesty and hobbled away immediately .

When the three of them were gone, Ye Fan placed the lighter into his pocket gleefully and looked back to look at the Splendid Apartment building . He furrowed his brows .

Even though he had chased these three gangsters away, that 9th Wang would send more people to deal with Feng Yue Ying sooner or later, and he obviously couldn stay there and guard forever… .

After some hesitation, Ye Fan took out his phone and made a call . . .

”Sis Ning, Im going over for dinner… yes, you don have to make anything elaborate, a simple meal would do… no need to fetch me, Ill cycle over . ”

After he hung up, Ye Fan hopped onto his bicycle, took a drag on his cigarette, and hummed a song, as he made his way towards Green Hill Lake which was a suburban district in the north .

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