Green Hill Lake in the northern part of Hua Hai city was an expensive district – it had a beautiful lake, green landscape, and a quiet environment.

On the pedestrian street in Hunan, there were a couple of expensive shops – they were mostly luxury brand stores and western restaurants.

But there was only one antique store that was full of Chinese architecture, and its a teahouse called ”Violet Leaves ”.

Those who went there for tea were wealthy so even if it was just a teahouse, there were many luxury cars parked at the entrance.

Porsche, Land Rover and even a couple of Mclaren and Lamborghini supercars was enough to tell that the patrons here did not have just an ordinary status.

”Creak… creak… ”

Ye Fan cycled his bicycle and arrived at the entrance of the teahouse.

The moment he got off his bicycle, a dashing man around the age of 25 or 26, quickly walked over. He was wearing a green traditional Asian dress and a pair of handmade cloth shoes.

”Fan-ge, you
e here. Leave the bicycle to me, missy is waiting inside, ” The young man smiled warmly and held the bicycle from Ye Fans hand.

”Xiao Zhao, Ive told you so many times that you don have to come out to fetch me, ” Ye Fan wiped the sweat off his face.

”Fan-ge, its rare that you
e here. I wouldn come out to fetch you if you come every day, ” Xiao Zhao said with a hopeful expression.

Ye Fan sighed and adjusted his collar, ”The weather is really hot these few days and Ive many air-conditioners and refrigerators repair jobs. Plus, Ive to tutor my students so I don have much time to come over. ”

”Yes, yes, I know that Fan-ge is busy, ” Xiao Zhao said and placed Ye Fans old and dirty bicycle next to a Lamborghini sports car, at the entrance.

Ye Fan was between laughter and tears, ”Xiao Zhao, why did you put my lousy bicycle here – wouldn it affect the business? ”

”Its okay, its okay. I saw that brother Fans bicycle chain is lacking oil, I will get someone to drip some oil onto it later and maintain it well, ” Xiao Zhao was very attentive.

Ye Fan couldn do anything about him and was about to head into Violet Leaves teahouse. He looked down at his dirty shirt and pants, and thought that it wasn quite suitable. Hence, he turned around and planned to enter from the backdoor instead.

When Xiao Zhao saw that, he stopped him immediately and said, ”Brother Zhao, please don use the backdoor. If missy knows about this, I would have to answer for it. ”

”Look at my outfit and hair, Im dirty and smelly – it wouldn be nice for your patrons to see this, ” Ye Fan explained.

Xiao Zhao said in a serious tone, ”Brother Fan, missy isn that sort of person, she wouldn mind. Furthermore, how could those patrons be compared to you. ”

It was hard to decline the magnificent hospitality and hence, Ye Fan had no choice but to use the main door. Thankfully, he didn bump into many patrons on his way and walked all the way into the deepest part – a private room with a lake scenery.

Xiao Zhao walked him to the door and didn dare to enter, he quickly retreated.

Ye Fan pushed the decorative carved wooden door open and walked inside.

The moment he opened the door, there were three blades that flew towards Ye Fans heart, abdomen and thigh at lightning speed!

”Damn! ”

Ye Fan exclaimed in surprise, but his reactions weren slow. He took a step to the right, and those three blades flew right past his face.

”Tuk tuk tuk! ”

Three blades with violet tassels that were three inches long and as thin as leaves, thrust into the wooden door behind Ye Fan!

At first, he thought that this was all but immediately after that, there were three flashes of violet lights that flew towards Ye Fans chest.

Ye Fan stretched out his left hand speechlessly and waved in the air; four of his fingers sandwiched the three flying blades perfectly.

Ye Fan heaved a sigh of relief and looked into the private room. Behind the coffee table was a graceful and enticing silhouette.

”Sister Ning, must you do this – must you really puncture my heart, ” Ye Fan gave a bitter laugh.

”Hmph, I just wanted to see if you really have a heart – you haven visited me in a long time. ”

The woman complaining tenderly was wearing a classic white cheongsam with red flowers, it hugged around her tall and exquisite body; she had a bright oval face and rosy skin, a pair of symmetrical eyebrows and delicate high nose bridge. She had sexy and full lips with fine black hair tied up behind her head – her elegance and gracefulness were not something that ordinary girls would be able to nurture.

Ye Fan sighed and slowly removed the flying blades from the door one by one, ”It hasn been that long, I just came by last month… ”

”You still have the cheek to say that? ” The woman glared at Ye Fan and said flirtatiously, ”There are countless sons of wealthy and famous families who would like to see me, Ning Zi Mo, daily – so many that there is enough to go around Green Hill Lake once. But you, little rascal, actually finds it too often to come by even once a month, huh. ”

Ye Fan grinned, ”Sister Ning, Distance makes the heart grow fonder – if we see each other every day, it wouldn be enjoyable anymore. Isn it much better if I saw you only once a while? It would feel like a fairy had descended to the world. ”

Ning Zi Mo narrowed her beautiful eyes and sneered lightly, ”A fairy had descended to the world? Am I really that pretty? ”

”Of course! You know how honest I am, ” Ye Fan put on a serious face but in his heart, he recalled the Su Qing Xue he met this afternoon.

If they were talking about being more fairy-like, it seemed like Su Qing Xue was stronger in that aspect, while Ning Zi Mo was more alluring.

Ning Zi Mo enjoyed the compliment, as she pursed her lips and smiled like a rose that was blooming – it was stunning.

”Forget it, Ill forgive you, ” Ning Zi Mo walked to the back of a red wooden dining table and called out, ”Im hungry, quick, come and eat. Its all your favorite dishes. ”

Ye Fan had already smelled the aroma long ago and his tummy was growling. He walked to the table, sat down and when he saw the dishes laid out on the dining table, he felt somewhat helpless.

”How are these my favorites? I can afford them even if I liked it… Australia abalone, deer antler stew, papaya snow clam, wagyu beef… my nose would bleed when Im done with this meal. ”

Ning Zi Mo scooped a bowl of fragrant Thai white rice and passed it to Ye Fan, she smiled prettily, ”This is my kind intentions, don waste it. ”

Ye Fan took the bowl of rice and didn care so much. He took big bites and gulped down – after a busy day of work, he was really starving.

He had two bowls of rice and wiped out 70 to 80% of the dishes on the table.

”Sister Ning, why aren you eating? ” Ye Fan realized that Ning Zi Mo has been sitting there, leaning against her hand, and looking at him with a smile.

Ning Zi Mo replied, ”Ive eaten already. Also, Im on a diet recently so I eat lesser. ”

”Why are you even dieting, you
e already so slim, ” Ye Fan said with a mouth full of food.

”Dieting is a womans life career, men won get it, ” Ning Zi Mo seemed to recall something and asked, ”Oh right, you like slimmer women or slightly meatier ones? ”

Ye Fan thought about it and grinned, ”I like those who look slim but meaty to the touch. ”

”Little rascal, you have no shame, huh! I will cut you to death! ” Ning Zi Mo suddenly whipped out a flying blade and swung it towards Ye Fan across the one-meter wide table.

Ye Fan swerved his head and dodged this flying blade, he still had food in his mouth and murmured, ”Sister Ning, thats good enough, don have to use me as a wooden dummy for practice. ”

Ning Zi Mo was discouraged, she pouted and asked, ”Ye Fan, tell me honestly – how many years must I practice before I can hit you? ”

”This… ” Ye Fan thought about it and said, ”About 40 to 50 years… ”

Ning Zi Mo rolled her eyes and said harshly, ”You might as well say that I have no hope for the rest of my life! ”

Ye Fan laughed cheekily – with regards to cultivation, one would have to look at talent before diligence. The saying that Diligence is the means by which one makes up for ones dullness was just to comfort those fools.

After downing a large bowl of chicken soup and wiping out all the dishes on the table, Ye Fan burped in satisfaction.

Just as he was about to lit a cigarette, he realized that Ning Zi Mo had already brought a Havana cigar to his mouth.

”Don smoke those cheap cigarettes, they
e not good for health, ” Ning Zi Mo criticized.

Ye Fan placed the cigar between his lips and shook his head, ”Doesn matter, cheap cigarettes are strong, Im used to it. ”

”Just smoke lesser, you
e only 25, you still have a long life, alright? ” Ning Zi Mo nagged.

Ye Fan didn dare to continue talking back; after all, she was doing it for his own good. Hence, he changed the topic and asked, ”Sister Ning, there are a lot of chewy stuff in the chicken soup I drank just now, are they sea cucumber? ”

Ning Zi Mo had a mischievous look in her eyes, ”Oh, you
e talking about that – those are some halved kangaroo tails that I asked the chef to mince… to nourish you a bit. ”

Ye Fans mouth was gaping wide, he nearly dropped the cigar on the floor, ”Ha… halved… ”

”What do you think, you can taste it, right? Theres not much taste after its minced, and its much easier to absorb the essence into your body this way, ” Ning Zi Mo looked at Ye Fans expression and laughed hysterically.

Ye Fan felt his blood pressure increasing and his head giving out steam.

”Sister Ning, why did you let me eat that and insist that my nose bleed, ” Ye Fan didn know whether to laugh or cry.

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