My Dead Heart

ch.1 Awakenings

echoed a small ways out only serving to startle the nearby birds away from their small perches.

”Madam! You have finally awakened! ” A startled yelp escaped from the fox girls throat as her head whipped around to see who had snuck up behind her.

It was a man, a rather young one at that, with a headful of shaggy blonde hair that stood out wonderfully against the deep forest green and the rising morning sun. There on one knee he stood unmoving as his black robes fluttered slightly in the wind.

”Madam, please do not be alarmed! This slaves name is James Narvaid (Nar-V-aid) I was sent by the clan to take care of you in your mother stead ” As he spoke he finally lifted his head causing the hood of his robe to fall down to his shoulders allowing the fox girl to get a good look at his face.

A sharp jawline paired with a stubbled blonde beard and piercing emerald green eyes gave the man called ”James ” a rather sharp aura to him, however none of that sharpness could be felt as his gaze locked onto the little girl before him.

”I-I see… My name is Theia Nyx (They-ee-Ya, Nix). Seeing as the clan sent you.. would you happen to know where mother went? We were coming back from the northern region to visit fathe- *Ahem* the clan leader, but… is seem to be lost ” Though a little disappointed and confused, Theia none the less accepted the situation rather easily. In fact for some odd reason she had the nagging feeling that it would be best not to question things too deeply.

”You must forgive this slave, for I was not left with any information or Instruction other then taking care of your every need, no matter where you may travel I am sworn to follow in your footsteps my mistress. ”

”I see… but the question is where should I go? I don know how to get back to my clan.. ” A small frown blossomed across Theias small lips once again as her groggy/sleepy mind had finally began to clear up. Intending to stand up she pushed herself up from the ground but stopped when she felt something fall from her lap, completely on instinct one of her three tails shot out to catch the object.

Looking down she found a small, yet thick little book resting snugly between the fluff of her tail. being the curious little fox she was naturally she took it and began to inspect it. At first glance the book seemed rather simple in design but upon further inspection one could not deny the detailed craftsmanship behind it. Though she did not know to witch animal it belonged to, the hide used for the backing of the book was of certainly of high quality. The palish white leather was soft and smooth to the touch and carried a strange scent of peppermint with it: for some reason when Theia touched it she couldn help but be remined of her own mother. On the books cover two aqua blue crystals sat far from each other, one at the top and the other near the bottom, with a sea of small, sparkling emeralds that shone like the most precious jade. The cover had no title nor any place that referenced an author of any sort.

Staring down at the little book that was only a bit bigger then her hands Theia immediately fell in love and kept the book close to her developing chest as she faced her new servant.

”Where did this come from? Did you bring it for me? Its such a pretty book! ” Even though she felt an attachment towards the book she still wanted to question its origins even with the nagging feeling in her head telling her not to question things too deeply.

”No madam, I have nothing to do with the origins of that book, however I thought it was of your belonging so I did not dare touch it much less look through it. ” Hearing his words Theia became intrigued once again so she decided to open the book. Even though she couldn read the universal tongue yet she thought that she would at least be able to pick enough bits and pieces to figure out what the book was about.

Well at least that is what she thought at first, but who knew that when she opened it she would find a detailed summary clearly and accurately explaining everything about her body as of right now, hell it even had section that averaged out her current health condition into something called HP. The reason she knew that this had to do with her health was because on the page just next to all of this information there was clear explanations on what everything meant.

Name: Theia Nyx (Name of grimoires current owner)

Combat lvl: 3 (Rates on average the combat capability of the owner at peak form)

Skill lvl: 0 (Rates on average how efficient the owner is at using their abilities)

Misc lvl: 15 (Rates on average how skilled owner is at Misc task I.E: academics, cleaning cooking etc)


HP: 125/125 (The average wellness/vitality of the owner and current state compared to peak form)

MP:1,500/1,500 (The amount of energy the owner is able to contain and tap into)

Title: [Primordial Of: Night, Death, Decay, Blood], [Madam Of the Tailed Beast] (Simply a Title that come with some benefit)

Class: [Shadow Monarch], [Blood Monarch], [Novice Glaive Master] (General category in which the owners abilities fall under)

Active Skills: [Blood Manipulation lvl1], [Enchant Weapon: Decay lvl1], [Enchant Weapon: Shadow lvl1], [Lunar Light lvl1], [Star Shot lvl1] (List of skills that require the owner to actively choose to use them)

Passive Skills: [Primordial Aura], [Blood Magic Affinity], [Dark Magic Affinity], [Predator Senses], [Night Vison], [Bloody Aura], [Dark Aura], [Poison Affinity], [Innate Talent: lave] (Skills that cannot be turned off, at least not completely as owner will have some degree of control over some)

Skimming over all the mundane information such as her height, age, how tall she was etc., Theia found even though the book explained each category quite clearly she still had no clue what most of it meant. For example; Sure she had these skills if the book was to be believed, but how was she even supposed to use them?

”Questions for another time I suppose ” She said in a huff and shut the book rather forcefully.

”First things first…. I need to get out of this forest…. ”

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