As he took his shower, Mike stared into an improperly placed mirror. In the mirror it was possible to see the body well structured and tall, as well as slightly muscular. Interesting to add that it was his blessed genetics, not daily exercise.

After taking a full shower, Mike calmly and patiently dried himself, brushed his teeth, and left the bathroom. With his hygiene complete, he pulled on a jeans, and a pair of cool but clearly cheap black sneakers.

He applied deodorant, sunscreen and a cologne in specific places. Now all that was missing was the school uniform shirt and that was it! He looked like a little baby dressed by his mama! Too bad he was too big a baby to come out of any womb, already with well-cut hair and a face free of baby fat.

With his backpack already packed, Mike grabbed a cheap cell phone and left his dark room. The house was completely silent, as he had been living alone ever since he got some money. It didn have much furniture, and the most expensive was a well-developed and technological desktop computer for unknown purposes.

After closing the door and stuffing everything into his pants pockets, Mike got on his bike and pedaled down the road, enjoying the slightly damp but cold wind of his hometown. His earphone constantly played pleasant music.

It was really a nice feeling! Especially when your own body was cold and needed a warm breeze to dry off the bathwater.

Its even said that it tickled a little, as if it had small objects lightly brushing against his skin.

A hot, dry wind was always nice, wasn it?

But what bothered Mike the most was a strange sound that managed to get through the earphones, like it was screaming or something… but it was on his mind… wasn it?

Finally deciding to focus his vision on what was in front of him, Mike, as well as his chin, nearly fell off the bike. A fire!

It could have been a fire anywhere, anytime, in any other town.

But this was a fire in his town, at the time he was passing by and… In his old orphanage!

Without even thinking too much, Mike finished pedaling at high speed and then got off the bike, still at high speed. He keeps running and ignoring whatever the other people in the place are trying to yell at him.

His only thought was how to get all the kids out of this place, before it all came to an end.

Concentrating his focus, Mike ran from room to room, ignoring the fire that heralded the end of his hair. So to speak, the fire wasn at the beginning, but it wasn at the end either. The fire had already spread and the heat was immense, but it still needed time for everything to go down.

”Boo hoo… Heeelp! ” A thin, childlike voice could be heard in one of the nearby rooms, which Mike entered without hesitation.

Inside were five children crying in despair or confusion and pain. But as soon as they saw Mike, their savior, the cry intensified, but with joy and hope. They were dirty and with slight burns.

Picking up one child and putting her under his arms, Mike did the same with the next one and took two by the waist. The last kid was a little smarter, and with a signal from Mike, he jumped up and clung to his chest, arms around his neck. His well-built physique wasn just for looks.

He ran out of the room and, as soon as he saw a window, he didn hesitate to kick hard, giving a spinning kick to avoid hu

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