the void, Mikes jaw dropped to hit the table, comically.

”H-how?… ” He asked, still in disbelief. Its okay that he helped some people, but thats already phenomenal.

”I could transfer the information to your brain, but it seems there are still a few words missing for the chap- cof! You need to get things right! ” The figure spoke a little and then began its explanation.

”Among the many variables to calculate karma, the three main ones would be: 1st the action itself, 2nd the ability to do it and 3rd the willingness to do it. ”

”The first one is quite simple, if you killed, negative karma, if you saved, positive karma. Nothing too illogical about it, but thats where the variables come in. ”

”The second of course is about your ability and potency, more or less translated to Might. If a person who can save a trillion people only occasionally saves one, the amount of karma gained from doing so is abysmal. But if a weak and crippled person gives his life to save countless lives, the value of karma is overwhelmingly great, like yours. Consider it a roleplaying game where a level 100 character killing a level 1 slime is a waste of time and negligible. ”

”Last, but not least, is the will to do. Why did you do that? Because you had the will or to show yourself to society? Were you internally disgusted by touching a homeless man, but showed a smile in the photo? This is all considered and counts a lot. Many may wonder why its important, but at the same time karma is very widespread in your world, right? ”

”Right. ” Mike nodded.

”This can be used for your next life, telling how it can be. If you didn want to save a person, but you did, it didn do any good. It didn give you positives or negatives, it just left you on the same level. So if you want to do something good, do something you like and feel good about, don force yourself to be like other digital heroes. ”

”So all this leads us to you wanting me to live my life with a lot of karma? ” Mike more or less got it.

”Yes and no. ”

”… Ookay!… ”

”These dramatic pauses are always fun! Moving on! ” The figure flashed an invisible smile and continued.

”Lets just say Im already bored, so I want to sign a contract with you and send you to another universe with supreme powers for you to enjoy as you wish. Of course, that comes at the price of a great adventure for my own entertainment, without taking yours away! ” The figure clapped its hands together, as if somehow anxious.

”Well… Let me get this straight. Thanks for that… ” Mike pointed to the large number of Karma ”… Did you offer to give me a contract and send me on one of those book adventures? How can I entertain you like this? ”

”Correction, entertain US. You will also have a lot of fun with it. And as for how you
e going to entertain me, imagine yourself watching television and thats it, theres your answer! ”

”But you are God, why can you make that happen instantly? ” Mike asked confused.

”What would be the fun then? If you could watch a fast-paced show, would you be able to enjoy it? Look, its pretty boring to do anything when your existence is supreme and the Universe is already well regulated. In other universes, other Gods might get into trouble and enjoy it, but not me! This is the harsh reality of a genius! ” God placed a hand on his forehead and sprawled on the chair in a dramatic motion.

”Okay, okay! But what about my previous life? Can you do something? It would be quite a suffering to keep remembering things that mark and that I can see again. ”

”Are you talking about your girlfriend? Its okay, you can forget about it once you sign the contract. ” The figure shivered a little, almost containing its excitement at the possible image of having fun again since its existence.

Without thinking too much, Mike signed the contract. He obviously read it and was in agreement with the conditions, both his obligations and Gods. Basically, one would no longer interfere with the other, but all powers would be Mikes. It was even a little unfair to God, as any kind of resource or energy he needed would be provided by Him.

As soon as he signed, Mike disappeared from that space, going on an inter-universal journey.

The moment he was gone, the God sighed and wiped away a bead of sweat that ran from his forehead. He looked at the large number of Karma above his head and spoke in an almost shocked voice:

”That bastard almost replaced me! ”

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