urse, Everett’s demons still often do even worse than just this.

I took a quiet, deep breath and wordlessly stepped forward.

“……? Who are you?”


As I shielded the three men behind me, Hessen raised his eyebrows as he scowled at me.
Instead of answering right away, I bowed my head as politely as possible.
I knew better than anyone else how to deal with Hessen.
When he was acting like such a lunatic, it was best to listen to whatever he wanted rather than inciting him more.
I quietly opened my lips and spoke.

“I am Leah, a maid working in the Valentino estate.
As a humble maid, I apologize very much for blocking the presence of an esteemed individual such as Your Lordship.
However, I would sincerely like to apologize on behalf of these people, so please listen with a generous heart.”


Hessen reacted with interest.
It was strange that a maid had perfect etiquette.
He looked at me as if I was a dog performing a trick.
I continued to speak with a low voice.

“These people here have not gotten to their senses because they lack the proper education.
They have also been attacked by monsters over the past year and a half.
Since madmen only speak nonsense while they are in pain, I humbly ask you not to be incensed by them—instead, please pity them and forgive them with generosity.”


Hessen, who lowered the sword a little, stared at me as if he was contemplating.
I waited quietly, still gauging Hessen’s reaction as my head was down.

After a while, Hessen seemed to be smiling and moved the sword towards my neck.
I heard people swallowing their breath.
I trembled a little on purpose, wondering if I should show a bigger reaction of fearing the edge of a sharp sword.

“How bold, this maid.”


“Considering what you should have learned while working in a castle, it seems like your etiquette is also excellent.”

“Thank you, Young Lord.”

When I answered with a shaky voice, Hessen barked out a laugh as if he was dying of fun.
The eyes looking at me were glinting in a different sense than before.

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…Truthfully, I already knew that this would happen.
It was like drawing the attention of a wildcat that couldn’t overcome its temper by throwing a new toy at it.

Hessen’s gaze was filled with cruel interest as he looked at me.
While he was distracted, I wanted the men behind me to run away, but they just continued to hesitate as though they had yet to gather their wits about them.

As I was wondering how I could signal to them, Hessen put the sword back in its scabbard and suddenly pulled my arm.
His face came close.
I could see that familiar madness, that impulse in those indigo eyes.

“What is this? Your new hobby?”

The whisper gave me goosebumps.
The question just now was asked towards not the maid Leah, but towards Lily Everett.
…I can’t believe it, but Hessen seemed to have noticed who I was.

But how?

‘The transformation magic tool should be perfect…?’

Hessen grabbed my arm and began to drag me somewhere.
People screamed in anew, regardless of what happened.

Looking back, the three men were sitting on the floor staring blankly at me and Hessen.
Seeing that, I inwardly swallowed a sigh.

Shouting at his men to get lost, Hessen took me to a deserted place.

After confirming that there were no people around us, he approached closer and pushed me against the wooden wall of an old cabin.

He recklessly grasped my chin.
Then, he looked at me up and down, then back again to my face.

His grip was so rough that I felt a little dizzy.

Only after a while, Hessen let me go and said with an arrogant look on his face.

“What’s with this ugly appearance.
Change back to your face right away.”


He spoke with a commanding tone.
After sighing a little, I touched the magic tool and released my transformation.
My clothes remained to be a maid’s attire, but a conspicuous glow appeared as I returned to my original appearance before Hessen’s eyes.

He took a couple of steps back, slowly looked up and down at me, and suddenly clenched his hand into a fist.

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When I glanced up at him, the tips of his ears were a little red.

“Why are you walking around like a maid? You’re a duchess now.”

“It just happened.”


I was going to let Hessen go after dealing with him reasonably.
However, the look in his eyes suddenly changed.
He abruptly approached me and grabbed my wrist once again.

Hessen took something like a thin string out of his pocket and began to tie it to my wrist.
Startled, I asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Hey, you… Do you really want to remarry that dog-like bastard, Lennon Chester?”

“Why do you care?”

“Shit, why shouldn’t I?!”

Hessen yelled and began to drag me to the place where a horse was staying.
I knew, it seemed to have become more of a lunatic than before.

Hessen tried to lift me atop the horse, and I only stared at him with a disgusted and tired look.

At that moment, from somewhere afar, an angry voice burst out.


Riding a black horse with a fine mane, that person galloped speedily towards this way.

As the distance between us narrowed, that person’s appearance became clearer.
His black hair was being blown by the fierce wind and his dignified face was distorted as if he was angry.

And his blue eyes seemed to have gone ablaze.

I was taken aback.
In a daze, I muttered that person’s name.


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