been trying to get him out of my thoughts.
It was tranquil for a moment, but now that I was facing him again, I was back to being uncomfortable.

He truly seemed to have lost his memories about me.
When would they return? It was all too uncomfortable to think of him as if he’s a different person.

Even if he’d try to treat me kindly now… Once his memories return, wouldn’t everything go back to the way they were later?

I do not wish to experience any warmth from him.
If I have a taste of something like that in vain, it would only throw me into misery when I lose it later on.

So, please.

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Take notice of this and stay away from me.


As I bit the inside of my cheek and avoided eye contact, he seemed to sigh softly.

He’d been trying to have a normal conversation with him so far, but I was unwilling to share such an amicable exchange with him.

Theodore soon seemed to get a little tired after I’d just been giving him succinct answers or just pretended not to know what he was talking about.

That’s better.
I’m sure you’re sick and tired of this.
So, just give up now…

But I don’t think it’s going the way I want it to.
Seemingly without any deterrence, Theodore spoke once more.

“Why were you wearing a maid’s uniform that day?”

I suppose he was talking about the time I fainted when we met Hessen.
There were many valid reasons I could use to justify why I was wearing a maid’s uniform back then.

So, I replied in a calm manner.

“I only wanted to walk around, but clothes made from good fabric would only make me stand out.”

“…I received a report from the eyewitness accounts of the villagers.
They said that Young Lord Everett had dragged away a maid of the Valentino Castle to the outer walls.”

Ah, seriously… I overlooked the fact that the villagers might have reported the incident.

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And if they said something about my fake identity…

“The villagers also said that the maid’s name is Leah, who works at the Valentino Castle and often comes down to the village to share food and other daily necessities…”


“…And that’s alright, too.
So, with all due respect, please be honest.
All this time… have you been helping the people of this domain secretly while pretending to be a maid?”

I gripped my knees with both hands and bit my lower lip hard.

I never wanted this to be brought to light, or to boast that I’d been doing such deeds.
It would only sound hypocritical if ever Theodore would catch me in the act, which he did anyway.


This Theodore was different.

The problem here was that he’s become so gentle because he had lost his memories of me.

How would he react if I admitted to it and said, ‘Yes, I’ve been helping the villagers.’ Would he be moved and think that I did a good job?

No, truthfully, I don’t think he’d be moved at all.
Possibly… Well, I don’t know how he would have reacted before he lost his memories.

Nor do I want to ever see it.

This man had forgotten that he hated everything about me.
He’s not himself.

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