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I shook my head and opened the wardrobe’s doors.
It was obvious what would happen once he regained his memories again—he would regret it all.

You’re going to do your best?

Then I’ll do my best to avoid you at all costs until you’ve regained those memories.


I took out a large box from the wardrobe and held it out to him.
After receiving the box, Theodore stood there dazed just looking at me.

Then, he opened the box.

It contained dozens of unopened pill bottles.


As he stood there, bewildered, Theodore’s gaze soon changed completely.

The next moment, he set off a large blue flame and burned those numerous pill bottles at once.

After exuding the strength of his elemental spirit, he ruffled his hair roughly.

“Is there more?”

“That’s all of it.

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He buried his face into his palms for a moment.
After which, he swept his hands over his face, then stared at me with a conflicted expression.

I didn’t want to make eye contact with him, so I walked away and went towards the sofa again.

I sat down and habitually took a sip of tea from the cup earlier, but the tea had gone cold already.
Theodore walked back as well.

Instead of sitting in front of me as he did earlier, he was standing some ways away, just staring at me.
I took a sip of the cold tea and, without looking at him, spoke.


“…I would like it if you called me by my first name.”

“What do you think we should do to improve this—”

I smashed the teacup in my hand on the table.

With the loud crashing noise, the shards flew across the table.
The air around us froze right then.
I met Theodore’s gaze and asked.

“If it’s shattered like this, can it still be fixed?”


Theodore stared blankly at the table with a shocked expression.
His gaze seemed to shift to the side, then he paused outright.

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In a faint voice, he murmured.



“You’re bleeding! What— just what the hell are you doing…!”

He crossed the distance between us in an instant, then grabbed my hand and lifted it up.
I tried to pry my hand out of his grip reflexively, but he held tight.

With a sudden sense of fright, I struggled to take my hand back.
But in my fierce resistance, Theodore pulled me closer and held me in his embrace, then he took a closer look at my hand.

“…The cuts on your ring and pinky finger are both deep.
You should be treated immediately.”

As soon as he finished saying this, as fast as he had moved earlier, he carried me in his arms.
As if in a trance, I could only look at his side profile that came close.

At the same time as my heart leapt from my chest, I immediately struggled out of his hold.
But the more I tried to get myself away from him, the tighter his embrace.

“Lily, don’t move.”

“L-Let me go.”

“We should have you treated before the injury gets worse.
Let’s head to the clinic.”

“I said let me go…!”

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