side instead.
You don’t have to push yourself.”

At the crown prince’s words, all I could say was, ‘Thank you for your concern,’ but the crown princess soon hinted at her husband.

Unlike the crown prince, she had a quiet, more reserved personality.
She was also the direct opposite of her sister, Rozenne Delacroix.

It’s amazing to see how the royal couple, despite their differences in personality, were doing quite well together.

With a neutral smile on my lips, I spoke.

“I’m alright.
Thank you very much for your concern, Your Highness the Royal Consort.”

“Yes, let me know if you’re having a hard time.”

Still smiling, I bowed my head to her.
The crown princess has always been taking good care of me, but I still couldn’t tell whether this was out of duty or out of sympathy.

I have a feeling it’s the latter.

“Lily, I have something for you.”

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Then, as if he just remembered, Theodore said this.
From his pocket, he took out a brooch with a pale pink gem on it, then he proceeded to attach it directly to the collar of my riding suit.

Right then, people around us turned to stare in astonishment.

In particular, the most bothersome gaze was the crown prince stared so blatantly at us with curiosity.

“I infused the gemstone with my elemental power.
I’m sure nothing will happen, but… just in case of an emergency, this will protect you.

“…Thank you.”

The gemstone seemed to be a rose quartz.
When I gently touched it with a fingertip, I could feel its warmth.

People who have entered a contract with an elemental spirit had the ability to infuse their elemental power into metals or gemstones like this.
Not all kinds of materials are good for this, but only gemstones or metals of the highest purity.

After being infused into a medium like this, it’ll be possible for anyone to wield the elemental power that’s inside it.
Something like this was similar to how a magic tool worked.

Of course, compared to the original power of the contractor, this was much weaker and more limited.

Still, this was very helpful when dealing with monsters.
That’s why the stronger the elemental power of the territory lords, the better they could protect their land.

“…The rumors must be true.
The Duke seems to care very much about her?”

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“Yeah, it seems like it.
I didn’t really believe it myself, until I saw it with my own two eyes…”

People started whispering here and there.
Then, when I looked around with an aloof expression, they all quickly closed their flapping mouths.

Hearing people gossip like this always made me feel dirty.
Some of them have even made bets about when exactly the divorce would happen.

Did they not have any other hobby other than using other people’s misfortunes as their entertainment? Letting out a sigh, I glanced back at the crown prince.

I was about to ask what time the hunt would start, but the crowd grew noisy once more.

‘What is it this time…’

I frowned slightly as I stared in the direction of where the fuss had started.
The first thing I saw was their silver hair that glowed with a blue tinge beneath the sun.


This single sound left my lips as soon as I realized.
I was wondering why I couldn’t see them anywhere yet.
If I hadn’t been so aware of the crown prince, I would have noticed them earlier.

The two brothers of House Everett.

Owen and Hessen walked forward side by side.
And, those two scoundrels were glaring straight at me.

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