treamed down her cheeks.

“I don’t want to live like this anymore…”

He couldn’t give any answer.

There was nothing he could do… He couldn’t even wipe her tears.



* * *



Chloe didn’t say anything since then.
In addition, she had prevented Eric from entering her room and almost refused Andrea to attend her.
The only person who could enter was the doctor, but even the doctor didn’t tell him about her condition.

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Eric wandered, restless the whole time.

He thought something, while most of it was about cursing his arrogant prejudices, it was as if he was possessed by something… Had he been possessed by the Duchess? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have suspected Chloe like that!

No, it wasn’t like that.

It was all his fault.
The Duchess’ word only amplified his distrust towards Chloe that had been planted within him.
It was his fault for not trusting her in the first place.

Why didn’t he trust her…?

It was only now that he accepted her sincere heart that she had shown him as he spent his time with repentance and reflection.
He had to admit the fact he secretly hoped that Chloe’s confidence would break and she would obey him.

…That was right.
He had a desire to vanquish her.

He regretted his words that hurt her, all to satisfy his desire for recognition and alleviate his inferiority complex because of her incomparable nobleness.
That must be why he pushed her without realizing it.
Oh, how terrible was that!

Despite the fact that he was now reflecting on himself, it was already too late.
He had hurt Chloe so much that it was irremediable.

However, that didn’t mean he would let her go.
He wanted to change her heart.

Of course, this feeling was not in the least comparable to the true love she was talking about.
Because of his greed, Eric couldn’t lose what he had and was unable to accept failure.

He already said this, but he didn’t know love.
He didn’t want to know and thought he would never know it.
Whatever it was, he wanted to overshadow Chloe’s resolve.
He wanted her to repudiate her decision to divorce and kept her by his side like this.

So, he knocked on her door again.


Eric uttered as he grabbed the doorknob.

“Please, open the door.
I have something to say.”

There was no answer, it had been like this for a few days.
Sighing deeply, he put his forehead to the door.


Words came out of his mouth slowly.

“…wanted to be a good husband.”

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He meant it.
He tried to improve his relationship with Chloe in his way.

“So, I wanted to resolve the relationship between the mother and daughter who didn’t get along well.
I thought you would be happy if I did that.
This was because I didn’t know how much you were hurt.
It was my arrogance.
So, Chloe…”

He grabbed the doorknob again.

“Please, open the door.
I want to talk to you.”

After a while, the doorknob snapped.
Chloe finally opened the door!

Eric smiled broadly as the door opened, and he was about to see her.
But soon, the smile vanished from his face.
It was because Chloe’s complexion wasn’t too good.
Her lips were white and blotched.
In addition, her eyes were hollow, and her face looked lifeless.

It was as if a dead body were standing in front of him.

His eyes widened with bewilderment, and he grabbed Chloe by the shoulder.

“Let’s go back to bed first.”

Embracing Chloe, he quickly approached her bed with her in his arms as he laid her down carefully.

Meanwhile, although she was surprised that he hugged her, she was too weak to reveal that.
Chloe held the blanket that Eric pulled.
Thirsty, she searched for a glass of water, took a sip, and then glanced at him.

“What…do you want to talk? I thought we had already said everything.”

As she spoke in an overly cold tone, Eric was startled because it was the side she had never shown to him before.

He was the one who let her down.
Thinking that, he thought he had to appease her first.

“I haven’t finished it yet.
There are many things I want to apologize to you.”

“I won’t take it.”


“When I talk to you… I feel so tired.
I don’t want to care about anything right now.
The doctor also told me that I must take a rest.”

Eric was silent.

Feeling a bitter taste lingered in his throat, he also felt thirsty.

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