”Enjoying the show? ” Macy purred beside Leonel.

Joining him at the corner where he was hidden from her view, Leonel hummed his response.

”The things we desire the most are often the ones that were taken from us. ”

”Tch, ” Macy gave her friend a gentle shoulder pat. The veins on Leonels neck were visible, indicating how distressed he was watching the woman he had always been waiting for and wanted to see.

”You know, Leo, staring at her won change anything. You two should never meet in a single lifetime. ”

Leonel continued to stare at Selene. She had joined the band that was to play for the evening.

He watched her strum the guitar strings and tested the mic. She looked beautiful, as she had always been.

In every lifetime, she would have a different hair color and style, but all the same, if he had a heart that beat, it would keep beating at every sight of her.

No matter who she was, Leonel could never stay away and stop himself from looking at her from afar.

Taking a sip from the tasteless drink, Leonel had to pretend that he was enjoying the wine as much as everyone else in the room.

The sound of a piano key playing caught his attention.

The band started their performance.

Though the crowd clapped and waited for the lead vocalist to set the tone, Leonel could only see Selene onstage.

To him, the spotlight was focused on her despite that not being the case.

Closing his eyes, memories came to Leonels mind.

Those small moments with Selene became the most treasured flashbacks he had. They were his sanctuary on days she missed her terribly.

As the hum of the first note echoed, a resonating silence fell in their surroundings.

”My love, ” Leonel remembered the day she had died in his arms.

Selene looked so fragile, her lips pale, and her entire frame was devoid of life.

”This may separate us for a moment. But I am with you, always. ”

Her voice echoed in his ears, making him forget the years he had waited to see her again.

Painstaking as the waiting was, Leonel would go through it again and again just to see her. A glimpse, no matter how brief it was, would be enough.

Knowing she was alive and well was more than what he bargained for.

”I know this may be a bad time for me to say this, but Leo, we need to get out of here. The council is watching you. ”

Without seeing where the council member was, Leonel finished the bland drink he was holding.

Reluctant as he may, Leonel knew Macy was right.

The council cannot know why he was at an event for a mortal.

Rule number seven in the vampire councils law book states never to mingle with humans unless necessary.

There was nothing substantial for Leonel to be there at that hour.

But truth be told, he did not care what the council thought or did to him. He was used to their usual nosing around his business when they weren invited.

However, with Selene involved, Leonel had to abide by the laws if he wanted to protect her.

If anyone learns about Selene other than Macy, the only vampire he could trust, all hell shall break loose.

Excusing themselves, Leonel glanced at Selene for one last time, memorizing her face like it was the first and last time they would see each other.

He then left the function hall, with Macy following behind.

They made it halfway, nearing the halls double doors, when Leonel froze.

The hairs on his arms stood, his chest feeling tight despite his heart no longer beating as it should.

Hearing her melodic voice left him yearning for her, wanting to run and hug her fiercely.

The thought had Leonels hands tremble.

Unable to move, Macy had to drag him away. She pushed the double doors, pulling Leonel to keep moving.

The latter wasn pleased about being forcefully shoved through the door. Macy didn try to be gentle with him.

But he knew she only did what she could to save him from endangering Selenes life.

Without uttering a word, Leonel walked forward. He and Macy didn exchange conversation until they reached the waiting black car outside the grand hotel.

His head was pounding, and his hands were trembling. But Leonel opened the car door only to be stopped.

Expecting to see Macys face, the gentleman frowned upon finding a different set of eyes staring right at him.

Shifting from his somber thoughts to annoyance, Leonel brushed away Alaricks hands.

The council member had a strange smile on his cold lips, reminding Leonel why he liked none of them.

”Alarick, ” Leonel greeted him politely nonetheless.

The latter bowed and chuckled.

”You looked so tensed, Leo. Relax, I know you couldn resist the call to listen to pleasant music. I came for the same reason. ”

Leonel knew Alarick didn mean what he said. His eyes betrayed him right away.

Fortunately for the council member, Leonel wanted to get him away from Selene. Hence, cutting the conversation short was the key.

”You have an exceptional taste, Alarick. The music was splendid. But Im afraid I had to cut my visit short. ”

Alarick clicked his tongue.

”I hope it isn because of me. ”

Leonel forced a tiny smile to appear on his lips. He looked at the senior member of the council and lowered his head to show his respects.

Then he joined Macy inside the car.

”Once the council learns of her existence, Leo, it would never bode well for either of you, ” Macy murmured. She looked Leonel dead in the eye.

”As long as she doesn awaken, Macy, nothing will happen. ”

Macy clicked her tongue, shaking her head in disbelief before nodding to the driver.

The engine revved to life.

”But if she awakens, are you ready to face the consequences it would entail to keep her safe? Though inevitably, shell still— ”

Leonel didn let Macy finish, holding a hand up to halt her.

”I know, ” Leonel looked outside the window, his thoughts and emotions swirling inside him. ”Thats why she must never know who I am. ”

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