My Mr Physiatrist

The encounter ( chapter two)

”Love is like a river with no ending,it flows free with purity, it ignite and fantasize the heart. It a grasp of souls,a bond of minds: a similar feeling extract from grapes, it gives out various flavours and taste,it can be sweet ,bitter and sour sometimes blad. one doesn go without the other,these combination is what makes it intriguing ”. The moon night eyes sparked in complement of the petal pink lips, the brown hair set in loose bun with a trace of green Jade pin stock on the top of the bun, unruly locks fell on the forehead with grace. The hem of the white pant hanged loose on the glowed feet,accompanied with dark heels that lend inches.

”I want a devorce from him ” a lady said with much hesitation,her lips moved but Her hands were tighten on her flowery dress. A view was set on her crossed legs that she kept unfolding in seconds,her lashes that continuously fluttered,with the shaken fingers were observed by the host. A clear picture of uncertain in her words.

June, a twenty-four years old host of a famous show Bring love to life, stayed silence in watch of her guests she was suppose to unite by the end of the show, thinking if she found herself in the wrong field.

”Mrs Davis, I totally understand your emotions. It not your fault that he spends hours working just to provide you a good life, or the fact he stayed nights at work just to earn enough to satisfy your needs. The cars ,house and luxury lifestyle you didn request for any of them. Let blame him,it his fault.

Who appreciate such men these days? ”. she spiked the words on her, without saying it directly she felt the truth to her words, in clear conscience of her unrealistic demands.

It was the case of her being married to her husband for five years and yet no child, her husbands mother constant taunts have drive her insane ,now she blames her husband for not always being there ,reason she hasn gotten pregnant. Thou she threaten to leave him if he couldn provide her with a luxurious life, being the loveable type he went all out to give in to her every demands. There they were at a live reality tv show to settle the dispute they could have easily talked out at home. Nevertheless she needed people like them to keep her show going, so long everyone get what they want at the end.

”I love my wife and wants to make this marriage work. Ive never found issue with her demands, so long it makes her happy Im willing to do anything. ” hearts of many audience was won by his speech, the felt of hands and lean of shoulders were exchanged by couples in the audience,cuddles and smiles engraved in the set . Even for a hard heart person like her,his words were heart felt if only she hadn given up on love or forced her heart in concealment then certain his type would have been her selection. He was too perfect to real. A second glance at him she noticed his long nose and flat jaws with tiny dimple on the left cheek, the mole on the tip of his right brow blend perfectly with his overworked skin. He wasn that good looking but was eye catching, responsible and kind in heart, hese days women wants security over beauty she thought it through while taking moment of his facial feature. She was brought to reality by the sound in her ear from the ear pod fixed her ears earlier.

”Mrs Davis you heard your husband, he wants to save your marriage and I believe you want the same. The fact that you
e here tells you have a bit of hole of saving your marriage. Just one question ” she held her words watching st her reaction and clearance to go ahead.

”How did you met him? ” she asked after a nod from her. Mrs Davis straighten her posture,a fold of her hands on her knees. ”We met at a friends party, he was with his friends chatting when my friend introduced me to him and his comrades. Even before the introduction Id take notice of him. ”

”That sounds beautiful. You said youd taken notice of him before the introduction,can you explain how? ” this time her eyes was on her husband,the memory drew out old connections , her tone was calm and relaxed. ”Off all his comrades he was the blunt one with bad jokes to tell ” her lips spreads apart in delight with just a thought of their first meet.

”He laughed at his ever joke even when his friends didn find them funny,he kept going and laughing like nothing matter, ignoring all eyes that stared his way. That what I loved about him, he was open and cheerful ” the heavy sigh was heard from her as she levelled down her memories.

”You were so in love. I just want to understand where it all went wrong?. ” the tiny smile disappeared with the question.

”He stopped spending time with me, hes always home late, sometimes he hardly come home. Tell me how do I build a family when he doesn spends time with me? ” she soaked a sob in her hands, staring at her husband with much expectations.

”Mr Davis, do you have reasons for coming home late, please explain it to her ” she asked aware of the answer but needed to hear from his side of the story.

”I love my wife, she knows that. To provide her with the luxuries I have to work hard, double than usual. I have to stay late to finish works given to me, just so I can get promotions and earn extra bonuses. You have no idea how badly I want to spend time with her but I can ,not as much as she wants.. ”

”And why can you? ” she argued back with angry tone. ”Do you know how bad it feels? ” her voice broke in tears, her fingers quickly dried the drops before anyone could notice, yet was sighted by the host.

”I know you
e doing it all for me, to give me the life I demanded, the luxury lifestyle. Yes I wanted it so badly that I threaten to leave you, but now I have the life I wanted I don want it anymore, I miss you. I want you John, I want my husband back, there are times I need you and not what you provide. No amount of luxury can replace you, I wish to have those days back, when we would go out and have plain foods, with little money in your pocket. I want you… please ” there was no holding back, this time she didn try to stop the tears from flowing. She poured out her heart, sporting to her he embraced her into his arms ,wiped the tears from her red cheeks and laid kisses on her face.

The audiences raised on their feet applauding with the makeup hug.

The camera men took every opportunity to capture their beautiful moment of unity, yet another success, proud as ever she closed the two hour show with great reviews from both the live viewers and audiences. A gratitude from both couple of uniting and saving their marriage was given to her, guess she reminded her what truly mattered. We never know what is dear to us till it gone, luck on her side bring love to life was there to save her from losing it.

The pointed edge of her heels creat sounds with every step took. ”Congratulations ma, it was splendid ” a rookie enticingly said, she returned a wary smile then walked off. ”she thinks too much of herself ” the angry heart spoke in spit. Perhaps her words were true as the morning sun or mistaken like the cloudy sky for raining day, but one thing was for sure, June was like no other.

Like her name, mid of the season, flexible to all sides,she was a all time person that blends in to any situation. She was the star to many, master of creating troubles, drama queen and blunt. She knew her worth and feared not to grab what she felt was hers, a goal getter and fighter. To be where she stood she had gone through challenges,like most rookies she served a master, worked her butt off, got ideas stolen from her, became the errand girl. With all that,it contributed to her hard heart.

The audience might know her as the calm and loveable person but she was far from what they presumed and she intended to keep it that way. As it was her fame and ratings were due to those false images. If her ratings were being boost from those white lies as she claimed,then it was no harm in keeping it going.

”Linda wants to see you ” a lady sprint to her pace and informed her, earning herself frustrated eyes. She bit her tongue from saying any hate word and went to the call.

”Linda ” the unrealistic tone and friendly embrace was averted by the woman. ”You ain Infront of the cameras ” the woman said climbing down from the running machine, grabbed a towel from the machines head and wiped the sweat. Linda,a woman in her fifties yet show not a day over thirty, a slim and steady body she had with flawless skin.

”Ive thought over my decision and… ” Junes anxious face masked in silence, she stood still waiting on her decision without a body movement or gap to be notice of her rush. ”Im going with your project. Your ideas are good and am sure to earn lots from it ” a small chuckle was release but deep within she was rejoicing at the news. Four hosts including her had give projects and ideas to boost their show ratings and popularity, the competition was high and to be frank she was a bit shaken by the many ideas . The win was a suspense and thankful her project was picked.

”Thank you ” this time there was sincerity in her words, the smile lit in every corner of her eyes. By now Linda had come to understand her, she first took notice of her on her first day in the company. She stood up against one of the previous employee that slapped a girl who spilled coffee on her, just when she could walk away with it, June confronted her and request her to apologize. She refused st first and acted important, June then showed her a video she took of her slapping the girl,she would let it it go if she apologized to the girl but if she did not then she would post the video on media and let the world see how cruel she was. She couldn take that chance so she apologized to the girl reluctantly.

Few knew who June really was, most viewed her as the mascular type and proud, but Linda knew she was like a book that hasn been open but was being judged by it cover.

”Don thank me, your ideas were good and got the most votes from the board. I only want benefit ” she said, right on point like a true business woman, besides the addiction to exercise her company was top prioritize.

June left the office thinking over her past, she had major in photographing and acting, she never predicted her career path would lined in show business, or the shock of her being a love expert. she could not keep a man for herself,she hardly got along with any of her exes, a month was the most of her relationships. She always found fault in them or drove them mad from all the temper.

Her first career choices were consumed by the new talent found.

Recalling back, she puzzled where it all started. During her years in college she was well known for her love expertise, she used to write love letters for people with a pay bill, she did opened a council club for the broken hearts. Back then she came up with various ideas to earn herself pocket money.

The name love guru given to her came about with her popularity in the campus,all departments knew her name and times she got in trouble with her tutors.

”June ” the voice was familiar to her, even in deep slumber she could tell who owned it. The polished toes was first in contrast ,next were the long slim legs, cut to her heavy makeup which was not needed as she was a beauty with or without it. Her brown hair with wine mixed on the edges bounced on her shoulders with every step took, those blue eyes were cloudy like the September storm. ”How dare you?. ”

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