My Mr Physiatrist

Video Out(chapter three)

”How dare you! ”. Those blue eyes threw tantrums at June, the audacity to walk in her office and question her like she owned her. ”You knew how much I wanted that offer, it was my one big shot but youd to snatch it away ” the tail of her nails clutched in her palm in sight of June waving the pages of the documents in her hands, with legs fold against each other. ”My ideas were far better than yours, it should have been my win. ” she faced her head on the notes in the papers,stabbing deaf ears to her. It was a daily routine that she had gotten sick off, her rath were like the scavenger night vampires with tiny wing and thin thighs, they never get tired of sucking others blood,and they spread deadliest diseases.

e nothing but a worthless trash ”

just as the mosquito,if left at will it causes harm. Slamming the papers in the desk, she sent a heavy glare at her way ”Guess what Mary this worthless trash was chosen over you, between us whos the worthless one? ” she revoked back at her with increased glares.

”You think you
e great just because your show is sky record? ” that was far beyond her perspective of herself, she believed in her talent and hard work that pays, even though she sometimes carved her will on others but was with the intention of gaining a good result. There are time she spreads good to others . ”Im not perfect neither do I see myself great than others, I only believe in hard work and it payment. I can tell about your ideas or projects but I can say for sure, my team and I placed in lots of efforts, we worked weeks day and night , researching and complying the details just to produced good work.It was a most for us to win and thats why we won ” she rested with a return on the chair and snoop of the papers.

”Ive spent more years in this company than you. I know how things work, you
e just a newbie with little experience and luck. Mark my words youll fall from the high clouds you
e standing,that too soon ” her words brought shive to her bones, she closed the papers ,watched at Mary as she placed her hands on hips with dominant character.

Three years ago June was nothing but her assistant working for Mary, she walked feet off on errands that were unrelated to work. Those years, Mary used to pull the strings and was the top star host with much admiration on her, most were contributions from ideas stolen from June, crumbled her spirit everytime she tried to take a stand. It was evident she had seen potential in her and was scared of what length she would reach, perhaps her position was her worry. Yet karma clapped back at her.

”Watch your back, this won be let down so easily, youll be ruined, ” she sweeped her heels out of the office.

”Should we be worried? ” her assistant questioned from behind startling her on her toes, she grumbled at her while releasing her hand from her chest. ”Give no attention to her words, Ive heard worse and gone through worst than this ” she said in comfort of both herself and her assistant.

”She sounded dead serious, what if she does something horrible to you? ” Junes eyes widened from the picture of it. Mary was capable but certainly wouldn go to such extend of stabbing a knife I her chest with villain laughter as she framed in her kind. Yes she was monster but even monster has their limit right? ” the question thread in her head.

e thinking too much, skip to another topic ” she brushed off the conversation, in attempts to evade the encrypt visions accustomed in her thoughts.

”How about increasing my salary ” her hands stiffed it grip on the paper, her eyes shifted to the highlighted name . The topic of her salary always got her paused in time ”I said change topic not opening an old topic ”

”It a different topic ” she said in husky tone.

”Which youve been asking for ages,soon the threats will walk in ”

”of course ” she cut in before her sentence could be finished. ”that what happens when your stubborn boss refuses to give you a salary raise. Give me a salary raise or Ill quit ” The conversations between them always ends in cat and mouse, she scoffed her way up the chair, steadily cupped the chubby cheeks of her assistant. ”Jane you already have a high pay salary, stop being greedy and stop with the threats, they
e getting old. Try to be more creative, convince me why I should give you a raise ” with the brain of a fox and tongue as a serpent she always got away with things, quick witted.

Her assistant Jane, was a sweet girl with optimistic traits, thee wasn a thing she couldn find good in, she felt love in everything.

Three years ago when June got her the contract of her own show, she took her under her wings, freeing her from the hell she was living. Her life was filled with people that inflected wounds at her, rejected and mocked for her size. They never recognized her skills and talent instead her weight was most noticed by them. She had dreamt of being a model but those dreams came crashing .

”Ill get to you once I come up with a good excuse ”

”okay till then,tata.. ” she waved at her as she walked out, her crooked brows and framed hands brought smile to Junes lips, in thoughts they should make her look firm.


The cozy wind flagged the leather coat on his body, the eleven size feet gently skipped the pot holes, holding shade from the black umbrella in his hand, black gloves greet the palm of his hands. Strolling down the path,he froze his pace with an extend of his left hand in catch of the small ball that flew towards his face. ”Throw it over ” he leaned his face to the side, to see the little ones in the four side court with net in the mid and bat in their tiny hands. In crossed arms one approached him ”Give it ” his lips moved to the little one will, the fake in his voice with attempt to sound intimating. Handing the ball to him he faced the next lane.

Skimming out was June from her favorite dessert cafe,after an hour wait she was rewarded with the all time cupcake. After a tired day at work she needed her all time smooch cake, everyday the last cake is saved for her.

Breaking out of cage from the other lane was a man in tattered clothes, stroking his feet against time and beyond it pace with a view of two men on his tail. ”catch him ” one screamed to the stand by passers in watch of the spectacular scene, the other seized his pace in grasp of air. lending aid from his knees, ” wait..wait ” he broke the words in long air in ” for me ” he finished the one sentence.

In flight speed the tattered cloth man shoulders shoved at Junes body, snatching gravity from he feet. She screamed her lungs out picturing her limps broken, her brain quickly scanned for a save from the fall but was evaded with darkness. In crossed heart she quit to fate.

In seconds she released her eyes from the tight gripped, peeped to see her body in the arms of the cutest man ever seen. His brown eyes exhibit stories of the untold, the profound jaw bones were magnet of wander.

Her heart rested in joy and felt grateful till she picked a view of her cupcakes on the merciless ground smashed.

”why didn you save my cupcakes? ” she yelled taking him at surprise.

”You should have saved my cupcakes instead of me ” she said with much confidence. He rolled her body off his hand, letting her greet the hard ground.

”Ouch! ” she groaned.

”Whats wrong with you?, why did you let go of me? ” she stabbed him dirty glares.

e insane ” he said picking his umbrella he had throw to catch her from the fall, gave it a speedy clean before contacting it. In all his seven years of profession as a physiatrist, he had never come across a more crazy woman like her. The thought of her rather have her cupcakes saved instead of her took him to confuse land. Sure his thirty-one years, he never pictured to meet a weird being like her.

One thing was for certain to him, she was trouble and he wanted nothing to do with her. ”you
e the mad one here. First you didn save my cupcakes not even a single one, and you even dared to… ” s little grunt escaped her lips as her hands massaged her waist, throwing shady looks at him. He waved the scene of her from his mind and continued his path but was forced to halt. He turned to see his shirt in her hands.

”Where do you think you
e going? ” she asked taking a stand.

His brain went sick in scan of the dirt on her hands, with haste he jerked off his shirt from her grip. Took out a pocket bottle and sprayed it on the space she came in contact with.

”Are you insane ” he said while trying to control his tone.

”Thats what you claimed,am just showing you how mad people behave ” she scrubbed her eyes at him. ”You ain going nowhere till you refund me. I waited for hours just to get then and youve destroyed them ” was she being serious?, he saved her and she..holding on to his calm side he strolled her madness off.

”I want my cake ” he demanded flinching not a second off him.

”I owe you nothing ” he faced the opposite lane, leading away from her yet was to no Valid. Her hand hooked his wrist, he struggled to set free but she faced him head on , on the minute fight the glove came off his right hand letting it make a naked contact with her hands.

He scrambled away from her, disinfecting his hand with the bottle of cleanser. She stared at him, wondering what was up with him.

”You.. ” he hesitantly points a finger T her ”I never want to see you ever, mad woman ” he compelled the words out, taking a haste flight from her before she attack him again.

” Same here, I hope I never meet you again,ever ” she took the other path, both faced the opposite of cross roads.

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