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Fallen Walls (chapter four)

The slap of her body on the couch echoed in the average size living room, with little decorations. Her lashes raised with a heavy sigh, stock on the designs her eyes watched the chandelier danced with the wind, the jiggles sang in her ears like the jam of bells. The faint paintings framed on the white walls, with clay pots vases which held flowers of different species.

A loud grunt flew her mouth, over the thoughts of the man she met. Upset by the fact he didn save her cupcakes and he dared to step on them. After a long wait just to have her favorite dessert just to be wasted like that.

mad man

Her hands released her feet from the tormenting burden, bringing her toes into the warmth of her hands, easing it from the sour cram. aww. ” the tasteless groaned let out with a touch of the red bruises on the back of her ankle.

In Jeffy her legs went on it accord without permission from it master, strolling the path of the sweet aroma that captured her nose. In the small square space her feet lead her, fishing out the smell she paused her legs , grabbing hold of the see through glass cover, unavailing the steamed rice with eggs, greasing with green beans and carrots.

”Hello ” her legs jumped off the spot they were standing,racing her heart to the max. She flinched her eyes at the direction of the voice to see no other than her friend. ”What are you doing? ”

”Beside you scaring the hell out of me, nothing ” she said popping her eyes out with pouting lips, as her hand silently returned the pot cover on it position. ”Really?, you weren eating the meats in secret? ” she let out a flat scoff, wiping every evidence of the beef she had gulped. Concealing the fact she has fall out of her promise on dieting and staying off meats. Now she felt at peace the cupcakes were ruined or else she would have gotten a ear full of lectures from her friend, it just June to promise to diet and reduce weight then go back on it .

Not that she was over weight or out of shape, the dieting idea came to help their friend in her diet journey.

” I feel distrusted,hurt and wounded ”

”spear me your acting skills drama queen ” she said laughing her way into the kitchen.

Two years in a roll she have won awards for her acting skills, she was so talented that the teachers voted her to be successful actress.

Her tricks and skills were a clear water to Dora, theyve been friends since high school. There wasn a thing they didn know about each other, like the fact that Junes put on different faces suited to the situation and circumstances shes in, her overall drama, schemes and crazy character.

”should I serve you some? ” is that even required, of course, she was minutes away in drowning her stomach in the pot.

”Im home ” another voice came straight at the door,swiping the heels for the foam slippers. ”What were you guys discussing ? ” she asked joining them in the kitchen.

e home early, your mean boss didn give you more work to do? ” Dora asked getting a rolled of eyes from June. ”haha ” she sarcastically laughed at the joke that was meant for her.

”No she didn ” Jane cracked in with a crooked chuckle, greeting her eyes on June that was gulping her words within .

”Poor you. Of all the boss you could have, yours had to be a cruel heart ” Dora said clicking her tongue in her mouth with waves of head. Ignoring their taunts June counted her feet to the dinning table.

”So when do you plan to increase my salary? ” Jane asked joining her on the table. ”We
e home work conversation has to wait till tomorrow. Plus you haven give a valid reason to raise your salary twice in a month ” she digged in the macaroni With sliced vegetables on the side.

”You two are so much like Tom and Jerry ” Dora winged her way to the chair next to June. The three of them have been living together, jane joined in a year ago on discovering she was in strain for accommodation June offered for her to move in with her.

Unlike June and Jane,Dora was a heiress of a multi billion company. She left home to evade her parents constant push to marry and take charge of the company. Her choice of a freelance writer was in displease to her parents, they believed the profession earn little and is a waste of time but nor of that matter to Dora she only wants to do what makes her happy, her greatest reward is the love and comment she gets from the little readers she has.

The comfy night gown slip on her body loosely, she leaned her body on Doras as they drank the night away. ”I wish my parents could understand me more ” Dora said gaining her friends attention, the lemon wine danced in the glass she was holding.

”And I wish all my problems could disappear ” Jane said slipping down the the hard liquor. Both reaching their eyes out to June, wanting to hear her heart but her fallen gaze and deep sigh revealed she was letting out nothing. ”Don tell you wish nothing to change in your life ” Dora grassed her eyes on her blank expression,

”don make me force it out of you ” Dora said in steady voice and she knows what it means when Dora fence her tone to the max.

”Fine, I wish things could be different. My life would be fill with love and compassion, my heart should learn to love and let go, the anger in me would be settled ” she said with locked eyes, wanting from deep for a change in her life, yes she has a steady job and career but her heart is far from please or happy. ”But as we know magic don happen in real life nor does shooting stars, so this is all a waste ” she said cuffing the hearts of her friends. Dora send down a gulp of the lemon wine stroking of how heartless her friend is, deep within she wished for some magic to occur, which could help her realize the need for love and family.

”Look a shooting star ” Jane said sprinting on her legs ”it a shooting star ” she exclaimed with a clap of her lashes, folding her hands to her chest and whispered her wish for her ears alone.

”It really is a shooting star ” dull as it came Doras lips formed a sweet pattern, sending a view on June that clutched her finger on the glass with baffled face. ”What now? ” Dora asked her

”This means nothing ” she plainly added, setting her eyes for to the bright sky with stars to accompany it. ”Nothing will change ” she whispered in assurance to the worried heart.

The cold creamy coffee found rest on the top of her lip, her heels danced on the stainless tiles . The drowsy wind flags the arms that begged for cover ,rubbing an arm across the other she wonder over the cost of the sudden freeze in her veins. It not always like this she usually hold the cooling system of the company welcoming but today it stings different atmosphere and the eyes of many that spiked her way cautioned her mind to uncertain imaginations.

”Have you seen it? ” Jane popped the question in her face, catching the paper cup that almost slipped her grasp she sent a hard look to her. ”Whats wrong with you? ” she said releasing the inhale she took.

”Have you seen the video?, it every where and it creating a huge tantrum. ”What video and why should I care? ” she asked marching her legs forward.

”It about you ” her legs froze in time ,turning her eyes that met Janes serious face, no doubt this caught her attention. ”Everyone is taking about it, your secret is out ”.

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