My Mr Physiatrist

You Again (Chapter Five)

”Fix this or Ill be forced to take decision which won be pleasing ” Linda said with cross heart, she was the type of that is cool and hurt at the same time. She hands no exceptions when it relates to her business and company. It no dark skeleton that her marriage didn work out due to her priority over her company, she was never there when her husband needed her so he felt it was best everyone go their ways.

”How did the video got out in the first place? ” Jane questioned eyeing at May

”You can stare at me all you want but you ain going to prove i was behind this, I have more important matters to spend my time with ” she abruptly splash the words at Jane, the crooked smirk on her lips was captured by all in the room.

”Shes a bitch ” one commented screwing his eyes on her faded peach lips.

The internet was swimming with harsh reviews about the video, many had cursed her as two face, scam, fraud,liar and cheat. Her eyes went sour from all the comments and videos posted.

”Ma ” the voiced ringed in their ears, sketching her eyes out on the man standing at the door,his right hand hooked on the broad belt on his waist,the other tackled the gun. ”What? ” June asked exhausted from all the tensions.

”Theres a crowd of protesters outside ”. She let out a heavy sigh reaching her legs to the outdoors in view of what commotion her once fans have built.

”No kidding,they truly are angry ” Jane said suppressing the smile that wanted to let out from sight of the many people with banners of Junes face crossed reds on.

They were a bit exaggerating, it wasn that bad she thought gathering her breath to face the anger fans. So what, she lied about her love life, she wasn the first to lie on such. She might have faked a sweet innocent face and but that whats selling these days, the media community goes wild for such role model to look up to.

Even if she lied about being in healthy relationship and have framed herself as the calm and sweet type,she still was some aid to the public, she genuinely fixed the broken relationships and marriages.

e a scam, you don deserve to be here ” a girl said, probably in her late teen. ”We looked up to you and you turned out to be a liar ” another said with a throw of tomato on Junes face, sliding to her lips, getting the taste of butter and sour only to realize she has been hit with a rotten tomato.

”Damn it ”

Followed in were others, the hands flew in slashing out on her and those by her vegetables and rotten food. Her body was guided in by the guards to a safe location.

”It far worse than we thought ” Liam said, he was the script writer in Junes team. He was intelligent and goofy one that gets on everyone nerves.

”Dose this mean the show is going to be cancelled ” another asked from the back

”Not a chance. I won let that happen, this is my dream,my years of hard work, I won let it fall not without a fight June said earning eyes filled with respect and admiration from her team.

”just by saying it won help you, the ones that used to support you are now against you. No one will take part or watch your show, it over for you June. May grouchy voice came slanging their thinking faces. As much as June wanted to debate against her she knows she is right , her show is at risk and so is her career and job. The best of her audience committed to the show due to her back stories which she made up, she was awarded twice for the best reality show. Highly welcomed at functions and applauded at her every speech given, she was a model they looked up to. The truth of her cheat hurts the public and those that relied on her.

”Smile while you can cause this moment won last forever ” June said to May that was living the best of her situation.

”Oh would you? ”, a dull chuckle forms on her lips ”guess you haven seen the new feeds ” she laughs at June puzzle face, taking in the laptop she clicked in a particular link to reveal a life session.

She lost her words to see all her exes in one place, dressed in black like they were mourning her death.

She lost her words to see all her exes in one place that too they were against her,being interviewed as they commented of how cruel and high temper she is.

e saying everything she has been telling has been a lie? ” The interviewer asked one of the five exes of June.

” One thing is for sure, shes good at telling lies,she create fake stories every second, nothing true comes out of her mouth ”

”When we were together she always got angry and acted insane ” another said

”I believe shes mentally disturbed,she used to get so upset over little things and would blaze, I was in constant fear of what she might do to me so I broke up with her. Even so she stalked me and trashed my place ” the tall one said. Her fingers greased through her forehead as she watched her exes add flue to her burning heart. She wished to slap the hell out of the one that told she stalked him, she never stalked him and why would she. He claimed to have broken up with her but she broke up with him on discovering his affairs with rich women,the only truth in his words was that she trashed his place. She wasn scared to admit it, his apartment was turned to garbage site as a pay for his cheat and way of releasing her anger. What stroke her was how fast the whole incident was moving,when was her exes contacted and the interview,that too in one place . One thing was for sure it was planned, it was long planned.

”This is just the beginning,your ruin is for sure ” May said receiving a glare from June to exit her work space and she did just that.

”I think shes behind everything ” Jane added to everyones suspension.

”I also think so ” Liam agreed with her which came as a surprise to her,as they never agree on anything, they
e always at the opposite.

”Linda ” June entered her office, she put down her phone after an end button was pressed. ”Not now,I was just on the phone with J ,the show has to be cancel ”

” You can do this, you know how much Ive worked to make this show a success ”

” And you have also ruined it. Listen June I know all you did was for the shows progress but it has caught up and theres no way out. I have to leave my daughters school function to be here ,all to clean the mess you created ” the picture of her being a terrible mother was seen by everyone,she always prioritize her company over her family. Her daughter doesn get along with her due to her little care and attention given, as she always claimed she does what she do for the future of her daughter but her sixteen years old just won take an excuse of such.

”I think you need to take a break,till things cool down ” those words stabbed right in her heart,the weight of failure crumbled on her. This wasn it,she wasn going to quit so easily,that not whom she was known for. If one feet fall then raise the other,was her best quote.

At another end Dora got the news from Janes phone call,she rushed her way out of the book store she had gone to kill time . Her face hit the solid brick,she groaned at the pain only to left her eyes to see a man instead of a brick and her face had hit his chest. ”Sorry ” she apologized pacing out of the store ignoring the voice of the man whom was calling to return the book she had dropped. He glanced at the cover and smiled to see they shared a like in the same book.

Her friends walked her home,after facing such humiliation at work,the gazes sent at her were enough to tell how much hate they carried for her,the gossips and mock stares were all tormenting her mind. She threw a vase against the wall with a loud scream,her friends came up to her and lend her shoulders to lean on.

”I can fail like this, Ive come too far. I have to show him how strong I am, he has to regret his decision of choosing them over us ” she broke down crying. It was a rear occasion to them,it wasn easy to see her cry she always kept her cool even at situation to run weak she held firm.

The show on the edge of being cancelled and career at stake wasn her biggest burden,the past was hunting her,she wanted him to look at her and how much she has grown without him there and regret his choice,to accept his wrongs and ask for forgiveness but he walked away years ago and hasn return.

”You need help ” Dora said

”I don need one ” she refused in knowledge of the type of help she met,she has been telling her to seek help professionally since she can let go of her past,it was to Doras believe that it the cause of her anger and temper issues,the lack of trust and failure in relationships. But everytime she came up with the topic June quickly flat the topic to the ground.

”Im being serious June,you need help. You just can let go of your past and you need professional to help with that ” Dora said in serious tone.

”It of no use ” she attempt to evade the topic but was compelled to give in by her friends adamantine. ”Fine,Ill give it a try but I won see a therapist they always bored me ”

”No problem,I know a physiatrist,he can also offer you a therapy session and if theres something wrong up there ” she point to her head that was on her lap ”then he would fix it ” Dora joked .

The night took a rough turn on Linda, returning home to find her daughter in hit of anger. ”Steve ” his name calmly run through her lips,she looked at him with excitement. His face was the same as she remembered,those eyes she used to look at before going to bed,his arms he used to frame on her body. The beard had grown thick and white,aware to Linda he was the lazy type when it came to his beard,she used to shave it off. Age was telling on him unlike her,his sixty was in clear description on his hands and face lines.

”Why are you here? ” She asked,after their devorce he never visited,not even by chance do she was taken by his presence that too at late hour.

”I called him ” her shadow confront with her body,the blended feature of both parents was seen on her,the height from the father and the looks from the mother,her eyes took a copy of her father. ” But why, whats wrong dear? ” She scoffed at her mothers question,the irritation to hear her voice or the fact she acted like she wasn aware of why. ”I called dad to come pick me up, I staying at his place ” she acidly told her mom, giving her no glimpse of sympathy. ”Violet I know you
e angry I left your school function early,but I did that only because something important came up ”

”Isn that funny,you always have an excuse to go missing. Every time I need you ,you disappear. Your company is more important than your daughter, your marriage fell due to your priorities to your company, you
e too selfish to care ”

”Thats not true. I love you and you are the most important ”

Her daughter laughed at her speech,of she loved her as claim then why hasn she been seeing it, shes never there when she needed her. The memories of her always choosing her company over her family made her claims even funny.

”We were only waiting on your arrival now that you
e here,we will leave ” she said dragging her bag out,jerking her hand from her mother grasp.

”I thought after our devorce you would at least spend time with your daughter and put her first,but I guess I was wrong ” he said before walking out tge door,leaving her on chair crying.


The morning light met June at the hospital to meet the specialist Dora had given his number. She took in a gigantic air and released half out,gulped her throat dry then dared her guts to go for it.

She pulled the knot of the door after two knocks on the door, walked in to grab a look at him.

”You ” they both said furiously.

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