My Mr Physiatrist

Mother\'s visit (Chapter Six)

Good morning doctor, Im … ” She froze her words ,stroke with irritation in sight of him.

”You! ” They both furiously asked

”Why are you here? ”

”Why can I be here,this is my office ” no no she said thousand times in her head,if glare could kill he sure would have died a thousand times from all the deadly glares. ”You
e Dr. Collins? ” she asked in high hopes he wasn the one. ”I am ” he said proudly,the sight of her displeased and discomfort face strangely spiked joy in him.

”Why would they hired a mad person like you ” she confidently said to his face. A slim huffed scrapped out his lips, withholding his discontent. ”Your.. ” he moved back in short of words with her every step close to him, ”stay there, don you dare come here ” he fenced his body behind the chair,glancing at Junes satisfied smirk .

”And you
e the supposed doctor, you yourself is sick. First cure yourself before trying to help others, mad man. ” He stepped out of his cage and faced her on, something about her always got him out of his comfort zone, she was the bad influence on him and it was aware to him.

”Take a seat ” he offered with him doing the same

”Why should I? ”

”To dance ” he Sarcastically said while she clenched her hands in the desk. ”Anger issues ” he bruntly figured it out, her eyes were tensed and discomfort,she took the seat offered. His eyes were on her in observe of her body movement and behavior.

”What your name? ” He asked reading the name on the form she had filled earlier.

e holding my form, so get it from there. Don go asking me for things you know already ” a long hold of breath was administered to himself, feeling the pressure of her tone. It felt off in his quick agitation,in other cases he wouldn mind such comment nor let it get to him, he would brushed his patients rude behaviors with a smile and comfort words, yet she was different, he felt every word she said to heart. Her energy was highly affecting his calm mind.

”Ive seen it ,I want to know if you still remember your name, who knows your temper might have crashed your memories ” he tauntly said with a flat smile, she rolled her eyes. ”June ”

”June, don you have a surname? ” her face went dazzled, she folds her hands in-between, in watch of him like he was a trash speaking out of content. ” I don , why do you care? ”

”Don get me wrong I definitely don care, not one bit. Im being compelled to have this talks with you ”

”Why are you here? ” he further asked

”Just like you I was compelled to come here, if it were to me I wouldn step a toe here, not specially when you
e the doctor ”

”Be my guest and walk out, no doctor would handle your madness ” his words made her reluctant,the idea crossed her mind to walk out of the idle session but with him suggesting it , there was no way she was gonna leave, no way she would grant him the satisfaction of getting the better of her.

e the doctor and Ive paid the bill so do your job. Ill only leave when am satisfied till then, provide the services I paid for ”

He comment nothing to her words and continued scanning through the form in his hands. ”Why are you here? ”

”To get help ” she tightly murmured the words but was caught by him.

”At what? ” He further asked, catching her eyes shut with a long breath held in which she let out in seconds.

”Probably to get a help on my anger issues and inability to stay steady in a relationship ” he wasn surprised with her character any man would run away from her, she was a titanic bomb. The most surprise would be the fact of any man willing to put up with her and stay loyal to her.

”Through your observations what normally tricker you quick temper? ” She stayed silence, displeased with the topic. There was so much buried in her heart and each one being raised up would troubled the heart that wished not to open old wounds.

”Why didn you get along with your previous exes? ” The following questions followed with silence from her,he figured it was beyound the surface wound and she felt unsatisfied with him to communicate such personal issues.

”Mis June, my best advices is to see a therapist, it would be of much help to you. ” She stood and followed her feet to his direction, he quickly averted her touch with a slide push from the seat to the corner. Smirk pleased her face in his weak condition. ” Don tell me you
e scared of me, I won eat you ” her voice poured out ,stabbing an indecent looks on him.

”Mis June, don push your limits ” he threat moving back.

”My limit, what my limit? ” she walked her way to every step he took back, taunting her gaze on him. He frowned on her closeness to him.

”Don tell me you
e impudent ”. His eyes widened out, grabbing her waist to the imprinted wall. She forced a push on his chest but there was no budge.

”You… ” her tongue slipped on words, ”What, cat got your tongue ” he smirked on her red cheeks and wild eyes that subdued in weakness. Don give in, defeat him her mind cried out to the weaken legs.

Even with the heels was no way up his range,the thoughts of tipping on her toes danced in her crazy head but the fact she was grasping for stance wouldn allow her to take the risk. Her hands framed on her hips with strong stand , in atempt of looking intimidating to him, yet his unshaken body and second gap between them detailed her efforts were of no avail. ”Ill let you off this time ” she dully said captive in his brown eyes,the quick pace of her heart bridged to her ears, stabbing her hands on her chest, fobidding it from letting it loose.

”Dave ” she slipped away from the moment with the abrupt intrusion on the door, the man framed his face to the opposite the second his eyes fell on them in such awkward position. ”My apologies, Ill come back later if you
e busy ” the chuckle in his voice was heard by them both. June grabbed her bag and rushed out of the office. Was she grateful for the interruption, quite the opposite, a bit of her hoped his lips to grease on hers, the desired to be lost in his eyes. Her heart felt disappointed and curse that man for intruding at such a time.

”That was epic ” he joked about shoving his arms at his body. ”Who was she? ”

”Not your concern ” a hint of irritation broke with the words, he couldn explain the anger of him intruding, he should be glad but was burden. ”What do you want? ”

James, his colleague and medical doctor, a Casanova play boy. He seeks desire in women older than him, most not out of love but what he gains from them. As he was attractive and young rich older women approached him and would do anything to have him in their bed and he was all for it.

”You know this the first time Ive seen you close to a woman,who was she? ” He cheerful asked flirting his brows for more details which Dave clearly refused to hand to him. ”Cmon don be stingy, who was she?…oh! ” He gasped ”is she your girlfriend? ” He guessed his way to a thousand smiles.

”You forced me to visit the hospital only to have a lunatic as a doctor,he himself needs help ” June continued her grumbled. Dora flinched her eyes at her, thinking over her complains for the past one hour, she first met her at her favorite book store and ruined her day or perhaps saved it , she wasn sure. She did saved her from the store owner weird talks, he knew her every day schedule and her favorite coffee and how it made, no complains on the coffee thou, for it Was tasty and just to her likings. The conversation was the only stumble for her, it was clear he was hitting on he but definitely doesn need one at the moment. She had few time to prove to her parents that shes capable or she would be forced to marry the man of their choice.

”What happened? ” Dora asked getting rest from her talks. ”He…he smashed my cupcakes a day ago ” there it was,the reason for her calling him mad,her friend shook her head and grabbed her computer to head to her room.

”Hey don walk out on me, am still not done yet ” she sighed,resting her body on the chair.

The steamy sound stole her attention, she faced her hands behind the basket that had fruits and pulled out the phone, ”Jane ” she murmured taking a perk on the screen.

”If you want a peaceful life then you better bring me the one hundred and fifty dollar I asked for ”.

what the hell.

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