My Mr Physiatrist

Not giving up(chapter Seven)

”wheres the money? ”

”Shes ain giving you a dime ” her slim legs rushed its way through the curvy chairs set on grey and lemon, her hair tailed behind lashing the shoulders that braced the small dark leather coat with heart shaped strap top, paired with suck in high waist leather trouser.

”What the hell is she doing her? ” The man asked slamming his palm on the table. ”I told you not tell anyone not specially her ” his voice horsed in Janes ears. His gathered brows and swallon cheeks detailed his detest for her and it wasn their first meet.

”She will hand you nothing from this day on ” June said resting her seemly flat butt on the Ted size sofa made available , the loud music ringed her ears to irritation wondering why they chose they meet in such partying location. ”This is between her and I it has nothing to do with you ” he protest earning an eye full of sore from June ” oh you bet it does, this has everything to do with me. Shes my friend and also assistant which means I owe obligations in protecting her from frauds like you, ” she told setting her fingers on her temple.

”Get the he out of here or my boys will ” his face felt the slam of rubber , he lit his eyes to see Junes boot in his face ”Ive always wanted to do this ” her voiced spiked in sight of his tensed eyes, his loud grunt got the attention of others.

From a far corner Dave sat with his colleague drinking the night away.

”Hey isn that the lady with you earlier?, Whats she doing? ” James asked piping a bottle down his mouth, scrounging his throat with the hard liquor.

Dave eyes fell on June as she threw her fists in the mans face ,he shook his head as he continued on his phone ”crazy woman ” he murmured taking his focused mind off her thoughts, it felt off. Something about her always got him ignite and tricker. As much as his mind detest her guts and weird behavior his heart was attracted to her.

”Run ” June screamed out grabbing Janes arm fleeing the scene as the man and his goons chased them. ”You know I could have easily hand them the money and this ”

”Would not have happened? ” She finishing Janes statement, scrolling her eyes at her naiveness. ”Theres no end line for people like him, you have been giving him money but he never gets tired of chasing you for more ”, her troubles started a year ago after her fathers death, as a notorious gamble player it was a must he leaves behind pilles of debts for his poor daughter. Within the years his debts was half paid but the man continuous add interest and won stop bugging Jane.

”Let talk about this when we reach home safe, first run ” they chased their legs to the slumpy route, girls were toxic dancing on guys and screaming their lungs out in one of the rooms they tried to hide ”sorry ” Jane said as June slammed the door shut, taking a third route ”catch them ” one shouted alerting them on their toes.

With Junes help Jane was able to slip through the window of the room they had entered, ”there they are ” she threw her body away from the room to another path. Stumping in the room, she set the door shut only to be caught by an angry eyes. ”What the hell, you? ” his knuckles cracked through as he folded them, taking a second look of her environment to find herself locked in a gent wash room. Clocking her eyes down to be shut by the quick zip of his trouser. ”Don worry I didn see anything ” she said

”Besides it wasn that huge to be fancy over ” she added agitating him.

” Whys it everytime I meet you theres trouble? ” Dave asked

”Who knows perhaps you
e the trouble ” she said clocking her eyes on him.

”Search everywhere, she must be in here ” the voice hit the doors of the men gent by, she pulled her body to his arms, stabbing her hand on his mouth with silence heart she wait on their search.

”Hey theres the other one ” another shout saving them from the almost reveal from the man that was about to unlock the door they were in. ”You stay away from me ” , he sent her body away from his reach. ”Who wants to be next to you, mad man ”.

In sour hearts they parted ways promising to never face each other again.

Out on the street, June phased her feet in circles haunting for a cab to drive home, sudden remember that she had hand Jane her car keys to drive home while jumping off the window.

She reached her thumb to the car the was driving her way, it stopped. ”Can you give me a ride home? ” the car window glass came down, settling in was her new enemy .

”Rrr ” she grunted .

She faced the next lane but found a dried street, with hard gulp she turned in her friendly calm face, setting on a witty smile ”I know I promised not to ever see your unlucky ugly face again, but could you please give me a ride. I promise after tonight I won let my sweet dreams be ruined by your nightmare face. ” His car went racing the second she finished her speech.

”Huh ” she huffed

”Mean ”.

With grace she was saved by James that gave her a ride home.

The unforgiven night spread it way through scolds from Dora.


”Good morning ” the yawn took a suspense in sight of the woman Infront of her, tapping her leg with crossed arms on the chest. Rubbing her hands on the slumber eyes, she took a second look only to be conquered by reality. ”Good morning ” the womans voice sang in repeat to her ears, gathering her legs she rised with the aid of the pink puff teddy.

”Lady Steel? ” the clumsy feet took steady, bringing a wary smile to the lips, she looked at her mother who stabbed her glares of disappoinment. ”What have I done again? ” she asked setting her way for the small size bathroom, aware to her that her mothers visit is once in a blue moon and that too comes when she hit her toes.

”Don you know what you have done? ” her mother, mis Betty Coker is found to be a tough shell with personality of her own. ”No, I don ” she said peeping her eyes through the door, her mothers hands rested to her lap with tight huffed. ”It all over the media, your lies have caught up to you ” the voice spat harshly.

”What lies, I never lied to anyone I just didn say the truth ” she defended getting a loud grunt from her mother who was displeased with her daughter outcome through the years. For most she was sure she tried her best to raise her to the better, yes she was alone through the journey but her efforts were flawless.

”Lady Steel did you come all the way here just to inform me how popular Ive become? ” she said in snail legs from the bathroom, her hands bonded her hair to a centre tail and wrapped it with a towel.

”Is it because of him?, your trust issue and temper is it all for him? ” Junes hands dropped tl her thighs on measuring him, her mind clocked back to the day she wish to forget.

”Dad ” the eight years old her screamed behind the speeding car, loosing a balance of her weigh,t her body went flat to the graveled ground that showed no mercy to her knees and elbows. Feeding her mouth with the running nose and eyes, she crawled her way back up.

It being years but the fact still remains her father chose another family over her, forsaking all their memories, left her to gathered the shattered pieces of her heart. Her heart had vowed to never feel compassion nor let the eyes run for anything, she had promised to be strong and not the poor weak girl that was taking for granted.

”I don know who you
e talking about ” her lashes fluttered, skipping her hands for hair dryer, a hard gaze was stolen in the mirror on her mom, scripturing her the confusion in her heart to have picked the hair dryer when her hair was wrapped.

”I don remember him ” she said firmly ”It has nothing to do with him, Ive long forgotten him ”

”Have you?. All these years you send mails to him updating him how happy you
e without him, you took the camera career only so he can see you and regret his decision. Tell me how long do you intend to continue living like this?, being obsess in proving his decision wrong ”.

She just wants him to admit his wrong to tell her how much he is sorry for aboding her and her mom, to make up for all the years he wasn there. It known to the mind that her method is wrong and should let go but the heart just isn willing to forget , even if it being long she still has hope for patch up.

”Whats wrong if I wish him to come back, he has to tell me that he was wrong and he should have chosen me and not his illegitimate child ”

”You have gone insane, through the years I thought you would have let go of your past but you constantly hold to it, slowly it consuming you ” her mother said walking out of the room.

What may, she was certain she was in right. How is she to let go and forget the man that ruined her life?, the man that snatched her memories and threw them in muds.


” I said take a break, why are you here? ” Linda asked taking a rest on the solid twirling chair. ”You asked to take a break and i did just that, you never told how long the break has to be ” she said earning a chuckle of Linda scowl face, the puffed eyes that was pleading for rest from all the late nights starve from sleep. ”June am being serious, your mess is yet to be clear ”

”like you said it my mess, so I get to clear it ” her voice scrub at the end.

”And how do you intend to do that? ” June sent her gaze to the plain window that shows way to the busy street, she grabbed a hard look at a girl that was getting a sweet mommy (candy) from a man in construction suit with his hands on his ears, the little girl rushed her arms on the man and laid a kiss on his forehead. Probably her dad who must have done wrong she thought. A quick quiz popped in her scheming mind, rewarding the lips to a thin spread.

”I know just how ” she said getting a tensed face from Linda, aware to her to where Junes ideas always ends. ”June, all am asking of you is to take a break and let others handle it. Plus Ive ”

”Let me have this chance, Ill set things right. When a child get angry at his or her parent then that parent has to apologize to med the relationship, so am gonna do the same. Ive hurt the public and the best is to be honest with them ,well not completely but a bit will do ” she said pulling a chair.

”Your idea is not awful but will you be able to gain the public trust?. Also Ive ”

”Linda ” the alerting door snatched the words from Lindas mouth, trapping the eyes on May that made an entrance. ”Im I intruding? ” May asked taking an eye on June, a bitter huffed squeezed out.

”Whats it? ” Linda question placing a recognition on the man behind May, she forward her steps to his direction. ” Mr Deen, its an honor to meet you ”.

”You?! ” Junes irritating voice took them by surprise.

”Whats he doing here? ”

”Why do you care?, hes my guest ” May informed, fencing a barrier between June and Mr Dave Deen. Nothing could go wrong more than what it was, her biggest nemesis was in the same room as her that too a guest of her work rival. It felt like the universe was against her.

”June meet Mr Dave Deen, a well known physiatrist. Hes guest in Mays show, he helps educate people on the show ” Linda explained to irrational June that wanted to scar his face behind those transparent lens. It was sure everytime she meets him something bad happens., hes that ill omened that she just won get rid of.

”Hello ” the euphonious voice caught the attention of all. Fainting her eyes on the girl that paused her legs on the door entrance, holding for welcome. Junes nails sank in her skin, gathering her breathe in haste. ”Why? ” the same eyes, that face she hasn gotten over even after many years.

”Oh, this is Samantha. She will be taking charge of your show ” cold as her feet were the news froze her heart .

Was her father not enough now her job?.

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