My Mr Physiatrist

Crying Helps(chapter Eight)


”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you ” the six years old June felt the warmth of her mothers palms on her cheeks. Their home was filled with guests from her school and community ,her joy couldn be content in awareness of both her parents came with the idea of celebrating her special day. Her favorite princesses were present in form of models that were hired to act the roles, the cheers of her friends and family lit her heart to a sunny flame.

”mom, wheres dad? ” little her asked her troubled mother that didn know how to picture the truth to her. It was her special day but her father was missing.

”Mom, you said dad was coming but it being hours and he hasn come nor has he called to wish me. ” It being known to her that her father was the first to wish her on her special day but that day was different.

”Honey I think your dad isn going to make it, hes busy with work so .. ” her moms words went blank with the chase of her childs feet to the man approaching. ”Dad ” her tiny arms wrapped it way on the framed chest. ”You
e late, my party started hours ago. I should have cut the cake but I refused to do so without you ” she explained to the ears that paid no heed.

”You know today was her special day, did you had come late? ” her mother scolded her father.

”we need to talk ” he said abruptly waving the arms of his daughter of him.

”Thomas ” a woman came front from his back with a child in her arms, little June took notice of her dads sudden worry for the young child, he grabbed her in his arms, rocking her to silence.

”You brought her mom? ” her mothers angry voiced hit her ears, ” you know what day is today and yet you brought you mistress and bastard child here?. wasn it enough that you bought a house for her you had to bring her to my house ”

”I wouldn have if it wasn important. Your brother is a doctor please talk to him to help. Samantha is sick, she has a hole in the heart and ” his lips froze in sound of the hands jamming together. ”Wow, you really are something. First you brought your bastard to ruin my daughters day and you expect a favour from me. Hear me clear i will never be at aid to you or your illegitimate child, she can die for all I care . Her death will be a redemption for her parents sins ” the harsh words fell on the man.

”Youve seized every asset I owned, am begging you save my daughter, please ” his head went down with his words

”And what of my daughter?, don you have any guilts towards her? ” June watched her fathers eyes set on her for seconds then flee on the three years old in his arms, with one last watch he set his feet for the exit with the woman behind him.



”Are you alright? ” He asked getting a hint of emotional distress from her, her body was squat on her knees, face shove in her folded arms. The flat sobs could be heard by him.

”Why is she back, isn enough that she took my father now she has to take my job? ” She said throwing her arms on him ”why, why is it always different in my case. When people sees me they see a tyrant, a mean person with lots of flaws, am not saying am perfect but I also deserve happiness . I only wanted his recognition, his apology but no his illegitimate daughter is here to take whats mine once again ” she crawled her face to the wall of the elevator. Perhaps he misunderstood her like others, she was a monster for sure but shes a monster with a heart, and he believes her past taught her to be a monster.

”I don know much about you but the few times we have met, Ive come to know you
e a fighter, you don let things get you down so easily ” his eyes assured her , her heart felt a warm of fireflies, the hope of someone believing in her. ”You
e being honest? ” Perhaps his words were genuine or he might being offering one of his counseling session to her, she looked devasted and as a professional physiatrist he couldn just set blind eyes to her state.

”Do you really need an assurance from me to get your fighting spirit up? ”.

His eyes traced as her hands helped her eye bags restored it beauty with the tissues and concealer ,her hand as it moved it way to the green bag that complement her heels. Grasping every moment of the red lipstick transform the lips to a full bloom rose. Shes an enticing beauty that he shouldn fall for, his mind cautioned averting his gaze to another direction,the second her gaze fell on him.

”Thanks for your motivation speech, but get this straight if I hear a word about this on anyones lips you
e dead. And this doesn make us friends, got it ” her legs stump out the elevator on it first stop, he leaned back scoping her body cat through the close door of the elevator.

Shes certain a time bomb.

The buzz of his phone snapped his brain from dream land, screwing his eyes on the phone, his finger tipped the green to the opposite direction.

”Code five hundred ” the voice came through

”Whats code five hundred? ” he asked a little irritated on his friends new found codes each passing day, he has gotten exhausted from all his codes and the meanings he has no time speared on them. The short black book of codes has no location in accords to his memory.

”Your mom is at the hospital and currently shes interviewing the nurses if they
e single and ready to mingle with you, her beloved son ” the call went dead with the words, throwing his feet to the chase he front for his car.

His legs reached for the reverse panel,throwing a loud crash from the back he pushed a stop to take a look.

”You again ” the high horse voiced spiked out the tiny mouth ”my beautiful baby ” she cried rubbing her hands against the bruise on her cars side. ”You monster look what youve done to my poor baby ” Junes hands fists in the air, halting from the sudden reflex of hitting his face. Jotting her pace forth and back she cracked out a loud grunt , ”Whys it every time I meet you trouble follows ” the words came out tightly through the jammed teeth.

”Im truly sorry but can we handle this later ” he requested reaching for his car door, her body quickly swift a fence to his agenda. ”Listen Mr you
e going no till my car is fixed, till then say bye to what ever project you have today ” her devilish lips went south and north in glimpse of his discomfort position.

”How about this,I pay damage fees. Cash or transfer ” he asked getting the

wallet from his back pocket.

”Both ”

”Excuse me ” he cocked his brow at her respond. ”You heard me, I want both. The transfer for my car damages and the cash for my cupcakes you destroyed ” his breath went high at the end of her statement , clenching his jaws at her high authority demands. The so call cupcakes weren ruined by him but her, she caused the fall and not him then why the hell should he pay.

”Your choice, you either pay or ”

”There you go ” his hand slapped the cash on her palm,taking his phone to transfer the money after a request for her account details.


”So whats your preference in men? ”

”Mom! ” Dave scolded out in sight of his mother with three nurses,his feet paced to their seats. ”Well hello there son. I was certain my arrival would reach to you ” the woman said watching at James who was hiding his face behind the Fe in his hands.

”What are you doing here mom?, You could have called me if you needed anything ” he said guiding his moms body to his office. ”Call you you said, do you ever pick my calls? ” Her green eyes looked at her son disappointedly

”That because am always busy the time your calls come in ” he excused himself from his moms scolds, aware to him he rejects her calls mostly caused she pressures him everytime they speak to get into a relationship and he isn just ready for such head ache.

” And what excuse will you give for not giving me a grandchild at this age? ”

”Im on it ” he honey robbed the ears to what it want to hears. For years she has been ringing it in his ears to give her a grandchild, it was expected as he is her only child and she wasn getting younger. Due to her late birth to her son she seeks companion at her age which her son can give due to his prefession.

”Dave am not asking much, my only request is to see you happy with somylu love. I want to see my grand kids before I die, plus you ain that young anymore, at your age it would be hard to find you a good match ” his face went baffled, thinking how old as he become, hes only thirty three and sure such age is the golden age.

”When you dropped the position of the CEO and chose your profession I understood your decision,as it was your rights. But this time I won sit and watch you waste your time on work when you should be finding sweet girl that will accept you ”.


”Ive wronged you all ,I should have been honest from the start. It true that I lack experience when it comes to my own relationships ” thin roll came dropping from her eyes to her chin, staring straight in the camera Infront of her she tried to keep compose of the emotional scene. Her show might have been given to her fathers illegitimate daughter but there was no way shes goinna sit and watch her conquer.

The show was hers and will continue to be so. ”Im not perfect,just like you I get mad and do shits, I act messy and stupid. Like you saw in the video, I talked of not believing in love and how stupid it was for people that believes in it. I just want to say am sorry, I said those words out of spit and was drunk yet still Ive to owe up to my deeds, its no excuse to my actions. Ive hurt you my dearest family, your trusts was what kept me going without it ”

”I think shes acting again ” a comment popped in the life stream chat

”I believe her, shes a human and we all makes mistake ”

”I think we should give her a second chance ”

”Second chance to lie to us again ”

”She doesn even believe in love, how can she be trusted to unite two souls when she lacks one ”

” Ill forgive her if she fines a true love ”.

What the hell, when she thought of the plan of apologizing she didn pictured it to go south. The best to her plan was getting majority on her side and boom her show is hers again, but no here they were plotting a love twist for her.

”Majority have agreed to forgive you when you finds a true love, that only we can trust you ”

Where the hell was she going to find a man, that too true love?. Who would love a character like her?.

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