My Mr Physiatrist

Be my Fake boyfriend (chapter nine)

”How the hell are you going to find a true love in such a short period? ” Dora screamed in her friends face who seemed to be lost in her own world, her fingers counts itself in repeats, capturing a light gasp of relief.

”What, have you cooked up one of your dramas again? ” Dora asked resting on the chair set to the dinning table ”not quite, knowing myself so well I would say it impossible to find me a true love ” her words sent relief to Dora,sending a plain smile to her twitching eyes, she was convinced a ready made plan has been cooked in Junes mind.

”Go on spill it ”

”I can find a true love that for sure, but I can get a fake true love boyfriend ” she offered with a creamy smile. Dora sighed evading the wild imagination of her friend. ”You
e impossible. You just got caught on one lie and you
e gonna form another ”

”It shows business this things happens. ” She said snapping her fingers at Dora.

”Im home ”

They faint their eyes on Jane, she trekked her legs to them. ”I hate work without you there ” her body laid smooth on her back. ”Lindas tantrum has gone max z ” she said folding her body up. It was much expected by the looks on Junes face, she knew of Lindas marital problems and is sure it was catching on to her. Her daughter leaving did not only shattered her, her ex husbands new girlfriend has been able to win her daughters heart, one which she couldn with all the years.

”So what were you discussing? ” Jane asked reading Doras face ”June ”

”Don give me those eyes, I haven done anything ” she defend

”Anyway, Linda had the HR investigate the leak of the video,soon well get to know who was behind it ” she informed strolling to her room.

”Don you dare do it? ” she threaten straighting her index finger at June ”Im off to the book store ”

”Right the store ” June drag her tongue on the words, with an emphasize on the store. Dora stings her a shut up eyes and jumped into the low sneaker. ”Say hi to Edward for me ” her legs went dancing for seconds on Junes request, her hands tighten on the book in her arm as she exhaled to a relief.

Her closeness with the store owner has grew by, she speaks little of it but within she is glad to meet someone like her, one that understands her and loves what shes doing. At first she wasn certain but now shes sure hes the one. He might not be a business tycoon as her parents hoped for their future son in law but he sure is the tycoon to her heart and they just have to make do with him.

”Very funny. Ill extend your greetings …and also theres nothing going on between us ” she cleaned the slate before sending her body through the door.

”Theres nothing going on between us ” she mocking Doras voice and action. ”Im sure to know love when I see one ”.


”Your third date has arrive ” James crippled chuckles Peirce Daves ears,he stood from his seat to meet his number third dates. After the conversation with his mom the other day he gave his words to attend the blind dates she set for him, but if he had know there were this many people then he would have broke his poor mothers heart again. The continuous meet with the ladies sent irritation to his spine.

Most were there for his family wealth , others had high demands and expectations of their so call future husband. One had demanded her husband should get her an expensive phone on their every date out, the other wants a marriage of seven years without child,after her date she would consider whether to have a one or not.

”Hello, Dr Deen right? ” The lady asked getting a nod from him, ”Im Lizzy your next in line blind date ” she joke getting a reward off his face. He offered the seat and they both occupied the available space made for him in the canteen. ”Is this your first time?, blind dating ” she crooked a brow at him for a respond.

”With a mother like mine it impossible for it to be my first ” he confirmed having her eyes spiked on each edge. Unlike the other dates she look nice, he sure isn ready for a committed relationship but she definitely would make one fine wife .

”Not my first either my mom always guilts me in starting a family,so I gave in. What do you look for in a woman? ”

”She should be decent,not be rude doesn has temper,honest and respect my privacy ” he detailed out skipping his mind in thoughts of June,their first meet and her every traits that he stands against in a woman which is in her.

”What of you ” his hand lend aid to his lips,the hot tea in a cold day sends the body to warmth.

”I don ask much, he just has to love me ” Lizzy said with a smile, with a second look the dark gloves came in notice of her with the tissue he used earlier to clean the cup he was holding. ”You allergy to dist? ” She thought through

”No, just a usual habit ” he brush it over with a white lie. Yes he should be honest but it was a first day and he doesn want her to run off, not specially when he likes her calm behavior.

”Im guessing this date went well,so let have a second ” she root out with a card from her bag ” my friends are having a party tonight, will you be my date? ”.


”Do you think a busy person like me would have time to watch your life stream ” Linda asked June that is in her office once again, she just won let what she worked years for be taken away just like that.

”You know me Linda when I set my mind on something I go a through out to get it. Im giving up on my show, Ive worked my ass off to get it where it is ”

”And you also set it to flames ” Linda augured back

”Yes, but am fixing it. Im owning up to my mistakes. ”

”Samantha is young and talented trust me youll get along just fine with her ” sharing her show with her is out of the question ,she doesn wants to see her face even. Everything about Samanthas feature is a copy of her mother, the copy that has been haunting her for years, that copy that stole everything from her.

”I don need her to run my show, I can do just fine without out her young talent ” her voice protest.

”How about this, get to meet her once and have a conversation with her, if you still find it hard to work with her well find you a new show to run ”.

”And have her run my show?, no ” she firmly said staring straight at Linda. She could have share or walked away if it was anyone else but not her, she couldn lose to her,not this time. ”Im not leaving my show for her, if anyone leaves that would be her. Find the new show for her, Bring love to life is my show ” she stayed earning the respect from Linda, with every closed look she sees herself in her.

Not many people knows but to be on the top and owner of the top company in the country she worked her butt off. She worked as a low back reporter for years ,before having enough to join a show company. To rank up she did mistakes she wished to never recall , her past is a dark history.

”Okay, you have a week to boost the show to a new ranking and it yours again ” Linda strike the deal with a return to her seat ”till then can I have my office to myself ? ”.

The silver lining in her case is more like a thin lining,either way her heart was pleased the show is hers, well until a week. Sending her heels to the exit of the outer door ,her hands ruffled the edges of her dress with a deep stare on the man Infront of her. ”Dad ” a whisper came through the rose lips

Is this for real?, is her father Infront of her?. The face is the same even with the beard of white grown, his eyes still as calm as ever. Has he come to rectify his wrong?, to tell how much he missed her and would do anything to have her back in her life?. The best of her heart echoes in her ears as she stump her legs towards him.

”Dad ” her opened arms were dejected with the brush of his body to the person behind, cuddling his arms around her. ”Dad ” Samantha called feeing the love of her fathers touch, her teeth showing its glow out . ”What
e you doing here? ” She asked getting a seize from his embrace ”I wanted to surprise my beautiful darling daughter ” he said pulling her nose ”dad ”.

Junes hands dropped dead in sight of the scene,her body lost of weight she watch his arms warmly embraced Samantha while hers was denied any access. Her hand erased the first drop from her eyes, coaching her heart to rest.

Has he forgotten her, couldn he recognized her?, she was right infront of him yet he chose his illegitimate daughter over her once again. This was how she pictured their first meet will be after the years, she had hope for him to recognize his little girl and hd her in his arms but..

Pushing her legs forward she grabbed a seat in her car, dropped her head on the steer wheel tearing her heart out. ”Why?, why did you have to hurt me again?. You couldn even recognize me, once again you chose her over me ” her voiced cracked through the shivering lips.


”You look good ” Lizzy complement Daves looks in suit and tie that worked in one with her outfit. She smiles in catch of his discomfort to her touch on his hand. ”Thank you for coming ” she said getting his attention on her.

She can gladly thank James, he compelled him tl attend the party and got the suit ready with all his excuses to evade.

”Shall we ” they made an entrance with full eyes on them. The first to catch was the change of event, he clearly recalls her saying it a casual party but the glamour gowns and masks plainly states for a ball. The touch of hands and twirling of feet on floor, glasses kissed together.

”Hi, wow is he your date ” a lady approached Dave and Lizzy ”hes hot ” she continues with a wink of her left eye. ”Dave meet a friend of mine,and this is Dr Dave Deen a physiatrist ” Lizzy introduce, with her friends hand forward for a shake but quickly popped it down with a wary smile. ”He has a unique style that for sure ”

”I see you brought my replacement ” the awkwardness was swipe in with the husky voice, sending their eyes on the man with glass of wine in his hand. ”Hi am Sheriff, her ex boyfriend ” the insecurities came with the introduction and hard stare.

”What do you want? ” Lizzy asked getting irritated

”Nothing,just want to see who you
e replacing me with. He is not bad, just that the lens makes him look old and out of style ” he provokes

”Do you know you constantly move your legs while talking? ” Dave said to him, having him to pin his feet still. ”It shows your lack of confidence in yourself, you
e trying to appear intimidating with your taunts, staging out my flaws to make you look mighty ”

”Who the hell do you think you
e ” he said clenching his fist

”Dr Dave Deen, a physiatrist and also specialist in anger management ” he said on firm legs , grabbing a scene of his fallen egos.

”You think you
e mighty, just do you know she only went yl that blind date because I broke up with her. Her mom has been pressuring her for months but she never went, you
e only here because of me. Shes using you tl make me jealous ” he burst out

”And it working ” Dave said catching his phone from his pocket, scrolling tl the green of the incoming call.

”Yes ” without a word he left the ball.


”Give me another ” she ordered with a slam of her hand on the counter ”ma I can give you anymore ” the poor bartender decline. To cure her heart she came to seek refuge in a close by bar, everyone has had enough of her. She kicked a man that was screaming at a woman and broke many bottles,her rants of her sore heart wouldn rest.

”Mis June ” she faced the man , the bar owner quickly scram to him ”are you her boyfriend? ” he asked getting a sore eyes from Dave. ”It doesn matter, you have to pay for a the loss she has caused me ” the man continued, revealing a long list of things.

”It you ” june said disappointedly. He hd her body down to the stool and snatched the bottle from her hand. He still doesn know why he came to the call, the owner had called him on Junes phone to come pick her up, without a protest she came to her aid. ”Mis June you
e drunk so stay still ”

”Drunk, am not drunk, you
e drink mad man ” she said with a pinch on his cheeks, her dull laughter rose sweet melody to his heart. ”You look cute this way ” she continued playing with his cheeks.

”Mr, please pay her bills ”

He grabbed his card from his pocket and hands it to the plump man that was worlds in heaven.

”Let get you home ”

”I don want to go home, I only get sad when am home but am happy here. No one wants me, am the bad egg ” she said closing her arms in locks ”you ain a bad egg, out there am sure theres that man to love for who you
e ”

Her eyes went for his, pulling his body to hers, she run her arms on shoulder and back, bringing her lips to his. She grabbed a depth of his lower lip to her teeth, granting out a groan, she suck in for his upper lip breathing in space for him to rule his pace on her.

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