My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 100: The Four Clans of Vampire Counts. 2

Yes, indeed. They ’re called many names, vampire counts, the pillars of vampire society, the king ’s trusted families, super vampires.

They have many names that the masses give them, but they are better known as:

The Four Clans of Vampire Counts.

Being only one rank below the king, they are an essential part of vampire society, and, being an essential part of vampire society, they have important duties that are divided into four main subjects.

Military defense, war, economic affairs, and domestic affairs.

The Adrasteia Clan, located in the West, is responsible for military defense. They are the king ’s shield. They are a strong warrior clan specializing in the art of warfare. Despite holding an important position like this, their Clan is located in a very remote area, and they are very far from the royal capital.

Few know why this Clan is so far removed from civilization, but as part of the Four Counts, they are highly respected by the entire Vampire community.

The Scarlett Clan is located in the north, a region with a cooler climate and an abundance of trees. Just like the Clan Adrasteia, Clan Scarlett lives in a very isolated area from society, and the countess does not have a capital that she takes care of. The reason for this is Countess Scathach Scarlett herself.

Possessor of the title of being the strongest female vampire, she single-handedly supports an entire vampire Count Clan, she doesn ’t need many subordinates, she doesn ’t need a city to manage, she just needs herself.

Clan Scarlett is responsible for matters of war. If Clan Adrasteia is the king ’s shield, Clan Scarlett is the king ’s spear. In cases of emergency, such as a possible enemy invasion, it is Scathach Scarlett who must assume the role of general and lead a counterattack.

East of Nightingale, a milder place, and in what always seems to be autumn, there is a city that is managed by the Horseman Clan. This is where products like ’blood crystals ’ are created and sold to all vampires.

Previously, this territory belonged to Clan Fulger, but due to Clan Fulger ’s recent defeat by Clan Horseman. All authority in this city has been passed to the Horseman Clan.

Responsible for the domestic affairs of the vampire world, the Clan Horseman is behind all the ’food ’ in this world.

In the south, a more tropical place with slightly warmer climates and plenty of beaches is where the Snow Clan resides.

Clan Snow is responsible for the economic affairs of the entire vampire world, it is they who trade/control the entire economy of the vampire world, and it is they who support small noble families to grow.

Without Clan Snow ’s permission, you can ’t do business in the vampire world, and you don ’t want to stand against this family. Possessing the rare power of fire control, they can burn any disobedient vampire to ashes.

And they are also the only vampire clan that can walk peacefully in the sunlight, and because of that very special characteristic, they are also involved in international politics. They are the ones who trade and come into contact with other races and the vampire community who live in the world of humans when the situation is needed.

After all, for vampires who live in the human world, Nightingale is heaven on earth for them.

Despite having so many powers in the vampire world, vampire count clans cannot make major decisions without the direct approval of the king.

Like it or not, they are servants of the king, and few dare openly challenge the king ’s sovereignty, the only being… Wrong, the only woman mad enough to do this is Scathach Scarlett.

And despite openly challenging his sovereignty several times, the king does nothing. Why? Scathach Scarlett is just that important… her knowledge, her experience, and especially her power can greatly help vampire society as a whole.

And this woman was having a very interesting meeting now…

In a mansion located slightly in the center of Nightingale ’s territory, a meeting was taking place.

”Where is my son-in-law? ”

A woman wearing a rather noble white dress spoke, she had pale skin like all vampires, long blonde hair, and blue eyes, she looked very much like her sister Victoria Rider.

This woman ’s name was Annasthashia Fulger, the birth mother of Sasha Fulger and former holder of the title of vampire count.

”Bitch, what are you doing here? Why don ’t you go back to your husbands? Your hole must be feeling lonely right now. ” Said a woman wearing spandex pants, a black shirt with an animal coat, and small black glasses on her face.

She has long white hair and golden eyes, she is Agnes Snow, the birth mother of Violet Snow.

”Oh~? ” The woman flashed a small smile, ”But if I ’m going back to my husband ’s, I ’m going to bring your husband along with me too. The poor bastard must be bored with just having you as a wife. ”

”Bitch… ” Agnes ’ golden eyes seemed to be glowing brightly, the room around her started to get warmer.

’Hehehe~ So easy. ’ Annasthashia thought. She knew how to deal with Agnes. After all, this woman had a sick obsession with her husband, and if she just mentions her husband ’s name a few times, she ’ll be pissed off.

The room suddenly got colder, and Agnes flashed a small smile:

”Airport chest. ”

”Huh!? ” A vein popped in Annasthashia ’s head.

”Isn ’t it? With your attractiveness, you could never conquer a man, and, because of that, you have to kidnap them. After all, you don ’t have confidence in your own appearance! ” Agnes wrapped her arm around her chest like she was showing off how big she was.

”Haaah! At least I ’m not a dairy cow who has insecurities with her relationship! Because you are afraid, right? You ’re afraid your precious ’Darling ’ will be stolen by other women! ”

”Huuuh!? ” A vein popped in Agnes ’ head.

”HaHaHa~ ” Hearing a familiar chuckle, the two women looked at the woman who was sitting on an ice throne elegantly.

”You guys never change, huh? ” Scathach wore a mocking little smile.

”Humpf! ” The two snorted and turned away.

”How long do you think it will take them to fight again, William? ” A white-haired, violet-eyed man wearing a white suit asked the man beside him. The two of them were sitting on a sofa a little way from the three women.

”Hard to say, considering Natasha and Agnes are like cat and dog. ” The man replied, he had short blond hair and green eyes and was wearing a medieval nobleman ’s garb.

This man ’s name is William Salvatore Florence, he is Annasthashia ’s first husband, and he is also Sasha Fulger ’s biological father.

And Natasha was what he called his wife since her name was too long.

”Indeed. ” Adonis, Violet ’s father, agreed.

William looked at Adonis out of the corner of his eye; ’Has he become more beautiful? ’

Adonis ignored William ’s gaze and looked at Scathach; ’She ’s still beautiful as ever…. ’ He flashed a gentle little smile.

He felt very grateful for Scathach because it was this woman who saved him from a very precarious situation in the past…

”Darling…? ” Agnes suddenly looks at Adonis with a dangerous look.

”What is it, Honey? ” He continued to smile with the same gentle smile. Like a war veteran, he knew very well how to treat a woman…especially the crazy ones like Agnes.

”Hmm… ” Agnes continued looking at Adonis for some time, seeing that his smile was going to her, she felt satisfied but was still suspicious, ”Nothing… ”

Agnes ’ instincts were on high alert, she knows that Adonis feels something for Scathach. Considering, the suspension bridge effect must have been activated when he was saved by this crazy woman in the past, and because of that, she didn ’t let her guard down!

’Tsk, I didn ’t want to bring my Darling to this place… ’ Agnes grumbled.

”Where is my son-in-law? ” Annasthashia asked again.

Scathach looked at Annasthashia with a neutral gaze, ”Natasha, do you intend to take back your title of vampire count? ”

”Huuh? ” Natasha didn ’t understand Scathach ’s question, she just wanted to know about her son-in-law!

”Answer my question. ”

”… ” Natasha continued looking at Scathach for a few seconds, then she replied:

”I ’ll take it back in the future… ”

”Hmm. ” She made a confirming sound, she seemed to be thinking of something.

”Satisfied? Now, where is my son-in-law? ” Her eyes sparkled with curiosity, she saw Victor ’s performance in the arena, and the way he used her Clan ’s lightning power, the way he dominated his opponent, made her very curious! Not to mention that man has the powers of the three clans!

’Why did my beloved daughter hide him from me? ’ Natasha asked herself.

She totally forgot about Tatsuya, her sister ’s son.

”That ’s something I want to know too… Who would have thought that boy would become that… ” Agnes ’ eyes were similar to Natasha ’s, and they were sparkling with curiosity.

Initially, she had no interest in Violet ’s new ’toy ’, but seeing this man in action… totally stunned her! A vampire who can use all three powers! And perfectly! Her curiosity was running wild, she wanted to know more about him!

”… ” Scathach rests her head in her hand and looks at the two women with a bored face.

”…I ’m feeling this is going to end badly…. ” Adonis muttered.

William, who heard the words of Adonis internally, began to prepare himself to flee at any time from this place as quickly as possible. He didn ’t want to be caught in the crossfire of these crazy women!

Even though one of these crazy women was his wife, he didn ’t want to get in the middle of a possible fight between these women. Although he is sure that in the end, Scathach would win the fight.

It ’s not that he doesn ’t trust his wife… It ’s just that he can ’t imagine Scathach losing a fight; that woman is just on another level.

Scathach held up a finger, ”First, he is not your son-in-law. He is MINE. Only mine. ”

”Huh…? ”

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