My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 102: Ruby introduces a new world.

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Unaware that his in-laws and mothers-in-law are quite interested in him, Victor was sitting in a bathtub enjoying his shower, the way he came into the world, and was enjoying the hot bath while singing a song.

”HmmmHmmHmm ”  Of course, he didn ’t dare sing the song out loud since he wasn ’t confident that his singing voice was pleasant.

He might be a lot of things, a battle nut, a man who has a taste for women with pretty dubious personalities, a little clueless about things around him, but he wasn ’t a singer.

But for the curious who are wondering what song he is singing, the song is called; Imagine, by John Lennon.

Victor ’s tastes in music were quite eclectic. If he listens to the beat and thinks it ’s good, he ’ll like it. It doesn ’t matter if he doesn ’t understand the music; he ’s a simple man. But, despite having eclectic tastes in music, the music he listened to most when he went to school was Rock.

”Master. ” He heard Kaguya ’s voice.

”Umu? ” He looked at the maid who was in the bathroom with him, and, despite being in the bathroom, the maid was still dressed in a maid ’s uniform.

”What is Kaguya? ”

”Master, you lack common sense. ” Kaguya got right to the point, she knows that in order to talk to Victor, she shouldn ’t waste time beating around the bush. She must be honest.

”What were you thinking about going to the bathroom with Pepper? ” She knows he had no perverted intentions, which is something she likes a lot, but it ’s still inappropriate! Luckily, Siena managed to prevent a tragedy from happening. And Pepper is also very clueless! She didn ’t realize Victor was with her!?

”Oh, what about it? ”

”… ” Kaguya was speechless when she saw him treating it so casually. What if his wives find out!? Imagine the chaos that will ensue!

”Hahahaha~, don ’t look at me like that. ” Victor laughed amusedly.

”Master… ” Kaguya started to speak, but Victor interrupted.

”To be honest. ” He started creating small ice structures in the bathtub, something he did when he was bored during Scathach training, and it also served as a way to train ice control.

”I wasn ’t thinking about anything. ”

”… ” Of course, he wasn ’t thinking about anything… Kaguya felt like sighing again.

”I just do what I want, and at that point, I didn ’t think too deeply. I admit I was wrong, considering it could cause a problem with my wives, which is something I don ’t want. ”

”… ” Kaguya nodded several times in agreement, she felt she was teaching her master common sense.

”I think I ’m very used to Scathach… ”

”Hmm? ” Kaguya looked at Victor; ’Scathach again!? Just how much has this woman influenced you? ’

”What does the master mean? ” She decided to look deeper.

”Basically, I lived six months with Scathach, and in those months, we lived without worrying about anything.

”Huh? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand.

Realizing he didn ’t explain very well, he elaborated, ”What I mean is that we lived with only two thoughts in mind, training, and fighting. We didn ’t care about little things like; ’what will the other person think ’, or ’is this the right thing to do? ’ ”

”Oh. ” Kaguya understood now. Basically, he lived simply for six months and ended up getting used to that reality; ’Probably, my master just trained until he was tired, then he rested, and went back to training. He didn ’t think of little things that could get in the way of his training. ’

’And I think Scathach did it on purpose… ’ Could this be the secret of his sudden increase in strength? That ’s what she thought.

After all, Kaguya remembers that she never trained as intensely as Victor, she did a little combat training, but her main training was how to be a perfect maid.

”And for you, it may have been six months, but for me… I feel like it was a lot longer than that. ”

”Hmm? ” Seeing her master ’s strange expression, she thought, ’Maybe because he was so focused on training, he felt like he spent too much time? ’

Kaguya was curious, she wanted to know more about what happened during the six months. How did he get so strong? She clearly remembered that six months ago, he was much weaker than her:

”How was your training? ”

”… My training? ”

”Yes. ”

”Well… I was basically beaten to death several times, I was tortured, and whenever I did something wrong, Scathach pointed it out to me, and when she judged by her standards that I learned something, she taught me something else. . ”

”… ” Kaguya was speechless. Wasn ’t this basically a form of torture!?

”… And how did you get stronger? ” That alone didn ’t explain the sudden increase in strength.

”Hmm? I do not know? I just did it. Oh, I got plenty of rest too, and when I was hungry, I drank Scathach ’s blood. ”

”… ” An uncomfortable silence descended over the ridiculously huge bathroom.


Kaguya swore to herself that she would keep it a secret. After all, it ’s the duty to maid ’s hide her master ’s dirty secrets!

What she didn ’t know was that Victor didn ’t care if she was going to tell someone or not, considering it wasn ’t a secret or something.

Wait… Blood? Suddenly Kaguya noticed something. ’Can it be? ’ After all, she knows that Victor ’s blood is special, she even witnessed her former master Violet increasing her strength little by little when she drank his blood.

”Just out of curiosity, how many times have you taken Scathach ’s blood? And how many times has Scathach taken your blood? ”

”Hmmmm, ” Victor crossed his arms and began to think deeply.

Somehow Kaguya was waiting to hear about this, she couldn ’t contain her curiosity.

After a few minutes of thinking, he said:

”I don ’t know? ”

”…Ugh. ” She wanted to scream now! Is he serious!? What was that suspense? Despite wanting to scream, she avoided it since this was inappropriate behavior for a perfect maid.

”But I remember this happened many times after I learned about my own power. ”

”Oh… So Master sucked Scathach ’s blood over and over again. ”

”Yes. ”

”She also sucked your blood over and over again. ”

”Yes. ”

”And while you sucked each other ’s blood, you hugged each other the way you came into the world, you licked each other ’s necks, you got turned on, and you indulged in each other ’s lusts. ”

”Yes…Wait! ”

”… ” Kaguya just looked at her master with a dry look.

If a look could kill, Victor would already be dead from the look of Kaguya.

Realizing he had fallen into Kaguya ’s trap, Victor exhibited a helpless little smile:

”I never thought I had such a perverted maid. ”

”Eh…? ” Kaguya ’s face got a little embarrassed.

”But don ’t worry, my maid. I will keep this secret to myself. ”

”Ugh… ” Kaguya somehow became more embarrassed, especially when she heard Victor say, ’My maid. ’ She quickly turned her face away and ignored her hateful master!

”Hahaha~ ” Victor laughed amusedly and said, ”Just to fix something. ”

”The part of; ’You gave yourselves to each other ’s lusts ’ didn ’t happen. ”

Still embarrassed, she looked at her master, ”But the other parts happened, right? ”

”Well, I needed to help my mother-in-law, or I would suffer more than necessary… ” Victor remembers that when Scathach cured her bloodlust, he didn ’t suffer as much in training as he did in the beginning, and he just had the members of his body cut-off, just that…

Hey, at least his guts were still in his body, sometimes…

”Hmm. ” Kaguya continued to stare at her master.

Coming out of the bath with only a towel covering his intimacy, Victor looked at Kaguya with a small smile on his face and lifted his arms:

”Do your magic. ”

”… ” Kaguya displayed a small satisfied smile on her face.

Slowly, her body begins to be covered by darkness, and soon she passes through Victor ’s body, and in less than a few seconds, Victor was dressed in a black suit.

”Whistle. ”

”As expected of you. ” He displayed a satisfied smile, and he also noticed something very different from the other times. Now he could clearly see what Kaguya had done. ’I think this is proof that I ’ve gotten stronger? ’ he thought jokingly.

”At your service, My Master. ” She bowed in a gesture of respect as she had a smile on her face.

”Come on, I have a date today. ”

”I don ’t think it ’s a good idea…. ” Kaguya said.

”Hmm? ”

”Lady Violet won ’t like anyone else on her date. I should stay home. ”

”Oh, that ’s true. ” Victor nodded.

”Master, what happened to your wine red suit? ”

”Oh, I have a lot of suits now. Most are black or red, or wine red. ”

”Did you buy these suits? ”

”I didn ’t buy it, but, when I went back to my room, I saw these suits in the closet with a letter that said, ’It ’s a gift, stupid disciple. ’ ”

”Scathach… ” Kaguya felt like sighing now.

”Yes. ” Victor chuckled a little when he saw Kaguya ’s expression that showed she wanted to sigh at any moment. He was understanding his maid better now as time went on.

He looks at the small table and sees a pair of white gloves with a magic circle stamped on them, and takes the gloves and puts them on.

After putting on the gloves, he clenches his fists, and when he does, the red magic circle seems to glow blood red:

”Good. ” He nodded in satisfaction.

”… ” Kaguya was silent at this demonstration, she was a little curious about these gloves, she knows it ’s a magic tool, but she doesn ’t know what the purpose is.

Victor turned and walked out of the bathroom, ”Tell my wife I ’m waiting for her in front of the mansion, my maid. ”

”Yes, master. ”


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