My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 104: An unforgettable day.

even be his wives.

”… ” Violet bit her lip, she seemed to make a difficult face, ”Would you be happy if you had met me sooner? ”

”Of course. ” He didn ’t even waste time before answering.

”… ” Violet opened her eyes, a little surprised.

”Hahaha~. ” He chuckled playfully and caressed Violet ’s face, ”My dear wife, you have a special place in my heart… ” But, despite having said that, he felt an immense pain in his chest as he thought more deeply about this subject. He felt his heart was stabbed by a dagger and felt incomplete…

Just imagining him away from Ruby and Sasha made him very sad. He could no longer imagine being away from his wives.

Ruby was a cold woman who didn ’t seem to care about anyone but who hid a sweet side that wanted to help everyone close to her.

He still chuckles in amusement when he remembers the little outburst of rage she had, she was quite cute.

Sasha was a noble and reckless woman who, because of the environment she grew up in, suffered a lot. A strong, noble, gentle, sadistic woman who, at the same time, was a very fragile woman who hides several insecurities in her heart.

His chest tightened, and he felt an immense pain when he remembered how she cried in his arms for the loss of the woman who was a mother to her.

”I ’m happy~ ” Violet ’s smile grew, but then a frown appeared on her face, as she felt a strange feeling in her heart, ”But I ’m also angry for some reason. ”

Yes, it would be great if she had Victor all to herself! It would be a dream gift! But… She feels that she would miss something very important in the process.

”Ugh… ” She couldn ’t figure out what this ’important ’ something she was going to miss.

Victor displayed a gentle smile, and he leaned his head against Violet ’s forehead.

”Don ’t think nonsense. In the end, that ’s just a ’What if ’. ”

”A useless subject. ” Violet laughed, she seemed to relax a little more.

”Indeed. ” Victor agreed.

He looked at Violet ’s neck, and he felt his throat go dry. ’I forgot to feed… ’ After the fight with Big Guy, Victor didn ’t feed, and the effects are starting to show up now.

Sensing her husband ’s wishes, Violet displayed a seductive smile, and slowly, she began to unbutton her clothes.


Victor gulped in anticipation.

Unbuttoning her outfit completely, Violet shows off her neck, ”Come, Darling. ”

Wasting no time, Victor ’s fangs seemed to grow, and soon he bit her neck!

”Ahh~ ” Violet moaned a little and squeezed Victor ’s neck tighter.

Violet ’s eyes slowly began to glow blood red, her body began to get hot.

Soon, the teeth in her mouth change, and small fangs appear, and wasting no time, she bites Victor ’s neck!

’Darling~ ’

The couple continued to suck each other ’s blood for a few minutes.

Having finished drinking Violet ’s blood, Victor starts licking her neck so as not to waste a drop.

Violet stops drinking Victor ’s blood, licks Victor ’s neck a little, then she looks into Victor ’s eyes.

”Darling~, I can ’t wait any longer. ” Hearing Violet ’s voice that sounded like a Succubus that was trying to seduce him.

Victor ’s eyes flashed red, and he spoke in a heavy voice that made Violet a little wet.

”… Me either. ”

Suddenly, he hugs Violet and lifts her up like a princess.

”Darlin- ”

”Be careful not to bite your tongue. ”

He jumped somewhere.

”!!? ” Violet didn ’t understand this sudden move, but all she did was hug Victor tighter.

And just like before, Victor creates a small piece of ice in the air and uses it as a boost.

After some jumps, he landed on a balcony of a building.

”W-What? ”

”Who are you!? ”

A man and a woman who appeared to be a couple were shocked by Victor ’s sudden appearance.

Victor ’s eyes met the man ’s and the woman ’s, then he made a silent gesture, ”Shhh. ”

”Huh…? ” Their eyes went dead.

”It ’s okay… Everything ’s okay, right? ”

”Yes… ”

”Good. ” Victor smiled, satisfied, and soon he gave the orders, ”Enjoy the Paris night together and sleep in another hotel. You can be back here in 48 hours. ”

”Yes, Master. ” The two spoke at the same time, and soon they left the room.

When Victor and Violet heard the sound of the door closing.

Their eyes seemed to glow brighter.

Violet steps out of Victor ’s arms, grabs Victor ’s clothes, and pulls. ”Darling~! ”

Not caring about his clothes that were torn, Victor pulled Violet and started kissing her, while the two began to fight a different fight in the room, and without realizing it…


They hit the wall.

”Darling~! Darling~ ”! ” Violet started tearing at Victor ’s clothes.

Victor ’s smile grows, but he doesn ’t do the same as Violet, he removes her clothes more carefully, he knows that Violet loves the clothes she is wearing a lot, after all, if she didn ’t love these clothes, she wouldn ’t go for their date in the same outfit they met, right?

When the two were as they came into the world, Victor lifted Violet like a princess and placed her carefully on the bed.

”Will you become mine, Violet? ” He lightly stroked her face.

Violet displayed the prettiest smile Victor had ever seen in his life.

”My Darling… My lovely husband…. ”

”I am already yours… ”


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