My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 106: Memories from the past.

While Victor and Violet were enjoying their time together.

Some unexpected visitors showed up at Scathach ’s mansion.

”M-Mother? ” Sasha, who was wearing a white sweatshirt and white pants, spoke.

”Hello, My Daughter~. ” Natasha, Sasha ’s mother, exhibited a small smile.

”We came to visit you. ” The voice of a man beside Natasha was heard.

”Even my father. ” Sasha was speechless at what she was witnessing.

”Where is my daughter? ” Agnes looked around curiously, her eyes darting around the mansion, looking for Violet.

”Hmm… ” Adonis looked around curiously, while his violet eyes were glowing with curiosity; ’So this is that woman ’s mansion… it ’s quite common. ’ He expected something more… scary.

”Why are you standing at the door? Are you porters? Just go in! ” Scathach kicked the group in the back.

”Ugh. ” The group moaned. Wasn ’t this woman too rude? They are counts/ex-counts, do you know?

”Why did you do that!? ” Agnes asked.

”Because I wanted to? ” Scathach did not understand Agnes ’ question.

”Ugh, irrational woman. ”

”… ” Adonis was silent, but inside he was laughing at that irony. ’Can a woman who is a hedonist, who does whatever she wants to, say something about it? ’

But as an experienced man, he didn ’t dare say it out loud since he didn ’t want to wake up looking like the living dead the next day…

”Mother… ” Ruby sighed while doing a facepalm when she saw her mother ’s attitude. She was wearing an outfit similar to Sasha, with the only difference being that the coloring of her clothes was more red and black. Considering she was at home, she liked to be as comfortable as possible.

”What? ” Scathach looked at her daughter as if she didn ’t understand what she ’d done wrong.

”Nothing. ” Ruby knew it was useless to try to say anything.

Hearing the commotion in front of the mansion, Maria, Kaguya, Yuki, Natalia, Siena, Lacus, and June, who managed to escape possible torture, appeared.

”Mother, you ’re back! ” Pepper smiled happily.

”Mother, welcome back. ” Siena spoke as she looked at the group and thought; ’This is the first time I have seen the three counts together other than in a meeting with the king himself … ’

”Mother. ” Lacus gave a little wave as she had a small smile on her face.

”I ’m back… ” Scathach exhibited a gentle little smile.

”Countess Agnes!? ” Yuki opened her mouth in shock.

”Hmm? Oh, Yuki. You arrived at a good time since, because of a certain someone, my maid cannot enter the mansion. ” Agnes looked at Scathach for a few seconds.

”Do you think I like having so many people in my mansion? Look around, with a brief count, there are more than 10 people in this mansion, and if I gave permission, you would bring half of your employees to this mansion. After all, you are very lazy. ”

”Well… ” Agnes turned her face away and said nothing because she knew Scathach was correct.

”Anyway, since I ’m without a maid, you ’ll serve as my maid for a while. ”

”Yes, Countess Agnes. ” Yuki wasn ’t against it, considering she is a maid of Clan Snow, and Agnes is the leader of her clan.

”Speaking of people… ” Scathach looked at June as if sizing her up and, seeing the plethora of magical items, she understood what this woman was:

”Who are you, Witch? ”

”W-Well. ” June gulped, she just ran away from being tortured by that monster ’s daughters, and now the monster itself is going to torture her!? The world is cruel! She ’s just a greedy witch! She never hurt anyone!

She was already thinking of bad things that would happen to her if Scathach got her hands on her. She would suffer this and that, and this demonic woman would probably even bathe in her blood.

’I do not want! ’ June froze and, despite wanting to run away, she couldn ’t move as she stared into Scathach ’s red eyes.

”Why did she freeze? ” Scathach didn ’t understand. She just asked a question.

”Well, that ’s what happens when you stare at people with your red eyes, ” Natasha spoke.

”Huh? ” Scathach touched her face, then walked to the mirror and saw her eyes were red, suddenly she felt her throat go dry. ’Why didn ’t I feel symptoms right away? Did I ignore them while I was angry? ’

”Those eyes can be quite intimidating for someone younger. ” William, Sasha ’s father, continued.

”Indeed… ” Adonis nodded in agreement, even he felt scared sometimes.

”She is my daughter ’s hired witch. Don ’t worry, she ’s trustworthy, ” Agnes said.

”… Agnes. ” Scathach looked at Agnes and wanted to sigh at such idiocy.

”What? ”

”Witches are never to be trusted. ” Scathach spoke dryly.

”I know. But she can be. After all, she ’s too scared to do something. ” Agnes ’ golden eyes sparkled a little as she looked at June. ”Right? ” She smiled with a gentle smile.

”Yes, Yes! I am a trustworthy witch! I almost shit myself a few seconds ago, but it ’s okay! ” June ’s eyes were rolling, and she didn ’t even understand what she had just said.

”… ” Everyone was speechless when they heard what June said.

”Ugh… So much chaos. ” Kaguya spoke in a low voice.

”Well, you get used to it. ” Luna appeared beside Kaguya. Her eyes were dead tired, and she seemed to have been through a lot.

”Where were you? ” Maria asked.

”Working… something you should do. ”

”I ’m not your maid; I ’m Lady Sasha ’s. ”

”Oh? ” Natasha ’s eyes sparkled when they heard Maria ’s words.

”… Fuck. ” Maria understood that she had just dug her own grave.

”New maid, huh? ”

”What happened to Julia? ” Natasha looked at her daughter.

”…A lot has happened, Mother. But you probably wouldn ’t mind. ”

Hearing her daughter ’s venomous tone, she said, ”You ’re right, but I ’m curious, what happened to Julia? ”

”… She died… ”

”Oh? That ’s a shame, but it ’s a good thing you got yourself another maid. ” Soon she lost interest and started looking around, ”Where is your husband? ” She avoided saying the phrase ’my son-in-law ’ since she knows that somehow that phrase made Scathach angry.

Sasha clenched her hands tightly while her green eyes slowly changed to blood red. She was angry! She knew her mother was like that! She knew… But even knowing that, it doesn ’t make her any less hateful.

Ruby walks up beside Sasha and holds her hand.

Sasha looks at Ruby.

”Calm down. You don ’t need to lose control of your emotions because of it. ” She spoke in a gentle tone.

”Yes, Lady Sasha. You need to calm down. ” Kaguya walked beside Sasha.

”… ” Slowly, Sasha ’s eyes began to return to normal, and she displayed a gentle smile, ”Thank you… And you need to be calm too, Kaguya. ”

”… I ’m calm. ”

”Your eyes don ’t say that. ”

Kaguya lowers her head a little and hides her face as she bites her lip in frustration. She doesn ’t like Natasha ’s tone at all.

”Just ignore what they say. It ’s better for both of you. ” Ruby advised.

”… ” The two nodded in agreement.

”… ” Agnes, who was watching this scene out of the corner of her eye, looked at Natasha, ”It surprises me how you can have such a terrible relationship with your daughter. ”

”Huh? Our relationship is good. I love my daughter. ” Natasha didn ’t understand.

”… ” Agnes rolled her eyes. ’This woman is blind. ’ She thought inwardly.

She looks at her husband, who is staring at Maria, while his eyes glow a little violet:

”Darling? ”

”Hmm… ” He approaches Agnes and speaks in her ear, ”Keep an eye on that maid. ”

”Oh? ” Agnes looked at Maria for a few seconds, she didn ’t notice anything wrong, but she trusted her husband ’s words:

”Okay, I will. ”

Adonis nodded, satisfied, then he looked at the group and asked, ”Where is my daughter? ”

”Lady Violet is on a date with Lord Victor. ” Kaguya, as Victor ’s personal maid, responded.

”Oh, it ’s good they ’re getting along. ” Adonis smiled, satisfied.

’He really looks happy. ’ Natalia thought in disbelief, considering she thought Adonis would be pissed off like all parents are.

”Hmm, are they coming back today? ” Natasha asked.

”I do not know. ” Kaguya didn ’t give much information.

”So my daughter will become a woman… This is a strange feeling… ” Agnes didn ’t know how to feel.

”Huh? ” Adonis, Sasha, and Ruby exclaimed together. They clearly didn ’t understand.

”…You are surprisingly very innocent. ” She looked at her husband in disbelief, ”As an older man, you should know it ’s pretty obvious that after the date, they ’re going to have sex. ”

”Huuuuh!? ” ’Didn ’t they just go on a date!? ’ Sasha and Ruby thought at the same time.

”M-My D-Daughter… ” Somehow Adonis was shaken and leaned against the wall while touching his heart; ’My Daughter… my little violet flower…. ’ He seemed to have entered a catatonic state.


Suddenly everyone in the group hears the loud sound of something breaking, they look to the side, and soon they see the sight of Scathach ’accidentally ’ breaking the pillar of her mansion.

”Heh~ ” Her smile was not pretty, and a dangerous killing intent began to cover her body.

”I must pay a visit to the builder of this mansion. It is very fragile~. ”


She punched the wall!

”Look how fragile it is~, he did a sloppy job, HaHaHaHa~. ”


She punched the wall several times.

”I really need to visit the man who built this mansion. He did a horrible job~ ” Not wanting to be in the room with all these guests, Scathach disappeared and went somewhere else.

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell around. What was that reaction!? She is scary! What is that distorted smile at the end? That ’s what the women ’s group thought.

”Mother… ” Ruby was thinking of something else as she looked at Sasha and nodded.

”I know. This is turning into something dangerous. ” Sasha spoke.

”Yes. ” Ruby agreed with Sasha.

”… ” The two men in the group were thinking of something else; ’That boy is very lucky! ’


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