My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 111: The anger of a husband. 2

”…He really did that… ” Adonis doesn ’t know how to feel. Is he proud of his courage? Or is he stunned by his stupidity? There ’s no way a newborn vampire can beat an older vampire.

But regardless of his feelings, Adonis smiled. As a man, he approved of Victor ’s attitude and wished he could do something like that in the past, but unfortunately, he wasn ’t that crazy or had enough powers to perform such a feat in the past.

”My master is crazy! He ’s going to die! ” Yuki completely lost her composure.

”Lord Victor… ” Maria felt an irritation in her chest when she thought about Victor ’s possible death.

”Ruby… ” Luna looked at Ruby worriedly.

”We have to go after him now! He ’s going to die! ” Sasha was freaking out, her face a tearful mess. She wasn ’t worried about her parents because, at this point, she didn ’t care about her parents anymore. She just didn ’t want to lose another loved one again.

Ruby hugged Sasha tighter, ”Calm down, okay? ”

”B-But, ” Sasha was going to say something else, but when she saw Ruby ’s cold, lifeless face, she froze in shock. She was too scary.

”Okay? ”

”Yes… ”

”Father, Mother. ” Violet got up and looked at her parents.

”Don ’t let my husband die, please…. ” She bit her lip in frustration, she didn ’t like feeling weak like this, but opponents are older vampires. Only time can bridge that gap.

’If my husband dies…I…. ’ Violet ’s eyes grew lifeless, and she was thinking about the worst possible outcome.

”VIOLET! ” Ruby surprisingly raised her voice to Violet.

”E-Eh? ” Violet was surprised by Ruby ’s sudden voice and looked at her friend.

”Don ’t think about nonsense. ”

”…I…Okay. ”

Adonis and Agnes looked at this demonstration with interest, then they looked at each other for a while and seemed to be thinking of a decision.

”Come on, we have to prevent a tragedy from happening. ” Adonis made a decision.

”Yes. ” If Adonis made a decision, Agnes would join him.

”… A tragedy? What are you talking about. ” Then, suddenly, everyone hears a woman ’s voice.

”!!! ” Everyone looks at Scathach.

Scathach looked around and saw signs of struggle, ”What happened? ” She asked this time in an orderly tone.

”Darling attacked Sasha ’s parents. He didn ’t like how indifferent Sasha ’s parents were to her. ” Violet explained.

”… My disciple… attacked two former counts…? ” Scathach opened her mouth in shock. She couldn ’t even believe what she was saying.

A colossal pressure suddenly fell on everyone in the mansion, as Scathach ’s smile grew, and…

She laughed.

”W-What? ” Agnes did not understand this sudden burst of laughter.

”Mother? ” Ruby saw that her mother looked quite happy.

”To think that my disciple was bold enough to attack two former counts just because his wife was harmed. ” This was an attitude she very much approved of because not being afraid to face a stronger opponent is an essential trait if you want to get stronger.

She looked at Sasha, and suddenly her face twisted in anger:

”What are you doing!? ” Her voice was so loud that the glass around her shattered.

”H-Heh? ”

”Your husband is out there fighting for you. Stop crying like a child! ”

”… ” Sasha opened her mouth.

”Get up, wash your face, and stand up like a proud woman! Stand up like a proud wife who trusts her husband! That expression of yours now is just shameful! ”

”M-Mother… ” Ruby wanted to say something, but…

”Don ’t interrupt me. ” Scathach ’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Ruby.

”… ” Ruby gulped.

Then she looked at Sasha again, and seeing Sasha ’s face slowly changing, she smiled in satisfaction.

”…You ’re right… This is no time to be crying. ” Sasha wiped her face and got up from the couch. ’I won ’t lose someone else important to me again. ’ She clenched her fists with determination.

”Good! ” Scathach ’s smile grew when she saw Sasha ’s determined expression.

”I ’ll go first. ” She said,

”Are you planning to intervene? ” Adonis asked.

”Huh? Of course not, this is a fight my disciple chose for himself, and he wouldn ’t want me to step in and fight in his place. ”

”Oh… ”

”I just won ’t let him get killed if he loses. After all, he ’s mine~. Only I can kill him~ ” Scathach spoke with a seductive smile at the end.

”Now, I understand why she likes that boy so much… ” Adonis smiled a little when he saw Scathach ’s expression. ”They ’re basically flour from the same bag. ”

”Darling? ” Agnes raised an eyebrow and looked at Adonis like a hawk.

”Hahaha~ ” He just laughed innocently, and ignored his wife ’s gaze.

Ending the conversation, Scathach kicked at the ground, which cracked into a web from her strength, and disappeared somewhere.

”He ’s just mine, huh?… ” Ruby ’s eyes weren ’t pretty now, and she just thought that she should talk to her mom about Victor and her feelings about Victor in the future.

’It ’s a waste of time to postpone the inevitable. ’ She has decided that she is going to face her mother head-on.

”We should go, ” Agnes spoke this time while her eyes were shining with curiosity. Although she was a little scared, her curiosity was stronger. She never saw that kind of reaction from Scathach!

”Yes, ” Adonis spoke.

Violet walked towards Sasha, ”Come on, Sasha. We have to go after our husband. ”

”Yes, we do, and then we have to teach him a lesson for making us worry so much. ”

”Yes, ” Violet smiled kindly.

”… ” Ruby flashed a small smile when she saw Violet and Sasha ’s interaction; ’No longer as friends, but as sisters, huh? Looks like I got two more sisters. ’ She laughed a little in amusement.

”What just happened!? ” Siena appeared along with Lacus and Pepper, who was hiding behind Siena.

”My husband happened. Come on, we need to go after them. ” Ruby ’s mood suddenly became more serious.

”Ugh, it ’s always him, isn ’t it?… Okay, I will. ” Siena spoke.

”Me too, ” Lacus said.

”I don ’t want to be home alone, so I ’m going too. ”

”We will too. ” Yuki, Luna, and Maria said.

”Natalia, can you make the portal? ” Violet asked.

”It ’s impossible. I don ’t know where they are, and if I don ’t have the exact location in mind, the portal will become random. ” Natalia spoke.

”Hmm, so we have to go running. ”

”Yes, as I ’m only a human, I can ’t keep up with you, so I ’ll stay at the mansion. ”

”Okay, let ’s go! ” Violet disappeared, and soon all the vampires in the mansion followed Violet.

”Well, that got interesting, didn ’t it? ” Then, hearing someone ’s voice, Natalia looked at June, who was also at the mansion.

”Yes. I wonder what the consequences of all this will be. ”

”Me too… How about watching them then? ” Natalia puts her hand in her pocket, her hand seems to disappear for a few seconds, and then she pulls out a crystal ball.

Seeing the device in Natalia ’s hand, June said with a smile on her face:

”That ’s a good idea. ”

Victor knew a fact… Yes, he knew he was weaker than both of them, and despite knowing that, he attacked them.

The reason? There are many. But the main one was; ’They hurt my wife. ’

No matter the reason, no matter what they thought at the time when doing what they did, he didn ’t care.

What matters is; ’my wife cried… ’

’And I never want to see that face again. ’ Killing Sasha ’s parents can ’t be the perfect solution to this problem. He knows that. He also doubts his ability to achieve this feat, but he knows something.

”They need to be beaten up! ” And from the moment he decided what to do, and started planning his next steps. He knew he couldn ’t fight them head-on, so the best way was a surprise attack, let down the enemy ’s guard, and attack!

And most importantly, don ’t hold back! The opponent is an older vampire, so go all out from the start!


Victor throws the two vampires onto a mountain.


They crashed into the mountain and got stuck in the rock.

”Ouch, this kid is really strong, ” William commented with a carefree expression as he looked up at the sky. But, despite having said that, he didn ’t seem to have been damaged.

”The way he uses my clan ’s power is very interesting, and he doesn ’t seem to take damage like me, ” Natasha commented.

Victor pointed both of his hands at them, and soon a sphere of fire began to be created. What is the vampire ’s most obvious weakness?

Fire… And that he has to spare!

”Burn! ’

A gigantic sphere of fire flew towards them.

”Fuck. ” Despite being older vampires, they know they shouldn ’t underestimate Clan Snow ’s fire.

William tried to get up, but he noticed something; he was being frozen. He snorted, ’does he think this can stop me? ’ But the moment he touched the ice, his hand was burned.

”Well… ” He looked at his hand.

”Hmm, this way of using fire is interesting too. ” William ’s body turns to smoke, and he gets out of his restraints.

”Yes. ” Natasha ’s body starts to be covered by the lightning, and she breaks the ice.

Just as she was about to use her lightning bolt to escape the fire ’s area of effect, a wall of ice appeared in front of her.

”Huh? ”

The fireball hit the ice wall and exploded!


William and Natasha walk away.

”Why did he do that? ”

”Hmm… ” William didn ’t understand either.

Despite being older vampires, they were not warriors, one was a lazy submissive, and the other was a woman who only knew how to gamble.

They rarely participated in fights, and in most fights, they overcame the opponent with pure power or with their influence.

But… Living for so long gives them life experience. After all, they ’ve seen a lot of fighters fighting in the past.

Soon a dense fog began to be created around.

”He blocked our view. ” Natasha.

”Clever. ” William.

”Will you take care of him for me? I ’m lazy. ” William spoke.

”Hmm, I ’ll take care of him. ” They were carefree since, in their minds, there was no way a vampire who had just outgrown his diapers would harm them in any way.

Yes, fire is dangerous, but there are several ways to avoid fire.

[Master, you can ’t face them head-on.]

”I know, ” Victor spoke in a low voice.

[Use my shadows, the two of us together can do some damage to them.]

”We never fought together, My maid. ”

[It doesn ’t matter, just trust me. Do you trust me?]

Victor flashed a small smile, ”Always. ”

[…] Kaguya displayed a gentle smile within Victor ’s shadow; it was a shame Victor couldn ’t see it.

”Kaguya? ”

[…Remember, they ’re both older vampires, a head-on fight like you like should be avoided at all costs, and… Though they ’re older vampires, they still have vampire weaknesses, but do not forget. … to live for so long, they acquire some resistance to these weaknesses, so they will not be so easy to kill with them.] Kaguya began to give instructions to Victor

”… ” Victor listened in silence. He already knew that, from the beginning. He knew, but he wanted to be in tune with Kaguya. So, because of that, he listened in silence.

[They will underestimate you. They won ’t take you seriously, and you should take every chance you get. And most importantly, don ’t hold back.]

”Okay. ”

[Now attack William head-on!]

Victor flashed a predatory smile.

Victor looks at William with his red eyes glowing and creates an ice shelf behind him, and using the platform as a boost, he flies towards William.

William could feel something flying towards them, and he quickly braced himself, his hand stiffening, and soon a claw was created.

”Come, I will rip your heart out. ”

The moment Victor would get close to him, Victor disappeared.

”Huh? ” He didn ’t understand, and he couldn ’t even feel him anymore.

Suddenly, Victor appears beside William and attacks him.

William quickly defends himself with his arm, but that was a bad idea.


Using an ice Greatsword that was covered with fire, Victor cut off William ’s entire arm!

[Good~] Kaguya ’s shadow exhibited a scary smile.


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