My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 112: An insane man.

”Mother fucker! I ’ll kill him! ” William growled angrily, and all his noble appearance was thrown away.

[Run now!]

Hearing what Kaguya said, Victor wasted no time and ran.


”You won ’t escape, ” Natasha appears in front of Victor. She couldn ’t see him because of the fog, but she knew he was there, ”You can ’t run away from me. ”

”I already ran away. ” Suddenly Victor ’s body began to dissolve into the shadows.

”Tsk, did he have that ability too? It ’s getting more interesting by the minute. ” She felt she should get Victor for herself since it would be a shame to leave someone so interesting with those women.

She suddenly felt that something was going to pierce her head.

Quickly, she uses her lightning and protects her head.

She almost couldn ’t feel it! She looks back and sees a dagger made of shadows. ”That is… ”

”Tsk. ”

She looks back and sees Victor…? Wrong… for her to see a woman? But soon, the woman also disappears into the shadows.

”The skills of Clan Blank? ” She thinks for a moment and remembers a maid with oriental features who was next to Victor; ’Is it that maid? ’ Natasha looks at her husband.

”William, stop whining like a whore. That boy has someone from Clan Blank with him! If we let him continue, it will get annoying. Let ’s get it over with, but remember, don ’t kill him! I want him for myself! ”

”Now, clear that fog. ” She ordered.

”Okay. ” William ’s expression turned serious.

A few seconds passed, and quickly his hand was completely restored, ”I ’ll get rid of this fog first. ”

William ’s hands stiffen, and he punches the ground!


A big explosion happened, and all the fog was blown away by the created wind.

Taking advantage of the chaos of the fog, a shadow approaches Natasha, and Victor comes out of the shadows and attacks Natasha!


”Hmm? ” Hearing his wife scream, William sees Victor attacking his wife from behind. He put his hands in her guts, then pulled them out!

”It ’s still not enough. ” He put one hand back inside her and grabbed her spine, but when he was going to rip it from her body, Natasha made a move.

”Bastard! Let me go! ” Natasha turned around with Victor ’s hand still inside her, and in doing so, his hand broke.

She clenches her fists and attacks Victor ’s head; she is aiming straight at the weak spot! She will kill him! How dare he hurt her!?

Victor just flashed a big, distorted smile, ”Burn. ”

Suddenly his whole body started to catch fire.

”!!? ”

”AHHHHHHHH! ” Natasha screamed in pain.


Natasha ’s screams of pain filled Victor with sadistic pleasure!


”I know. ” Victor looked at William.

”Bastard! ” William uses his speed and approaches Victor.

When he was going to attack Victor ’s head, they heard Natasha ’s voice.

”Enough! ”

Rumble, Rumble!

A huge golden bolt of lightning fell on Natasha.

Victor ’s hands were vaporized, but he didn ’t care. Instead, he takes advantage of William ’s carelessness and attacks his head, using his ice-covered feet.

Despite being caught off guard, William still managed to react, but, when he was going to attack Victor, something happened that he did not expect, a maid came out of Victor ’s shadow and cut William ’s neck with her daggers.

”Tsk, it was too shallow, ” Kaguya muttered, and then she quickly went back into Victor ’s shadow.

”Bitch! I will- ”

”You are not going to do anything. ” Victor opens his mouth, bites William ’s neck, and rips off a huge chunk of meat!

”My-…… ” He tried to say something, but his voice wouldn ’t come out since his vocal cords were destroyed.

”You are mine. ” But then, when Victor was about to kill William, he felt someone holding his shoulder.

”Stop. ”

”Sigh… Looks like I didn ’t do it fast enough. ” Victor looked back and saw Natasha, who was completely changed in appearance.

”Tsk, the older vampire ’s regeneration is annoying- ”

All the damage he caused her was fully recovered, and the only damage was her clothes which were slightly burned.


Natasha shoves her hand into Victor ’s heart and pulls it out.

”HAHAHAHA~ ” Victor laughed madly as blood came out of his mouth.


”…Do you laugh when your heart is taken out? ”

”Why not? It ’s fun, right? ”

[I ’ll get you out of there now!]

Slowly Victor ’s appearance began to dissolve into shadows.

Natasha ignores Victor, looks at his heart, and then lifts it over her head.


Natasha bursts Victor ’s heart and drinks his blood.

”!!! ” Her eyes glowed blood red, her cheeks blushed as she began to breathe heavily as if she were out of breath:

”Delicious~ ” She started to lick her lips as if she didn ’t want to waste anything.

”My daughter has something so delicious around, and she didn ’t tell me? ” Her expression turned annoyed, looking like a spoiled child, ”It ’s unfair~, it ’s unfair! It will be mine! I ’m going to make him my fourth husband! ”

”… ” William was speechless when he heard Natasha ’s words. He was right here, you know?

But… He was used to it. She was this irrational type of woman.

”William! Stand up! You lost an arm to a younger vampire. Do you not have shame? ”

’Woman, who was the woman who was burning a few seconds ago!? ’ That ’s what he wanted to say, but in the end, he didn ’t have the courage.

When William ’s throat regenerated, he said, ”Where ’s that bastard? ”

”He hid again. ” Natasha looked around with her eyes glowing blood red.

”He ’s like a slippery rat; it ’s annoying, ” William grunted.

At a considerable distance, Victor was leaning against a tree with Kaguya looking worriedly at the hole in Victor ’s chest.

”…Who are you calling a rat… You mother fucker-. ”

”Shh! ” Kaguya covered Victor ’s mouth.

”Don ’t be angry now, Master. Focus on recovering. ”

”A wound like that will be healed in less than a few seconds. ” And as Victor said, in less than a few seconds, all the damage done to him was restored.

”And now? ” Kaguya asked.

”I don ’t know, but I ’ll think of something…. ”

Victor remembered Scathach ’s words, ”Stupid disciple, if you are fighting a stronger enemy, use everything to your advantage to try to kill him, no matter what, even the environment is your ally. ”

Victor looked at the two of them with his eyes gleaming dangerously, ’Luckily, they ’re still underestimating me. That ’s good, now, I just need to separate them… If I get a chance, I can kill the man… But the woman… It ’s hard. ’

”Master… Why are you smiling…? ”

”Hmmm? ” Victor touches his face.

”Sigh, you ’re incorrigible… Well, at least you didn ’t freeze in fear. ” She exhibited a small smile.

”Fear? hahaha~. ” Victor laughed in amusement.

”I ’m excited! ” He clenches his fists tightly, then he gets up off the ground and looks up at the mountain.

”Come on, Kaguya. ”

”Yes, Master. ” Soon Kaguya enters Victor ’s shadow.

Rumble, Rumble!

A loud lightning noise was heard.

”Oh? ” Natasha looked at the mountain.

”Is he there? ” William asked.

”Yes. ” Natasha ’s body began to be covered by lightning.

”Good to know. I will kill him! ”

”William… ” Natasha ’s eyes weren ’t pretty.

William ’s body visibly trembled:

”I mean… I will capture him! ”

”Good. Be a good boy, and I ’ll give you a reward later~. ”

”… ” William didn ’t say anything and just disappeared towards the mountain.

And soon, Natasha joined him.

When Victor set foot on the mountain, the entire mountain was frozen, so he created an ice Greatsword and placed it on his shoulder.

”Kaguya, can you cover this whole mountain with your shadow? ”

[Yes, it ’s possible… Don ’t tell me…]

”Hahaha~, I like that you are starting to think like me. ”

[I don ’t know if that ’s a good thing or not.] Kaguya was honest.

”I ’m counting on you, my maid. ”

[Yes, Master.]

Slowly Victor ’s shadow began to grow, and in less than a few seconds, the entire mountain was covered by Kaguya ’s power.


”Nice job… ” Victor raises his sword to the sky.

Rumble, Rumble!

The sword began to be covered with thunder, and shortly thereafter, the sword was covered with fire.

[They arrived.]

”Ah~, my dear son-in-law, don ’t run away from me. ” Natasha displayed a seductive smile, ”I will treat you well~. ”

”Sorry, but I don ’t like Thots… ”

”Thot? ” Natasha ’s smile trembled a little.

”And I ’m married. ”


Victor swung the sword vertically toward the ground.

Quake, Quake!

The mountain began to shake violently, and then the mountain was split in half.

”Oh, good job, you ’re strong. ” Natasha clapped her hands like she was praising a child.

”What are you doing? Have you gone crazy with fear? ” William asked

Victor didn ’t respond and just jumped into the opening in the mountain he created.

As he was falling, he heard:

[Master, this is obviously a trap, they won ’t fall for it.]

”Oh, they will. After all, I ’m just a baby, right? They don ’t need to fear me because, in front of them, I ’m just an insect. ”

[…] Kaguya was silent when she heard Victor ’s hateful tone.

Victor suddenly glides through the air and looks up, and then his smile grows, ”See? ”

”Don ’t run away~. It just makes me want you more and more~, ” Natasha is smiling a lot.


”Yes, but they ’re right to be arrogant. I ’m weaker after all. ”

”But… ” Victor remembered Scathach ’s words again.

”When a predator goes hunting, it uses all its strength, no matter if the enemy is weaker or stronger, that ’s their pride as a creature at the top of the food chain. ”

’They ’re not predators like my master. They ’re just kids pretending to be strong… ’

Victor raises his sword, and as if possessed by a mad spirit, he starts swinging his sword everywhere.

Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut!

Victor using his superhuman strength, he cut across the mountain over and over again.

Crack, Crack, Crack!

And quickly, the entire ice mountain began to crumble.

”Kaguya now. ”

Natasha and William stop chasing Victor and look around.

”That tactic again? ” William spoke in annoyance while ignoring the boulders of ice that were falling on him, but with his resistance, these boulders didn ’t even tickle.

”Hmm… These stones. ” Natasha looked at the ice boulders that were covered in shadows.

”Do not tell me. ”


”Eh…? ”

A sword of ice covered with fire pierced William ’s brain.

”William! ”


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