My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 112: An insane man.

ered every corner of Victor ’s body. And then, after leaving him almost dead, waited for his regeneration to work and repeated the process.

She was angry! And she was getting revenge! She wanted to see his face in pain, wanted to see him beg for life!



That never happened. Every time she ripped a part of Victor ’s body as if he was possessed by some evil spirit, Victor started laughing as if he thought something was funny.

”Stop laughing! ” She rips out his throat, but for some reason, even though his throat was destroyed.


She could still hear his laugh. She ’s pretty sure he wasn ’t making any sound, but for some reason, she could still hear that annoying laugh.

She couldn ’t understand. Things normally wouldn ’t happen like this. If it was an ordinary younger vampire, they would already be begging for mercy.

A few minutes passed, and Natasha was still torturing a smiling Victor.

”This boy is insane… ” William spoke after a long time. He had no words to describe the sight in front of him; ’If it were me, I would have already given up. ’

Suddenly, Natasha stopped torturing Victor and looked at the man in front of her.

His whole body was covered in blood, he only had one eye in his face, he no longer had his legs, his guts were falling to the ground, his arms were removed from his body for a long time, and even though he was covered with all these wounds, he never stopped smiling.

”Heh? ” He made a disappointed face, ”Are you done? As expected, hookers are never satisfactory. The best women are wives! ”

”Enough. ” Natasha gave up torturing Victor, ”Your mouth is more dangerous than your powers. It ’s time to shut up. ” Her hand was covered by lightning.

Natasha attacks Victor ’s head in an attempt to kill him, but her hand stops inches from Victor ’s face.

”This feeling… ” She suddenly felt the world around her grow heavier. She felt death coming.

”She is coming, ” William swallowed hard.

”HAHAHAHAHA~, she came, huh? ” Victor laughed even harder.

”Tsk. ”

”Now that she ’s here, I ’m more relaxed. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile; ’With my master here, I can finally let go, and in the small chance I lose control of my actions, my beloved maid won ’t be harmed~. ’

”Huh? Do you think you will survive? Just because that woman came to help you? ”

Victor ignored Natasha and said,

”Hey, has anyone ever asked you this question in your life? ”

”What question? ” Natasha looked at Victor with a strange look; ’What is this feeling? What is this weird feeling? ’

Victor ’s remaining eye began to glow blood red.

Despite having started the fight recklessly, Victor would never leave the fight to someone else to solve. That ’s his pride. Despite being petty and stupid, he didn ’t care.

His enemy is only his to kill! It ’s nobody else ’s! No matter the consequences, no matter what damage he takes in the future, the enemy is his!

This was his pride, and he would never let anyone step on that pride!

Victor takes a deep breath and says:

”A noble and brave warrior once asked me, are you an honorable fighter or a monster cursed by god? ”

A little way away from Victor, his arms that Natasha cut off were on the ground, and, right then, the magic circle of Victor ’s gloves began to glow intensely blood red. And, as if it were a magic trick, Victor ’s arms were entirely restored along with his gloves.

”!!! ” For some reason, the question Victor asked caused a feeling of urgency in Natasha.

”Kill him! Fast! ” William screamed. He felt that if they didn ’t kill him now… Something… Something terrible is going to happen!

”I know! ” She punches Victor in the face, but the result she was hoping for didn ’t come, and a small barrier of blood shielded Victor ’s face.

”What…? ” The blood in the barrier acts like it ’s alive and fights back Natasha ’s attack.

”Is the blood alive!? ” Natasha lost her hand… Wrong, her hand was devoured by blood.

Sensing danger from the blood, she quickly backs away from Victor.

Victor fell to the ground. But, slowly, the blood around him began to float as if it were gaining consciousness, and that same blood began to cover him as if it were protecting him.

He raised his head and looked at Natasha.

”!!! ” Natasha and William felt chills all over their bodies when they saw Victor ’s face.

The skin on his face was completely covered in dark red blood! It was like he was turning to blood, and the only thing visible on this monster was his glowing red eyes and his mouth that had a big smile that showed his sharp teeth.

”Hearing the noble warrior ’s question; Do you know what I said? ”

Suddenly his whole body began to lose its shape and began to turn into something dark, something evil.

Victor ’s legs regenerated at high speed, and soon he was on his feet.

And for the first time, William and Natasha could see Victor ’s full appearance.

Just like the creature ’s face, its entire body became a kind of black and red substance, as if Victor was a heap of blood in human form.

This thing wore a big smile that showed all of its sharp teeth.

”… William. ”

”Yes…? ”

”Just what is this monster…? ”

”Do I look like someone who knows? ”

Soon Victor answered their question:

”I am a monster created by god. ”


A red pillar of pure blood came out of Victor ’s body.


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