”…What the fuck is going on? ”

”HAHAHAHA~, the expression everyone makes is always funny. ”

Victor stared at Annasthashia, Natasha, or Natashia or whatever this woman ’s name was like he was sizing her up, and, as he looked the woman up and down, he understood something. She completely changed; her whole atmosphere changed. It was like she was someone else! And he also noticed that her body was very similar to her sister Victoria.

”Master, explain what ’s going on. ” Victor looked to Scathach for answers.

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at her disciple, ”It ’s no big deal; this woman just has two personalities. ” She explained it as if it were a very normal thing.

”Eh…? ” Victor thought he was suddenly deaf.

Scathach elaborated, ”This woman in front of you now is the true personality of the woman known as Annasthashia Fulger… the other personality… it ’s just a mistake caused by an incident in the past. ”

’They seem to have a history together…. ’ Victor thought as he looked at Natashia.

”Yay~. ” Natashia made the ’V ’ symbol with both hands while exhibiting a playful smile.

”Ugh… ” Victor put his hand on his head like he had a headache.

”But before explaining anything else. Stupid disciple, undo your transformation. ”

”It ’s okay, I- ” He was going to say he ’s okay, but Scathach cut him off.

”Don ’t lie to me. You ’re barely standing on your feet, right? ”

”… ” Victor made a difficult face.

”Hahaha~, no need to worry, I won ’t attack you, and I don ’t even feel like doing it! ” Natashia suddenly approached Victor with a speed that Victor couldn ’t even react, and suddenly the woman hugged him.

”W-Wh- ”

The woman holds Victor ’s face and looks at him with lifeless eyes.

”I like you a lot, you know? It ’s been a while since someone has harmed me so much, and even though the other me is weaker than me, it ’s still a great feat! ”

She pulls Victor ’s face close to hers and displays a big distorted smile, ”The way you sucked my blood, the taste of your blood, your determination to fight a much stronger enemy without fear all because of your wife, Ah~, you ’re perfect. ” The darkness in eyes Natashia ’s seemed to be sucking in Victor ’s body.

”What ’s more important! Despite suffering intense torture, you never stopped smiling. Despite being at a disadvantage, you never stopped smiling! Splendid! Perfect! With your determination, strength, and intelligence, you even managed to kill my husband… Ahh~, I really want you for myself~. ” Her face was inches away from Victor ’s face.

She caressed Victor ’s face and spoke with a seductive expression, ”Tell me, won ’t you become my husband? ”

Victor felt his whole body shudder when he heard the woman ’s question if it was a normal occasion, and with one of his wives, he would even be excited and smile, but all he felt at that moment was… Disgust and confusion.

His brain still couldn ’t process what was going on in front of him. The woman he was trying so hard to kill was now trying to seduce him and to make matters worse, it looks like she ’s undergone a major personality change.

”Do not touch him! ” Scathach appears beside Natasha and kicks her in the face.

Natashia flies a considerable distance and falls to the ground comically.

”Ouch. ” She suddenly gets up.

”That hurt, you know!? ”

”That was the goal. ” Scathach flashed a dangerous smile.

”Ugh, Ugh. Irrational as always, no need to be so jealous, we can share-. ”

”Natashia. ” Scathach ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”Yes! I didn ’t say anything, don ’t worry! ” She turned her face away and began to whistle, though every now and then, she would look at Victor with emotionless eyes and wear a seductive smile.

’He will become mine~, no matter if I have to share him with Scathach, my daughter, and even the other wives, he will become mine, I want him for me~. ’

Scathach looked at the woman with an annoyed look:

”Put something on, woman! You just look like a crazy exhibitionist! Have some respect. ”

”…Oh. ” Natashia looks down and sees that she is still naked, she snaps her finger, and soon a rather noble white dress is created.

”Mm~, I haven ’t lost my tact even after so long. ”

”… ” Scathach looked at the area of Natashia ’s breasts  that was a little bigger than normal with a dry look, ”Stop using body control for something like that, don ’t you feel ashamed? ”

Body Control: By training the basic skill all vampires have of turning into a bat, the skill will eventually evolve, and you can change your appearance to whatever you like, an ability only attained by vampires who have trained the race ’s racial powers and completely mastered all racial powers.

A vein pops in Natashia ’s head, ”Shut up! I ’m not a dairy cow like you! I ’m not ashamed of my body, but he seems to like women like you better! ”

”Huh? ” Scathach didn ’t understand.

”Ughyaaa! I hate it when you pretend to be a saint! ” Natashia was freaking out.

”What are you talking about, woman? Have you finally lost your mind for good? ”

”AHHHH! ” Natashia ruffled her hair in frustration, ”Sometimes you ’re denser than a black hole! ”

”… ” Scathach just fell silent as she stared at the woman as if she were looking at a madwoman.

”Don ’t look at me like that! I feel weird being stared at by a woman who ’s crazier than me! ”

”Said the woman who has two personalities. ”

Several veins started popping in Natashia ’s head again, ”This woman…. ”

”Oh? Do you want to fight? ” A frightening pressure began to leave Scathach ’s body.

”Hiii! ” Natashia reacted like a cat that had its tail stepped on. ”In the future! Now, I ’m tired, you know? I just woke up… Why do I feel like I ’m repeating myself? ” She made a strange face at the end.

”Tsk. Petty. ”

Natashia looked at her with a shocked face, ”…You ’re kinder than usual… As expected, it ’s because of him…? ” She muttered as she made a small smile at the end.

”Huuh? What did you say? ” Scathach ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

”N-Nothing! ”

Victor looked at all of this with a lifeless look, then he began to mutter, ”…I can handle a lot of things in this life, a vampire transformation? Normal, I ’ve seen a lot of movies, and thank god I don ’t glow like a fairy when I ’m exposed to sunlight. ”

Victor ’s voice caught Natashia and Scathach ’s attention.

”Three beautiful vampire wives? It was weird at first, but I grew to love them over time. A mother-in-law/master with torture tendencies? Nothing out of the ordinary, she also has her cute side… ”

”What are you talking about? ” Scathach asked with a serious look, though her ears were a little red.

”Oya, Oya? ” Natashia suddenly appears beside Scathach, with a silly little smile on her face.

”i- ”

Before Natashia could say anything, Scathach grabbed her head and squeezed.

”Ughyaaaa! My head! My head! ”

”Now a mother-in-law with two personalities…? That ’s… That ’s too much… ” Victor looked like a soldier who had given up hope of living. He slowly undoes his transformation and begins to fall towards the ground in slow motion.

[Master!] Kaguya came out of Victor ’s shadows and caught him.

”Master!? Are you okay!? Master! ”

Three days later.

Victor opens his eyes.

”Welcome back to the world of the living, master. ”

Victor looked to the side and saw Kaguya.

”I died? ”

”No. Master was in a state where a person has a compromised consciousness and shows little or no reaction to stimuli, not being able to open their eyes, pronounce words or obey simple commands. ” She spoke in a monotone like a robot.

”It ’s called a coma, you know? ”

”Seriously? I didn ’t know~. ” Kaguya displayed an emotionless smile.

”… ” Victor sighed. It seems he pissed off his favorite maid.

”How many days did I sleep? ” Victor asked.

”Three days. ”

’Three days… Well, that was better than expected. ’ Victor thought.

”…You look angry. ” As always, he cut to the chase.

”Well, knowing that my master could die at any time is not good for my physical or mental health, and my possible future salary, ” Kaguya commented in a neutral tone.

”… ” Victor was silent.

”I wonder how a vampire who has one of the strongest regenerative abilities in the supernatural world can go into a coma. That ’s a mystery that even I, as a perfect maid, can ’t unravel. ”

Victor exhibited a small smile and then began to speak, ”According to my master, I have inherited the powers of the three Clans of Vampire counts. ”

”… ” Kaguya was silent and just listened to Victor ’s explanation.

”Normally, that would be impossible. But because of my blood and the ritual involved the day I was reborn as a vampire, something strange happened. ”

”Somehow, my blood absorbed the characteristics and powers of my wives ’ clans like a greedy beast. ”

”And in doing so, I was reborn as a noble vampire. ”

” I already know that- ” Kaguya was about to say something, but Victor laughed.

”Hahaha~, you want to know what that transformation is and my blood power, right? My maid. ”

”… ” Kaguya nodded.

”That ’s my own power… You remember, right? I was supposed to be reborn as a plebeian vampire. ”

”…Oh. That ’s your trait as a plebeian vampire. ”

”Yes, blood control and my eye powers are my hallmarks as a plebeian vampire. ”

”And that thing… What you call the Vampire count Transformation, that is the result of a strange mutation that happened to my power when it came into contact with the three powers of the Vampire count Clans. ”

”I accidentally awakened that form while training with my master. ”

”I see… ” Kaguya wore a strange expression when she saw Victor ’s face. ’Does he look scared? Impossible, my master is not afraid of anything, I think the correct phrase is; he doesn ’t know what to do? ’

Kaguya had a pretty high rating from Victor.

”That transformation is very powerful, and it is constrained by the gloves I always wear. By using that transformation without fully mastering all the powers I received from my wives… I harm myself and my soul. ” He looked at his white-gloved hands.

”!!! ” Kaguya opens her eyes wide.

”Master-. ”

”Hahaha, don ’t worry. This time, I was lucky, thanks to absorbing that woman ’s blood… I only spent three days in a coma… Last time this happened, I stayed out for a month. ”

Kaguya calms her heart, takes a deep breath, and asks, ”So the reason for your sudden power surge… ”

”Yes, I think it ’s related to that transformation. ” Victor didn ’t deny it, Scathach ’s training helped him a lot, but his transformation and the constant nights he spent sucking Scathach ’s blood helped him a lot more.


Suddenly, Victor heard Sasha ’s voice.

”Sasha… ” His whole peaceful atmosphere changed to a dangerous one, and he got out of bed, his glove ’s magic circle starting to glow angrily.

”Wait, Master. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

His body is covered by the lightning, and soon he disappears, leaving behind only a golden trail.

”Ugh… ” Kaguya put on an annoyed expression.


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