”S-Stop, my cheeks… ”

”Ara. I ’m sorry, it ’s just that your cheeks are so chubby it makes me want to pull them. ”

”Mooo, I ’m serious! My Mother… Wrong, she is not my mother! My mother is you! Wait, if my mom is you? Who is she? Huh? ”

Julia wore a gentle smile when she saw that she had succeeded in getting the child to stop crying, and her gentle smile turned into a motherly smile when she saw Sasha all lost in what to say:

”Oya? I don ’t remember having such a beautiful daughter like you~. ” She patted Sasha ’s head again.

”Ugh… I wish you were my mom… ” The child pouted, then her eyes started to water again.

”Eh? But I ’m already your mother. ” The woman spoke.

”Huh…? ” The child put on a confused face, but didn ’t she just deny it, saying she wasn ’t my mother?

”Haha~, don ’t think too much, Sasha. ”

”Hmm? ” Sasha looked at Julia.

Julia lifts Sasha and puts her on her lap.

”Think. You have two mothers. I ’m the good mother, and Lady Natasha is your Evil Mother. ”

”…Evil mother? ”

”Yeah, after all, she does things for you that not even a good mother would, right? ”

”Yes… ”

”And I ’m a good mom because I always take care of you, right? ”

”Yes… ” Sasha thought that logic made sense.

”So you have two mothers! ”

”Oh… ” The child ’s face lit up, but she didn ’t know how to feel, knowing she had an evil mother.

”If I ever leave for another job, you ’ll be alone with your evil mother… ”

”Ugh… ” Sasha ’s face started to tear up again. She didn ’t want to be alone with that woman!

”But I ’m sure that in the future, she will become a good mother… ”

”…huh? My mom becoming a good mom? Never! ” She made an ’X ’ symbol with both hands.

”Hahahaha~, you will understand in the future, now. Let ’s go back to the bedroom; you have to go to sleep. ”

”Ugh…I don ’t want to…. ” She knows that if she goes to sleep, she ’ll wake up tomorrow, and ’training ’ will start again.

”Well, what if I tell you a story from the human world? ”

”Oh? ” Sasha looked like a fish that took the bait as her eyes lit up, ”Let ’s go to the bedroom! ”

She jumped off Julia ’s lap and ran towards the bedroom, ”What are you waiting for, mother? Let ’s go! ”

”Yes, my daughter. ” Julia displayed a gentle smile.

Sasha wakes up from her memories when she feels Victor caressing her face.

”D-Darling? ”

”Don ’t cry, I ’m here, you know? ” He smiled gently.

”Crying…? ” She touched her face and felt tears coming out.

Seeing her daughter ’s face, Natashia ’s chest tightened as if someone was squeezing her heart, but unlike physical pain, the pain she was feeling now couldn ’t be compared to the pain of someone squeezing her heart.

”I see… I hurt her so much, huh? ”

Sasha wipes her tears with her hand and thinks; ’Two mothers, huh? ’ She looked at Natashia.

Natashia gulped when she saw her daughter ’s gaze, and unconsciously, she squeezed the door entrance she was holding tighter. She was very nervous.

”I… I won ’t stop talking to you, but… ” She decided to give her mother a second chance.

Natashia felt like a weight had lifted from her heart, but when she heard her daughter ’s final words, her heart began to beat faster in nervousness.

”I won ’t forget Julia either, she ’s my mother too, and that ’s something that will never change. ”

”… ” Natashia exhibited a gentle smile.

”That ’s enough… Thank you… My daughter. ” She said as she quickly turned around. She didn ’t want her daughter to see her face before she left.

Sasha exhibited a gentle little smile when she heard her mother ’s tone of voice. ’In the end, I ’m a weak woman who can ’t hate her own mother, huh? Although… I really don ’t want to hate my mother since she is my only living mother, after all… I hope we can get along well in the future. ’

She thought with self-contempt, but, despite having suffered everything that happened in the past, she still wanted to be close to her mother.

In her heart of hearts, she knew she couldn ’t hate her mother completely, but she also knew that there would be no other chance. If her mother didn ’t change, she would do her best to disentangle herself from her mother.

A mother is a mother, the blood between the two is thick, and this bond cannot be easily undone.

But… a choice can be made to avoid further disappointment, and Sasha hopes she won ’t be forced to make that choice in the future.

Victor said, ”Natashia, this time. Don ’t let that damn personality out. ” He had no idea how personality swapping worked, but he had to say it just to be sure.

”Don ’t worry, my son-in-law. I will not go. ” She spoke without turning around, then walked down the halls.

As she walked down the halls, she wiped her face, which had small tears coming out:

”I will not waste this second chance. ” Her eyes gleamed with determination. ”I will fix this mess. ”

”Oh? Tell me how you plan to fix everything. ” She heard Agnes ’ voice.

She looks ahead and sees Agnes standing at the corner of the hallway.

Natashia exhibited a gentle smile, ”First I will kill my husbands, then I will kill some annoying bugs that are in my clan, then I will go after Clan Horseman. ”

’Why are all her goals about killing someone? ’ Agnes thought.

”Why are you going to kill your husbands? ” She asked curiously.

”Isn ’t it obvious? ” Natashia looked at Agnes like she was dumb.

”Huh…? ”

”I will do this to be with my new husband~. ” Natashia displayed a seductive smile, and her eyes darkened completely.

”… ” Agnes ’ head turned a little to the side, and a question mark appeared above her head.

”Your new husband? ”

”Yes! If I become a good woman, he will accept me, right? He said it himself! ”

”… ” Agnes was silent. ’When did he say that!? ’ She was listening to the whole conversation and didn ’t remember it.

”All I have to do is destroy some bugs, retrieve what belongs to me, and become a good woman/mother! And by doing this, he will accept me! And consequently, I will get closer to my daughter too! ”

”As the saying goes? Two rabbits with a rock? Rabbit? Huh? I think it was something with the rabbit fucking the rock? ”

”Whatever. ” She gave up thinking.

”Good luck, I think? I support you. ” She could only say that.

”Thanks, Agnes! ” Natashia exhibited a gentle smile and then walked towards the exit of the mansion.

When Natashia ’s back was no longer seen, Agnes spoke:

”Did I just encourage a woman to run after my daughter ’s husband? ” She thought for a moment:

”Well, whatever. It ’s not my problem, fight Violet! I trust you, my daughter! ” She completely ignored the subject.

”Where ’s my Darling? ” In the end, all that was on her mind was her husband.


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