My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 118: The consequences of actions. 2

After Natashia left the room.

Sasha enjoyed her husband ’s silent hug. She liked it a lot when they just stayed like that, not caring about anything. ’On that note, I remember something like this happened in the past… ’ She displayed a gentle smile when she remembered the first time she met Victor.

Feeling a gentle breeze pass against her private parts, she looked down and realized she was still naked, her face taking on a slight shade of red. ’I need to wear some clothes! ’ She wasn ’t a crazy exhibitionist like her mother!

As soon as she was out of Victor ’s arms, she got up off the floor and walked towards the wardrobe. She grabs a pair of black panties, a pair of black spandex pants, and a plain white long shirt that had a picture of a rabbit emblazoned on its front.

Pleased with the clothes she ’d chosen, she began putting on her outfit.

”… ” Victor just appraised his wife in silence.

Unlike six months ago when Sasha ’s hair was short, now her hair was long enough to reach her waist.

Victor wondered how hair can grow so fast, but when he remembered that six months had passed, he nodded; ’Make sense… Although, my mother ’s hair takes a long time to grow… ’

When he was younger, he remembered that his mother would always complain that her hair was slow to grow. He also remembered that she said it was very difficult to take care of her hair… ’I miss her… ’ Victor thought that he should go visit her soon, he missed his family.

He looked at his wife ’s hair and thought. ’Looks like vampires don ’t need to take care of their hair… ’

Vampire food was different from humans, they drank blood, and if the blood was of high quality like Victor ’s, the effects that blood had on the vampires ’ bodies were visible.

Despite not being groomed daily, Sasha ’s golden hair was glowing with vitality. ’I guess that ’s why my blood is called the blood of gold, huh? ’ he made a joke to himself.

Sasha ’s ears turned a little red when she felt Victor ’s gaze, but she didn ’t care. She even liked that her body attracted him. Although… She was still embarrassed.

But she did her best not to care too much about it. Knowing that Violet had already advanced to the next step made her feel a little competitive, and she had already decided not to back down anymore.

Victor stopped staring at his wife and thinking bullshit. He then got up and walked towards the bed, then climbed onto it, sitting down while leaning his back against the wall.

He then closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, before saying:

”We need to talk. ” His voice was calm and neutral, but it held a very noticeable seriousness.

”…Okay, just give me a few seconds, I ’m almost done. ”

”Mm. ” Victor nodded and kept his eyes closed. ’Sigh, this is the consequences of my choices. I must face it head on. ’

He sighed inwardly. To be honest, he was a little scared of his wife ’s reaction, but he wasn ’t a coward.

Deep down, he believed that the truth is better regardless of whatever situation he ’s in.

His mother always said, ”You only lie to strangers, but to your loved ones? Always be honest… That ’s why I ’m always honest with you, my son. ”

My younger self said, ”Isn ’t that because you don ’t have a filter and say everything that goes through your head? And, because of that, you don ’t know how to lie? ”

I remember her smile that day almost broke with my answer, so she continued:

”My son, if I didn ’t know how to lie, I wouldn ’t be a lawyer. ”

”Oh…hmmm. So are you a liar? ”

”Hahaha, lying is a choice, and it ’s up to you whether you choose to or not, sometimes people choose to lie because they ’re afraid to tell the truth. But I believe from the bottom of my heart that the truth is always better, no matter if the truth is a cruel truth. ”

”…I see. ”

Victor chuckled a little when he remembered that memory. He just realized that his mom had a lot of influence on what he ’s become today.

Finished with wearing her clothes, Sasha looked at Victor and said:

”I ’m done, Darling. ”

Victor opened his eyes and looked at his wife while displaying a gentle smile:

”Come here. ” He patted the bed mattress.

”… ” Sasha nodded and walked slowly towards the bed. Reaching the front of the bed, she climbed onto it, and like a kitten, crawled towards Victor.

She stopped crawling when she got close to Victor, and soon she sat down in front of him.

Victor sat comfortably and made room for Sasha to come closer.

”… ” Sasha ’s eyes seemed to glow for a few moments as she inched closer to Victor, like a scared cat.

Suddenly Victor grabbed Sasha and pulled her along.

”I got you~. ”

”It ’s not like I was trying to get away…. ” She pouted.

”Hahaha~ ” He chuckled gently and started stroking Sasha ’s head.

Sasha leaned her head on Victor ’s chest and enjoyed his caress:

”What do you want to talk about? ” She asked.

Victor exhibited a sad smile, ”I killed William, your father. ”

”!!! ” Sasha ’s body visibly trembled.

In a separate room, Violet, Ruby, Kaguya, Yuki, Luna, and Maria were present.

Violet and Ruby appeared to be playing the cursed game that can end friendships. Uno.

They were playing with the three maids at a table.

”Violet, are you sure about this? ” Ruby placed a card on the table.

”Hmm? About what? ” Violet placed a card on the table.

”I mean, leaving our husband alone with Sasha. ”

”Oh, that. Yes, I ’m sure. Sasha doesn ’t know her father was killed by Victor. We ’ve hidden it on purpose. ”

”Knowing my master ’s personality, the chance of him bringing up this subject when he ’s alone with Lady Sasha is pretty high. ” Kaguya also placed a card on the table.

”The odds aren ’t ’just ’ high. I ’m 100% sure he ’ll tell her. After all, he ’s an honest man who believes the truth is always better. ” Violet corrected her.

”…Anna ’s influences, huh? ” Ruby spoke.

”Yes. ” Violet.

When Maria ’s turn came, the blonde maid put a card on the table, ”And to think he would beat an older vampire… Normally, it would need a commander-level hunter, a general, and various traps for this feat. If it became possible. ”

”Yes… The master is always surprising. ” Yuki commented, but she seemed to be in a bad mood as she placed a card on the table too.

”Not wanting to belittle Lady Ruby ’s husband ’s conquest, but… ” Luna put a card on the table, and she only had two cards left in her hand, ”What he did was not that surprising. ”

”Oh? ” Kaguya ’s eyes seemed to glow blood red for a few seconds:

”Explain. ”

”William Salvatore Florence, a vampire over 1800 years old, considered an old man by vampire standards. He is the first son and heir of the Salvatore family, but despite being an heir, he never worked for his clan. ”

”+2 ” Ruby placed one card on the table.

”+2 ” Violet does the same.

”+4 ” Kaguya.

”+2 ” Maria.

”+4 ” Yuki.

”… Fuck it. ” Luna took 14 cards. She was annoyed now, especially when she saw Kaguya ’s disdainful smile.

Then she continued to explain, ”Main characteristic of his family, a resistance above the norm. It ’s nothing surprising. ” She organized the cards she ’d taken, then flashed a sly smile.

”+4 ” She plays a card.

”+2 ” Ruby.

”+2 ” Violet.

”… ” Kaguya ’s eyebrow twitched as she picked up 8 cards.

”Why are you sharing this man ’s information? ” Kaguya spoke, then she placed a card on the table.

”… You will understand. ” Luna spoke, then she continued, ”At some point in his life, he was kidnapped by Countess Annasthashia Fulger. After being kidnapped by the countess, he became her first husband and ended up living a life of luxury like a parasite. ”

”A lazy man. ” Maria played a card.

”He doesn ’t seem like someone willing to train. ” Yuki played a card.

”That ’s my point. He never trained. ” Luna put in another card and explained, ”Although he is an older vampire, he never trained, he just procrastinated, and from what I heard of Clan Fulger, he was just Countess Annasthashia ’s ’toy ’. The one who holds the true strength worthy of holding the title of vampire count is only Sasha ’s mother. That man was just something close to a doll that Sasha ’s mother used when she was bored. ”

”What a horrible thing to say…. ” Yuki commented, ”Put in some nice words; something like, he was just a sperm tap. ”

”… ” An uncomfortable silence descended in the room.

”Hmm… Are you alright, Yuki? ” Violet asked.

Yuki looked at Violet and smiled gently, ”Yes, I ’m fine. I ’m fine, look at my smile, I ’m great! ”

”… ” Again, a silence descended in the room.

”… Anyway. Lord Victor only killed him because he has powers of the Clan Snow which is the weakness of vampires, and because that man underestimated him, and because Kaguya helped him too. That would never happen normally… But, despite being a lazy man, he still was an older vampire, and the advantage of how long you live cannot easily be overcome. ”

”I ’m sorry, but I don ’t agree with you, ” Kaguya said.

”… Explain, ” Luna commented.

”Lord Victor fought two vampire counts and survived. That in itself is quite an achievement. If the older vampires were underestimating my Master, that ’s their fault. ”

”Hmm… ” Luna started to think.

”In a fight. Power levels matter, but that ’s not all. ” Ruby went on to explain, ”Physical conditioning, the mentality of facing the opponent, battle experience, these are all important. My husband knew how to take advantage of all the opportunities given to him, and it is because of that, this kind of result was possible. ”

”And there ’s also that transformation… ”

”… ” Violet was silent, she saw Victor ’s transformation through the recording Natalia took, and the feeling she felt when she saw it was different from anything she felt before… But, if she put her feelings into words about all this they were; she didn ’t like it.

She had a bad feeling about this transformation.

”… ” Maria, on the other hand, felt her stomach begging for food when she remembered that form of Victors; ’He looked so delicious~. ’

”!!! ” Maria woke up from her stupor and shook her head several times to get that thought out of her head.

”Oh…I understand now, thinking about it this way, this is really quite an achievement. ”

”Umu, Umu ” Violet nodded her head several times, and stopped thinking about bullshit, then she said, ”My Darling is amazing! ”

”… ” The women wore a gentle smile when they heard what Violet said.

”Come to think about it, I want the recording of that fight. I only saw it once, but I want to see it again. ” Ruby said as she looked around, ”Where ’s Natalia? ”

”Oh, she said she went to a gym in the human world, ” Maria spoke.

”Eh? Why? ”

”She ’s upset that we keep saying she ’s fat, ” Luna spoke.

”But she ’s not fat, she just has a flabby stomach, ” Ruby commented.

”Shh, don ’t comment too much, Ruby. Being a human woman is hard, you know? ” Violet commented, ”At least that ’s what I ’ve heard, but it ’s not something I care about. ”

”… Well, as an ex-human, I can say that human women suffer to keep in good shape, ” Maria spoke.

”The world is not fair, ” Ruby spoke.

”The world was never fair, ” Violet continued.

”Indeed, ” Maria nodded.

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