My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 119: The king of all vampires.

Victor exhibited a sad smile, ”I killed William, your father. ”

”!!! ” Sasha ’s body visibly trembled.

”…I see…That ’s why the girls, and even my mom, were silent about it, they were waiting for you to tell me about it. ” She spoke in a monotone.

’Natashia too? Well, it ’s really nice of her to do that. Wait, in just a few days, she knows me pretty well? ’ Victor thought.

Victor just continued stroking Sasha ’s head in silence. He avoided thinking about nonsense as much as possible and just waited for Sasha ’s reaction.


Sasha visibly sighed and snuggled closer to Victor. She closed her eyes and enjoyed this peaceful moment of hers; ’I missed it. ’

Despite trying to stay calm and not think about bullshit, Victor couldn ’t. Outwardly, he appeared to be neutral, and he had only a gentle smile on his face.

But internally? He was in chaos.

And Sasha could feel those feelings of his through their connection, just proving the point that he was very concerned about his wife ’s reaction.

Sasha exhibited a gentle smile and felt happy to have someone who cares so much about her. She liked that, she felt warm inside… She felt loved.

”Darling… ” She spoke in a soft voice.

”Yes? ”

”What would you do if Adonis hurt Violet? ”

”I would kill him. ” Victor ’s response was instantaneous.

Sasha lifted her head slightly and looked into Victor ’s eyes that were dark as if they were lifeless.

”Darling… Killing isn ’t always the answer, Violet would be sad, you know? ”

”Ugh… ” Victor made an annoyed face. He remembered that when he and Violet got back from his Date, Violet seemed worried about her father.

”Hmm… ” He started to think of an alternative other than killing the individual.

”I ’d cut off his legs and arms, and I ’d lock him up in an ice prison somewhere hidden. By doing that, he wouldn ’t die, and my wife could still see him if she wanted. ”

”… ” Sasha looked at Victor as if she didn ’t believe what he said, but after thinking for a moment, she said:

”Actually, that is a good idea. ”

”Right? ” Victor wore an innocent smile. It didn ’t even look like he was talking about a scary topic.

”Hahaha~, I don ’t know how it feels to know that I have such a scary and yet so kind husband. ” She laughed.

”No need to think too much, Honey. ” He said as he raised Sasha ’s chin.

Sasha looked into Victor ’s red eyes.

”Just be happy. ” He displayed a gentle smile that seemed to light up the entire room.

”…Oh. ” Sasha was surprised for a moment, but then she flashed a small smile, ”Just be happy, huh? ”

”Yes. ” Victor chuckled as he released her chin and pressed his forehead against Sasha ’s.

While he had his face inches away from Sasha ’s, he spoke in all his honesty:

”I ’m sorry. ”

Sasha flashed a sneaky little smile, ”Sorry about what? ”

”I ’m sorry I had to kill him. ”

”Do you regret it? ”

”Never. ”

”Why? ”

”Because he hurt one of the most important women in this world to me. ”

”Heh~, I wonder who this woman is… Actually, I wonder who these women are. ”

”Violet, Ruby, Sasha, Scathach, and my mother. ”

”Your mother Too? So are you going to practice incest? ”

”Hahaha~, don ’t be silly. You know, right? I ’m a mama ’s boy. I can ’t live without my piece of walking honesty that speaks all its mind. ”

”A Woman of great character. ”

”Indeed. ”

Sasha slowly brought the rest of herself closer to Victor, and when their lips touched, they kissed.

It was a gentle kiss, a kiss that conveyed all her love.

”…I love you, you know? ” She spoke as she kissed him.

”I know. ” He replied between kisses.

”No. You do not understand. ” She stopped kissing him, looked at Victor, and slowly her eyes began to darken.

”I really love you, really, really, really. My love is so big that sometimes I feel like I ’m being smothered by it. ”

”… ” Victor ’s body shuddered. Then, his smile slowly began to grow, and his eyes darkened completely.

”Sometimes, I have strange thoughts. ”

”Oh? Tell me your thoughts. ”

Sasha caressed Victor ’s face, ”I think; ’I want him just for me. ’, ’I should kill the other women. ’, ’I should kidnap him ’. Sometimes I feel such hatred when other women look at you, especially that princess… ”

”Ophis? ”

”Yes, I don ’t like her. I don ’t like feeling this way about a child! Ugh. Sometimes I don ’t know what to do… Tell me, Darling. What should I do? ”

”You mustn ’t do anything. ”

”Huh? ”

”Just be yourself. I like it when you ’re jealous, I like it when you love me your way, and I like it when you protect me. ”

”… ” Sasha was silent. And slowly, a feeling that had been growing since she ’d first met Victor began to release.

”Ah~. Darling~. It ’s unfair, you know! If it goes on like this, I feel like I can never let you go~. ” Her cheeks were a little red.

”Hahaha, I wasn ’t planning on leaving. ”

”That ’s good, I feel if you disappeared, I would chase you through the seven hells if I had to. ”

”You wouldn ’t be the only one to do that. ”

”Indeed, Violet, Ruby, and Scathach would go along too. ”

”My master too? ”

”Yeah. ” Sasha looked at Victor ’s reaction.

”Hmm, I think she would go along too. After all, she didn ’t finish my training. ”

”… ” Sasha was silent, but inside she thought: ’My husband is strange, for some things he is extremely perceptive, but for others, he is as dense as a diamond… Although this applies to Scathach too . ’ Somehow she couldn ’t help but laugh amusedly.

”Hahahaha~ ”

”What? ”

”It ’s nothing, I just think you ’re pretty cute at times. ”

”C-Cute? ” Victor felt that he was suddenly deaf.

”Yeah~. ” Sasha laughed even harder when she saw Victor ’s reaction.

She rested her head against Victor ’s chest.

’Cute… Me? When? Where? How? Has my wife finally gotten crazier? ’ Victor ’s mind was in chaos.

”Darling…you know. ”

”Hmm? ” Victor snapped out of his thoughts.

”I really don ’t care about my dad. ”

”… ” Victor was silent.

Sasha closed her eyes and talked about the past, ”The only memories I have of my father… Are the times he used to sleep in his room, or when he ’trained ’ me with my mother. ”

”He always had that lazy face. He always had that bored face. He looked more like a sloth than a vampire. ”

”He wasn ’t very memorable in my life. ”

”In a way, my mother was more present in my life than that man who was always sleeping. After all, despite appearing only to train me, she occasionally took me to a few places just the two of us together. ”

”… ” Victor felt that man was very useless. If he had a daughter as cute as Sasha, he would always stick around her like a hawk.

”If you asked me; ’Who was your father in your life? ’ ”

”I ’d answer: He was just a man I saw occasionally, something like an acquaintance I saw from time to time. ”

Sasha was completely honest. She didn ’t have a lot of feelings for her father. That man named William was very cold to her and just treated his daughter like a tool.

He didn ’t care about her existence, and because of that, he never tried to get close to her since she was born.

”…well-. ” Victor was going to say; ’I ’m glad I killed him then ’ but he was silent. That would just be disrespectful to Sasha. Even if that man meant nothing to Sasha, he was still the sperm donor that made it possible for a woman as amazing as Sasha to be born. He deserves at least a little bit of respect.

’William, you have my respect. I respect you just as I respect my elementary school teachers. After all, you taught me something useful today… ’ Victor looked at the bedroom ceiling; ’If one day I have a daughter… I ’ll do my best to be close to her and not be like you. ’

’Umu, rejoice, you were useful for something. ’

What was that about Victor ’s teachers from elementary school? It was basically something along the lines of; ’they taught me the A, B, C, D. They have my respect. ’

But the question is: did Victor remember them? Of course not. If the respect he had for Scathach was something like 100. The respect he had for his teachers in elementary school was 1.

It ’s something like, ’Thank you, you taught me something useful… Anyway… ’ Soon Victor got on with his life and forgot about the man.

”…So, Darling. ” Sasha opened her eyes and looked at Victor with a gentle, loving look.

She gently caressed Victor ’s face:

”No need to blame yourself, or feel responsible. ”

”Thank you so much for getting mad for me… ”

”I love you. ” Sasha smiled. Her smile was so bright that it was like he was standing in front of a gentle goddess who forgave all his sins.

”… ” Victor displayed an expression of shock, and somehow he felt more… relieved. It was as if a huge weight had been removed from his chest.

Unconsciously, small tears began to fall from his face.

”No need to cry, Darling. My god, what do I do with you? You ’re so cute sometimes. Keep this up, and I might fall even deeper in love with you~. ” She laughed and kissed Victor ’s lips.

”…? ” While kissing Sasha, he touched his face and saw that he really was crying.

Sasha stopped kissing Victor and looked at his shocked expression:

”What is it? What ’s with this look of someone who has just discovered the truth of the world? ”

”N-Nothing… It ’s just been a long time… ”

”Long time since what? ”

”Long time since I last cried. ”

”Oh, is that a good thing? ”

”I don ’t know, but… ” He clenched his hand tightly, ”I ’m glad I made that expression just for the one I love. ”

”…You ’re weird sometimes, Darling. ”

”Hahaha, get used to it. ”

”I will. ”

This time, Victor took the initiative and kissed Sasha. A war of tongues happened, and it lasted for a few minutes until…

”VICTOR!! COME HERE, NOW! ” Scathach ’s voice was heard by everyone in the mansion.

Crack, Crack.

Her voice was so loud that some of the glass in the room Victor and Sasha were in cracked.

”She sounds angry, ” Victor spoke.

”Yes… ” Sasha made an annoyed face, she was having a good time now!

”Hahaha~, don ’t make that face, Honey… Or I ’ll fall in love with you more. ” He kissed her cheek.

”Ugh… ” She pouted.

Victor pats her thigh, ”Stand up. We need to go. If my master called me like that, it ’s because something happened. ”

”Oh, that might be true… ”


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