My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 120: The king of all vampires. 2

The king of all vampires, the Progenitor, the strongest creature on Earth, the being that has walked the Earth for over 5000 years, the king of immortal creatures, the true immortal. He has many titles that beings have given him, he has many forms, and few people have seen his true form.

As the Progenitor, all vampires came from him. He is the beginning of everything, the strongest vampire in existence.

The creature that even hunters don ’t dare fight if they do not have all the generals together, and even if it brought together all the generals and pope to fight this monster, the chances of killing it was almost nil.

In fact, people wonder if it ’s possible to kill this man… Wrong, this monster.

In his lifetime, he had many names that he gave himself over the millennia. As a creature that outlives all other beings, he saw no need to have only one name in his long existence.

But that all changed the day he met a certain man, and while interacting with that man for a while, the strongest creature alive finally decided to choose a name for himself.

Vlad Tepes, King of the Vampires… And that ’s how he ’s been known till this day.

And this man, this king, was calling… Wrong, he ordered a certain man to come to his castle today.

In a ridiculously large castle that looks like it was made millennia ago, a man and a woman were walking towards the king ’s throne room.

”Victor, don ’t attack the princes. And especially don ’t look at the princesses. ” Scathach ordered him.

”Yes, I know. And I would never look at princesses, I ’m married. ” Victor smiled and replied to his master.

”No, you don ’t know… ” She sighed when she saw his smile. Did she know he wouldn ’t look at the princesses but attack the princes? That ’s another matter entirely.

She regrets a little now that she influenced him a lot, just a little…

She looked straight ahead and assumed an annoyed expression. She clearly wasn ’t enjoying being in this place, though the reason she wasn ’t enjoying it was…

’I need to keep the princesses away from him… ’

”HmmHmmmHmmm~ ” Victor had a big smile on his face as he walked calmly behind Scathach. He was so excited! How could he not be!?

He gets to see the strongest creature alive on Earth!

His eyes glowed blood red. He wanted to see it… He wanted to see a glimpse of the top, he wanted to see in person the man that even Scathach respects.

Scathach looked at her disciple again and flashed an approving smile. She knew immediately what he was thinking. How did she know?

Because she felt the same way when she visited this castle 2000 years ago. She was very excited. She wanted to see the top. She wanted to see the being that everyone, even in her time, respected as the strongest.

’Well… Maybe that ’s not a bad thing… If my disciple sees that man, maybe he ’ll be more excited about training, and if he gets stronger, maybe… ’ She thought of something at the end, but she shook her head, denying her thoughts. She looked straight ahead again with a serious face:

’I ’m hurrying, it ’s still too early for him. No matter what kind of monstrous genius he is, the time barrier cannot be overcome. ’

Biologically, every 500 years, a vampire would experience a boost in power and potential, and this was something that could not be easily overcome by younger vampires. They needed to get older. They needed to train and improve their skills, and just like that, they got stronger.

Vlad Tepes has seven children he sired with several different women. He has four sons and three daughters, all of which were present today in response to their father ’s call.

”It ’s rare for Father to call upon all of us to gather together like this… ” Lucas Tepes, the second prince, spoke.

”… ” Saul Tepes, the third prince, looked at his father, who was sitting on his throne. ’Why did he call us? He only does this when he wants to show us something… ’

”Silence, Lucas. ” Theo Tepes, the first prince, ordered. He was the eldest of the king ’s sons.

”Tsk, don ’t boss me around. ” Lucas clicked his tongue and glared at his brother, with his eyes glowing blood red.

”Are you planning to fight? In the presence of our father? ” Adam Tepes, the fourth prince, asked. Despite being the youngest son, he was the wisest of the four princes.

”… ” Lucas was silent and quickly calmed down.

All princes were over 1000 years old except for the fourth prince, who was the youngest.

The first prince, Theo Tepes, is 3000 years old and one of the eldest vampires.

Next, we have the second prince, Lucas Tepes, who is 2000 years old.

Then there is the third prince, Saul Tepes, who is 1000 years old.

And the fourth prince, Adam Tepes, who is the youngest of the brothers and has just reached adulthood. He is 500 years old.

”Princes, please maintain the appearance expected of royalty. ” Suddenly, they heard the voice of a man standing beside the king. The man had bright golden hair and was wearing an immaculate white suit.

Interestingly, this man kept his eyes closed as he ’looked ’ towards the princes.

This man ’s name was Alexios Alioth, the right hand of Vlad Tepes and also the father of Natalia Alioth.

Interestingly, the trusted right hand of the king of all vampires was a human.

”…Yes, Alex. ” The three princes, except the first prince, spoke at the same time.

”Well… That ’s not a good sign. ” Elizabeth, the second princess who was beside her brothers, said. She was very nervous. This was the first time she had seen her brothers all together.

”… ” Ophis, the third princess, ignored everything and looked at her father, who was sitting on his throne. ’Father… ’ She wanted to go towards him but was too scared to do so.

After all, her father never paid attention to her…

”Snif… ” Unconsciously, small tears threatened to fall from her face, but she was a strong girl. She wouldn ’t cry about it! She was used to it…

Quickly, she wiped her eyes and looked away and decided to ignore everything.

”Boring… I thought something interesting was going to happen, but nothing happened. Maybe I ’ll go back to sleep… ” Muttered a woman with long black hair like pure darkness that flowed to the ground. She had violet eyes and a sinful body that looked like she was the offspring of a succubus.

She was Elizabeth ’s older sister, and as perceived by the woman ’s appearance, seeing as she was nearly identical to Elizabeth herself, it was obvious that they shared the same mother as well.

This woman ’s name was Lilith Tepes.

”Countess Scathach Scarlett and her disciple Victor Walker have arrived! ” They heard an announcement.

”W-Wh- ” Elizabeth didn ’t know what to think. ’He ’s coming here!? That crazy man!? ’

”… ” Ophis looked at the door with her eyes glowing blood red; ’Father… ’

”Oh…? ” Seeing her sisters ’ reaction, Lilith was a little interested.

”S-Scathach… ” The third and fourth prince stuttered at the same time.

”That monster… Is she coming? ” The second prince spoke as his body seemed to be shaking a little.

”Disciple… A new one? ” The first prince spoke in a low voice.

Soon, everyone could hear footsteps, and a woman with long red hair accompanied by a tall man was seen.

The man had a big smile on his face that showed all of his sharp teeth. His eyes were blood red, and he was just staring at one specific place. He was ignoring everything and everyone.

The princes looked at Victor with curiosity, evaluating the new disciple of Scathach. After all, they know that woman does not accept teaching people who lack talent.

’Wait… Isn ’t he that man who fought in the arena? ’ The princes immediately recognized Victor.

’That vampire who has the three powers of the Counts… ’ Lilith ’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Scathach stopped at a place far from the king along with Victor and spoke without bowing or showing respect:

”Hey, old man. I brought him. ” She looked at the man who was sitting on the black throne with red accents. He seemed to have his eyes closed, and a shadow was hiding his face.

Everyone was used to Scathach ’s lack of respect, and they didn ’t dare question the woman. They didn ’t want to go through hell again.

The King opened his eyes and looked at Victor with his blood red eyes.

”!!! ” Victor ’s whole body visibly shook, he could feel… He could feel it!

The king did nothing. He just looked at him. But with just that one look, he knew. That man… Wrong, that monster was powerful! Extremely powerful.

”Ahhh~, I knew it~… I knew it! ” Victor ignored everyone and walked towards the king.

The man still did nothing. He just continued to look at him. But still, with just that look, he knew. That man… that monster is really, really powerful!

The king raised his eyebrow in amusement. Somehow this scene reminded him of something that happened in the past.

”… ” The hall was silent. All that could be heard was the sound of Victor ’s footsteps approaching the king. No one could utter a word. The only thing that crossed the minds of the princes and princesses was, ’Is this man crazy?! Does he have a death wish?! ’

”Insolence! What do you think you are doing? Return to your position at once! To dare show such disrespect before His Majesty! ” Two royal guards suddenly appeared and tried to stop Victor, but Victor just walked past the bodies of the guards as if the two guards didn ’t exist.

”H-Huh? ”

The two guards quickly turned around to try to stop Victor again. However, when they touched his body, the guard ’s hand phased through Victor ’s body, like he didn ’t even exist!

”Heh~ ” Scathach immediately understood what Victor was doing; ’He matched the lightning speed with my technique. To everyone, the guard seems to be going through his body, but actually, Victor was just too fast. ’

In an action of milliseconds, Victor took three steps backwards and returned to his original position. When he did, everyone thought he was intangible, but it was just a simple speed trick.

’Tsk. Natashia ’s blood had unexpected effects, huh? ’ She clicked her tongue in annoyance.

Victor arrived in the distance where the king ’s first son stood.

Suddenly, the king ’s eyes seemed to glow a little brighter.

And soon, the world around Victor grew heavier.

Crack, Crack.

The ground around Victor began to crack.

”This is… ”

”Father… ” The second and third princes gulped.


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