My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 122: My mother-in-law is obsessed with me.

ize. Very different from her daughter, who was a sizeable F-Cup and had a more curvaceous body.

’Wait, she must be bigger now? ’ Ruby thought.

”What did you do after the night with our Darling? ”

”I sucked his blood like I always do every night. ”

”Maybe it is that? ” Sasha asked.

”Come to think of it, I was feeling the clothes I always wore were a little tighter than usual… ” Somehow Violet was getting excited:

”Let ’s take our measurements! ”

”That ’s a good idea. ” Ruby and Sasha spoke.

Pepper, who was watching all this, muttered, ”…As expected, is he a hentai protagonist? But if he were a hentai protagonist, he would have already attacked all the women he came across, and my mother would have definitely eliminated him. After all, she doesn ’t like degenerate men… Hmm, hard to say. ”

”Well, whatever. I ’ll go back to reading. ” Pepper lay down again.

While the meeting of the King and Victor was taking place, a certain incident was taking place at Clan Fulger ’s mansion.

Natasha Fulger… Or rather, Natashia Fulger went home and started cleaning up her Clan.

”Wife, what are you doing? Why are you-…. ”


Natashia slit the man ’s throat, preventing him from speaking.

”Shhh, only one person can talk to me like that right now. You ’re not allowed to, so just die silently, okay? ” She displayed a gentle smile.

This view would have been beautiful if her face weren ’t covered in blood along with her white dress.

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia ’s hands are covered in lightning, and she gently touches her ex-husband ’s face, ”Goodbye… Hmm… What was your name again? ”

”Whatever. ”


A small flash of lightning happened, and the man ’s head disappeared from existence.

She killed him… she killed her own husband.

She touched her chin and started to think, ”Hmm, my other husband is running away, and I ’m feeling some bugs running away too… I ’m too lazy to chase after them slowly. I have a lot of work to do after all… ”

”My husband wouldn ’t want me to keep him waiting so long~. ” She displayed a distorted smile that was bathed in blood.

Natashia ’s eyes glowed a golden light for a moment:

”Let ’s finish this in a flash… ”

Rumble, Rumble!

Her body was spontaneously covered in lightning, and soon she disappeared, leaving behind only golden trails, and in less than a few seconds, she had cleaned all the bugs from her house.

The only one left was her last husband.

”Wife, why are you doing this!? ” The man screamed as he pissed himself in fear of Natashia ’s current appearance.

Despite previously wearing a white dress that signified purity, Natashia ’s entire dress was now dyed red, while only small patches of the previous white were still visible, accompanying her lifeless eyes. He had never seen this woman like this before!

”Hmm? It is not obvious? ”

”H-Huh? ”

”I ’m eliminating all the bugs that bothered my dear daughter~. ”

”Sasha…? But I didn ’t do anything to her! I barely spoke to her! ”

”Hmm… That ’s true. ” She touched her chin and began to think, ”My beloved husband told me to be a good mother, a good woman, a good clan leader, and a good wife, and if I were all that, he would give me a son that would be the fruit of our love… But, wait, if I have a child with my daughter ’s husband, will I be a grandmother? Or will I be a mother? Huh? ”

”Whatever. ” She gave up thinking.

… She completely distorted what Victor said…

”Hmm? Are you still alive? ”

”… ” This woman was very irrational! The man wanted to cry now.

”Anyway. Send greetings to King Yama, Lucifer, Hades, or any king of hell you know, See ya. ” She pointed her palm towards the man, and soon a beam of lightning shot out of her hand.

”N-NOOOOOOOOO- ” She obliterated the man ’s torso from existence.

”…Strange, I don ’t feel my power harming my body… Is it because of my husband ’s blood? I feel like I can use my power for a long time now. ”

”As expected, my husband is the best! ” She jumped up happily like an excited child.

If anyone saw the sight of a woman wearing a white dress covered in blood bouncing happily while her eyes were lifeless, they would definitely run in fear.

Soon the woman stopped jumping and assumed a serious expression:

”Well… I destroyed all of Clan Fulger ’s bugs. The ones that are left were just the most loyal servants who ’ve been with me for a long time, but organizing my entire clan will take a long time, and I don ’t want to be away too long from my daughter and my husband… Hmm… ” She started to think again, and suddenly a light bulb flashed in her head.

”Didn ’t I have a sister who was useless and was exiled because she didn ’t have the power of lightning? I remember she is very rich now, she can help me… Yes, that ’s a good idea! I will make her go back to Clan Fulger! If I ’m not mistaken, she has a child now too. ”

”Tetsu? Tyuya? Tsuyu? Yutsu? What was his name again? Hmm… ” Her head didn ’t seem to register anything that wasn ’t involved with her daughter and Victor.

”Whatever. ” She gave up thinking again.

Sensing her subordinates approaching, she says:

”I will visit my sister. Take care of this mess. When I get back, I want the mansion spotless, is that clear? ”

”Yes, Lady Natashia! ”

Rumble, Rumble!

Natashia suddenly rose to the skies and flew towards her sister ’s house.

This was a technique she learned from watching Victor. For her, who had mastered the power of her clan, it was quite an easy feat to replicate it.

When Natashia left, a subordinate of hers said in a happy tone:

”Finally, she woke up, it was about time! I was tired of taking orders from these pieces of garbage! ” The man spat on the corpse of Natashia ’s ex-husband.

”Hahaha, I understand you friend, I really understand you. ”

”…But hasn ’t her personality changed too much? ” another man asks.

”Really? She looks like the same crazy strong woman I know. ” the man who kicked the corpse responded.

”Hmm… ”

”Hahaha, don ’t think too much. With Lady Natashia awake, our Clan will be able to regain the count title quickly. ”

”OOHHH! ” They started to get excited.


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