Rumble, Rumble!


Victor landed in front of Scathach ’s mansion and casually created a small crater as a result…

”Hmm, my power got stronger again. ” He looked at the hole and started to think that because this happened, he remembered that he could control his lightning power more easily, but now it seemed that the lightning power had gotten stronger and more indomitable like a wild horse.

”… Natashia ’s blood. ” Scathach ’s face twitched a little.

”Ah. ”

Scathach looked at Victor,

”Haven ’t you noticed this before? You used your lightning before in the throne room. You even managed to easily dodge those guards. ”

”Hmm. ” Victor put his hand to his chin and remembered that something like this had happened, ”I was too focused on Vlad at the time that I didn ’t realize what I did. ”

Scathach raised an eyebrow, ”…Did you combine my technique with the power of lightning so naturally without realizing it? ”

”Yes…? ” Victor turned his head, not understanding, ”Isn ’t that the same thing as combining it with the power of ice? ”

”Sigh… Seriously, you… ” Scathach didn ’t know what to say. She couldn ’t tell if her disciple was a genius or an idiot sometimes. How does he do things without noticing?

’…Come to think of it, I ’ve done the same thing before in the past… ’ Scathach just realized that they really were a lot alike.

”Anyway, let ’s go. ” Victor lifted Scathach like a princess and jumped out of the crater.

”W-Wait. ” Victor ’s sudden action left Scathach flustered. Normally she would be able to react quickly to avoid such a situation. But for some reason, she didn ’t feel like doing so.

Victor flashed a small, imperceptible smile on his face when he saw Scathach ’s face.

Upon exiting the crater, Victor soon placed Scathach on the ground and walked ahead of her towards the mansion entrance.

”… ” Scathach stared at her disciple ’s broad back. Unconsciously, she placed her hand on her frantically beating heart. ’What is this? ’ She couldn ’t understand what was happening to her. ’Were Victor ’s shoulders always this broad before…? ’

”What are you doing, Scathach? Are you not coming? ” Victor turned and looked at Scathach.

Seeing the gentle smile on Victor ’s face, her heart began to beat faster. ”Mm. ” Her response was surprisingly meek.

Victor ’s smile grew as he extended his hand, ”Let ’s go to our house? ”

Hearing the word ’our house ’. Her heart started pounding fiercely, and her ears turned a little red; ’Ahhh~, I don ’t know anymore! I ’ll think about it later. ’ She was never good with this feelings business. In the end, she gave up thinking.

Soon she walked towards Victor.

When Victor appeared in the room next to Scathach, he was suddenly attacked by three white, red, and blonde colored rockets!

”Darling!!! ”

”Oof… ” Victor fell to the ground, and, for a moment, he was breathless.

”Hahahaha~. Violet, I understand, but Ruby and Sasha too? ” He chuckled in amusement when he saw the faces of his wives; he felt so happy now.

”Forget it! Explain what happened!? ” Ruby yelled.

”Yes, Yes! ” Violet nodded several times.

”How did you become a Count!? Explain! Now! ” Sasha yelled.

”Yes, Yes! ” Violet nodded furiously.

”… Pfft… HAHAHAHAHA~ ” Unable to take it anymore, he laughed in amusement.

”Stop laughing! ” The three-spoke.

”… ” Scathach ’s brow twitched, she didn ’t like this sight at all.

”Tsk. ” She turned her face away. For a moment, she felt an immense desire to kill the three women, and one of them was her daughter! Her beloved daughter! Is she crazy!? To prevent something tragic from happening, she ignored it.

”…This is turning into something dangerous… ” Siena spoke when she saw their mother ’s reaction. ’Although I have full confidence that my mother won ’t do any harm to her daughters, she ’s just too overprotective to do that. ’

”Yes… ” Lacus and Pepper agreed.

”Welcome back, Mother. ” The three spoke at the same time.

”… ” Scathach looked at her daughters, her precious daughters, and she displayed a gentle smile, ”I ’m back. ” Somehow she was calmer now.

Scathach looked at the four women, Kaguya, Yuki, Natalia, and Maria, who walked towards Victor.

”Master… You ’re back. ” Kaguya said

”Hmm? Hello, my maid, I can pay your salary now. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”… ” Victor ’s words put a smile on Kaguya ’s face.

”Of course, I haven ’t forgotten my debt to you, greedy witch, ” Victor spoke as he looked at June. ”I ’ll pay you too. ”

”… That ’s nice. ” She displayed a little satisfied smile.

”… ” Natalia was staring at Victor quite brazenly; ’A new Count… A new Count… What did the king see in him? ’ Her eyes were bright with curiosity.

”Master, what about me? ” Yuki raised her hand.

”Hmm? But don ’t you get a salary from Clan Snow? ”

”Yes… ” Yuki lowered his head shyly.

”And do you want me to pay for you too? ”

”…Yes… ”


”… ” Hearing Victor ’s laugh, Yuki ’s face turned pure red. She knew she was being brazen, but who ’s going to refuse money!? And she is a woman! She needs money!

”Fine, I ’ll pay you too. ”

”Yes…! ” She did a small victory action with her fist.

”Master… And me? ” Maria ’s eyes sparkled.

”You too? Isn ’t Sasha paying you? ”

”…Well… ” Maria turned her face away.

”Sasha… ” Victor looked at his wife.

”Why should I pay my enemy!? ”

”Even enemies need money, tell me… ” He looked at Maria ’s maid outfit that looked quite worn, ”How long has she been wearing this same outfit? ”

”…Well… ” Sasha turned her face away and didn ’t answer Victor ’s question.

”As a woman, you understand that she needs at least one change of clothes, right? ”

”Yes… ” Sasha pouted.

”HAHAHAHA~, don ’t make that face, I ’m not judging you or anything, you can do whatever you want, and I ’ll support you 100%… Wrong, 1000% ” Victor exhibited a gentle smile at the end.

”Darling… ” Sasha ’s eyes sparkled lovingly.

”But even if she ’s your enemy, she ’s helping you now. She deserves at least a bit of respect. ” Victor suddenly started to float, and slowly, he started to get up. It was like he was a vampire coming out of a coffin.

Violet, Sasha, and Ruby walked away from Victor.

Victor cracked his neck a little, then he looked at Maria, ”I ’ll pay you. It won ’t be a big salary like my maids, but it will be enough for you to buy new clothes and everything you need. ”

”Thank you, Master… ” Maria exhibited a gentle smile. She knew she didn ’t deserve it; after all, her actions condemned her. Because of that, she was so happy when she saw how kind her master was!

’Wait, he is not my master! ’ She shook her head several times, as she seemed to have her own issues too.

”Umu! Anyway, let ’s sit down, we need to talk. ”

After an hour, Victor recounted everything that had happened in detail to all the women present.

Victor was sitting on an ice throne with his legs crossed while Ruby and Sasha were on his lap, wanting to be pampered!

And that was something Victor gladly did. He looked out of the corner of his eye at Violet, who was sitting next to Pepper, and flashed a gentle smile. ’She ’s being thoughtful, huh? ’

He understood a little of Violet ’s thoughts. Although she was jealous, she wanted to give Sasha and Ruby space to have their moment with Victor.

”Unbelievable… ” Siena facepalmed.

”Master, you are crazy, ” Kaguya spoke in a dry tone.

”M-Master attacked the king… ” Yuki was looking at the ceiling with a look of disbelief.

”Victor, are you not aware of the danger? ” Lacus asked.

”HAHAHAHA~ ” Victor ’s laugh answered the women ’s questions.

”… ” June looked at Victor with eyes in the form of money; ’I knew he would become great, but who would have thought he would become a Count!? I smell the money! I can feel it! A gold mine is in front of me! ’

All that was on the greedy witch ’s mind was money…

Natalia had another thought; ’Why didn ’t my father do anything? ’ Knowing her father as she does, she knew that man was fanatical about the king. He wouldn ’t allow that kind of disrespect. If even he didn ’t do anything, it meant the king wanted it to happen.

’The king wanted to show his children something… ’ She thought about it because it was quite rare for the king to gather all of his children.

”Cool… ” Pepper ’s eyes were shining like a child who had found an idol. She seemed to have entered her own world.

”… ” Ruby, Lacus, and Siena seeing this spoke in unison:

”Victor/Darling, don ’t corrupt Pepper! ”

”…Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand; he hadn ’t done anything.

”Look! ” All three pointed at Pepper.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Pepper.

”She ’s a goner… ” Sasha spoke in a low voice as she leaned her head against Victor ’s chest.

”She looks like those kids who found an idol to admire… Although the idol she chose is quite questionable… ” Violet said.

”Yes… ” Ruby, Siena, and Lacus agreed with Violet.

”…What do you think, Scathach? ” Victor asked his mother-in-law ’s opinion.

”!!! ” Ruby, Violet, and Sasha felt a bad feeling when they heard the way Victor called Scathach… Somehow, the way he called Scathach was different now than before.

’…Looks like Lady Lacus, Pepper and Siena will have a new father in the future… ’ Luna flashed a slight smile when she saw the face Scathach made for a few seconds when Victor called her name.

’Wait… And Ruby? What will she be to Victor? Huh? Ehhh? ’ Luna ’s head seemed to have collapsed.

”Hmm? ” Scathach, who was sitting on a throne resembling Victor ’s, looked at Pepper.

”Oh? ” She exhibited a small smile. ”That ’s good. If she continues like this, she ’ll get stronger. ”

”Hmm… ” Victor thought for a moment, then said, ”But if she becomes like me, she ’ll need to train. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, ”Her current state now… It ’s just disappointing. ”

”…You ’re correct… ” Scathach ’s eyes sparkled in a way similar to Victor ’s.

”Fueeee? ” Pepper, who was in her own world, woke up when she felt the eyes of her mother and Victor.

”Oh Fuck. ” The three sisters facepalmed as they just realized that they dug their dear sister ’s own grave.

”…W-Well, I have to go back to my room… ” Pepper had a bad feeling when she saw the look of her mother and Victor.

The looks of the two were scary! Their smiles were scary! Why is none of her family normal!?

And then she did what she thought was best.

”Bye!!! ”

She ran away…


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