My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 138: A man of culture.

Current location.

Scathach ’s mansion, in a ridiculously huge room.

”Shit. Shit. ” Victor was walking from one side of the room to the other, Seemingly very worried about something.

”…This is the first time I ’ve seen Victor react like that, what happened? ” Siena spoke when she appeared, along with Scathach and Luna.

”Master is worried about what he ’s going to say to his family… After all, his appearance has changed a lot. ” Kaguya replied.

”Oh…can ’t he just use his powers? I mean, he could solve this easily with his Vampiric Charm. ”

”… ” Lacus and Pepper looked at their sister.

”…What? ”

”Victor would never do that. He ’s very overprotective of his family, and, in his mind, by using his powers on his family, it ’s a way of harming his own family. ” Lacus explained.

”Oh…that makes sense. ” Siena thought it made sense, even though she didn ’t understand Victor ’s feelings, considering she had no human relatives.

”Hmm… He ’ll be going back, huh… ” Scathach muttered and seemed to be thinking of something.

”… ” Siena stared at her mother with a dry look while she was thinking; ’She won ’t let me handle all the work again, right? ’

”… Snif. ”

”…? ” Siena looked to the side and saw Yuki sitting in a fetal position. She looked despondent, as she was emanating a depressive aura.

”What happened to her? ”

”She ’s sad because she ’s going home. ” Kaguya exhibited an imperceptibly small smile. She was definitely happy that Yuki wasn ’t going to come to the human world with her master.

”Oh? Why is she going home? ” Siena asked curiously.

”Well, she hasn ’t finished her maid training yet. ” Kaguya spoke, then she continued, ”And originally, she was only going to serve my master while he was in the vampire world. And the other reason is, now that my master is a Count, he must seek out his own subordinates. ” She only spoke truths, but for some reason, she seemed to have hit Siena.

”…True…He ’s a Count now… ” Siena was suddenly quite depressed, ”A vampire, a little more than six months old, has become a Count…Hahahahahahahaha… ” Siena joined in with Yuki, and the depressive aura seemed to get bigger.

”…? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand Siena ’s reaction.


”!!? ” The women looked at Victor, who suddenly screamed.

”You know what!? Screw this! I ’ll just tell them the truth, they ’ll handle it somehow! ” In the end, Victor gave up thinking…

He gave up too fast!

”Master, are you sure about this? After all, once they know, there ’s no turning back. ”

”Yes, I am, ” Victor spoke in a serious tone.

”What about their safety? ” Kaguya asked.

”Well, Violet left vampires around my parents ’ house to protect them, but I guess that ’s not enough… ” Victor was thinking that having strong underlings now would be very helpful.

”Yes, Master is a Count now, which means that eventually stronger enemies will show up. Those vampires won ’t be strong enough to deal with bigger threats. ” Kaguya spoke.

”I just have to make some vampires to take care of my parents, right? ” Victor also thought about recruiting some stronger vampires in the future as servants. Of course, as he didn ’t want men near his wives, he would recruit women.

”…. ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the room.

”Heh~… ” Scathach looked at Victor menacingly. She didn ’t like what she heard at all.

”Master… ” Kaguya facepalmed.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand, but when he thought about it, ”Oh… ” He understood.

Basically, what he said implied that he would create new vampires to be part of his Clan, and knowing Victor ’s personality didn ’t like men around his wives, the girls knew he wouldn ’t turn men into servants, which means more girls…

Victor ignored Scathach ’s menacing look and began to think, ”A squad of maids… ” Somehow that thought put a big smile on his face.

’With the money I received yesterday from the king ’s servant, I can hire some witches to enchant the maids ’ clothes… ’ Victor thought it was a good idea, and thinking of the reward he received yesterday, he couldn ’t help but be a little surprised.

Yesterday Natalia ’s father visited Victor and handed him an absurd amount of money in the form of a black credit card with the symbol of a bat, and also a map of all Nightingale, along with a letter from the king that said:

”You are a Count responsible for exploring new lands, you will need a lot of money and this map. Take good care of the map, it is important…

PS: stay away from my daughters. ”

For some reason, Victor thought that the king ’s real objective in sending the letter to him was the warning at the end of the letter.

’Don ’t worry, Vlad. I ’m married, I would never be interested in your daughters! ’ Victor didn ’t want to have a father-in-law like Vlad. For him, an old man with family problems of more than 5000 thousand years is a big ’NO ’.

He didn ’t want to get into the mess that was Vlad ’s family.

Kaguya and Scathach ’s ears seemed to have grown for a few seconds, ”Master… Did you say, maid squad…? ”

”Umu? ” Victor stopped thinking and looked at Kaguya, and seeing her red eyes, Victor smiled, ”Yes, what do you think, my maid? Do you want to have a squad of maids as subordinates? ”

”… ” Kaguya was silent, but her red eyes seemed to have increased in intensity, and she was obviously interested.

”Victor… ” Suddenly Victor felt Scathach touching his shoulder.

Crack, Crack.

His shoulder broke in Scathach ’s grip.

”…My mom is scary… She ’s scarier than before. ” Pepper hid behind Siena with a look of fear.

”… ” Siena and Lacus couldn ’t help but agree with Pepper ’s words. What is that dark aura? And that lifeless look? Isn ’t she scarier than before!?

Victor is definitely not a good influence! Look what he did to their innocent mother!

”Yes, Scathach? ” Victor ignored the pain in his shoulder and smiled.

”…What did you say you were going to do…? ” The gleam in Scathach ’s eyes seemed to have grown stronger.

Victor ’s smile widens, and he suddenly does something that stuns all the women.

He turns quickly, he takes Scathach ’s hand and pulls it away, then he hugs her.

”Eh…? ” Scathach did not expect this.

”Don ’t think about all that nonsense, I ’m just worried about my parents. With my current position now, and my personality, I ’m 100% sure I will make enemies… I need to protect them, you know? ” Victor spoke in a voice close to her ear. He pulled back a little and caressed Scathach ’s face as he displayed a gentle smile.

Ba-dump, Bad-dump!

”Like you, they are very important to me. I don ’t want harm to befall them because of me. ”

Seeing Victor ’s gentle smile and hearing his words, Scathach ’s heart was beating like crazy, and she couldn ’t form coherent thoughts. Her mind was totally blank, and she even forgot where she was.

”… O-Oh. ” She turned her face away, which was now a little red.

”… ” ’She became more meek!? What the fuck!? Where is that bloodthirsty woman!? ’ The daughters could not believe what they were seeing.

Kaguya just looked at everything with a dry look. ”Tsk. ” But she can ’t help clicking her tongue in annoyance.

”Darling… Why are you hugging my mom? ” Ruby ’s voice was cold as ice.

Hearing Ruby ’s voice, the group looked at her.

Soon they saw Ruby, Sasha, and Violet who were accompanied by Maria, June, and Natalia, they were bringing a lot of suitcases with them.

”Oh, my daughter. ” Scathach ’s eyes seemed to glow for a moment, and she took the initiative to hug Victor, ”Don ’t worry, I ’m just saying goodbye to my disciple. ” For some reason, she felt a sense of competitiveness.

”…I see… ” Ruby, Sasha, and Violet ’s eyes were as dark as a black hole. They had agreed to leave this messy situation to Victor, but…somewhere in their heart, they still didn ’t like it.

”Heh~ ” Scathach exhibited a creepy smile.

”… ” The atmosphere around was very tense, and people felt that a single wrong move could cause a battle to erupt.


Maria, Natalia, and Luna gulped. They didn ’t want to be caught in the crossfire between these women.

”HAHAHAHA~ ” Suddenly Victor laughed out loud.

”…? ” All the group ’s attention was turned to Victor.

Victor hugs Scathach tighter, he spends a few seconds hugging her, and then he says:

”I will miss you… ”

”Hmm… ” Somehow Victor ’s action made her more embarrassed. Now that she was more aware, she realized she was hugging Victor in front of her daughters!

”… ” The wives ’ eyes narrowed a little at the sight.

Victor suddenly stopped hugging Scathach and kissed her cheek:

”I have to go now, Scathach. ” Then he turned and walked towards his wives.

”Eh…? ” Scathach just stared at Victor ’s back in amazement.

”Are you ready? ” Victor displayed a gentle smile that could soothe the heart of even the worst monster in the world.

”Yes… ” Their answers were quite tame since they were somehow caught off guard by Victor ’s smile.

”Good. ” He continued with the same smile and looked at Natalia, ”Let ’s go. ”

”Yes, Count Alucard. ”

Victor ’s eyes twitched a little, ”…Aren ’t you going to change the way you call me? ”

”You are a Count now, ” Natalia replied with a gentle smile.

”… Do whatever you want. ” Victor had given up since he knew it was impossible to change a maid ’s mindset.

”I will. ”

Kaguya suddenly turned to shadows and went into Victor ’s shadow.

Natalia snapped her fingers, and soon a large portal was created.

”This is amazing, no matter how many times I see it… ”

”It ’s my clan ’s pride. ” Natalia seemed to puff out her chest a little.

”An Incredible skill, indeed… ” Victor exhibited a gentle smile, then he turned back and looked at Luna, Yuki, Siena, Lacus, Pepper, and Scathach.

He displayed a small smile and said in a playful tone, ”I ’ll see you in the future. ” Soon after, he turned and entered the portal with the group. They didn ’t require long goodbyes; after all, this wasn ’t goodbye. He was just going home, and he wasn ’t very good with goodbyes.

Besides, Ruby, Sasha, and Violet had already said their goodbyes to the other girls.

The last to pass through the portal was Natalia, and then the portal was closed.

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the room.

”Ah… He ’s gone… ” Lacus said.

”…The house is suddenly so quiet… ” Pepper felt uncomfortable.

Lacus, Siena, and Luna agreed with Pepper. They had somehow gotten used to the noisy mansion.

Scathach kept watching the place where Victor disappeared from while she had several thoughts running through her head.

”Luna, prepare everything, we ’re heading back to our territory, ” she suddenly spoke, then she walked towards her room.

”Yes! ”

”And, girl from Clan Snow. ” She spoke without turning around.

”Yes? ”

”Aren ’t you going home? ”

”Yes… ” Yuki got up from the ground, then she left the mansion without looking back.

”…Mother ’s mood seems to be very bad, ” Siena spoke with an uncomfortable face.

”Yes… ” Lacus and Pepper agreed and had the same feeling as their older sister.

”But she ’ll be fine, it ’s not like she ’s going to freak out because she won ’t see Victor for a few months, right? ” Pepper laughed.

”… ” Lacus, Luna, and Siena didn ’t respond and just fell silent.

”…Right? ” She asked again.

”… ” Everyone was silent.

Somehow, the women ’s lack of responses made Pepper very concerned.

When Yuki came out of the mansion and was a bit far from Scathach ’s territory, suddenly her shadow seemed to grow, ”Oda? ”

[Yes.] The shadow spoke in Yuki ’s mind.

”What are you doing here? ”

[Countess Agnes is coming here looking for the new Count, I came first as an escort.]

”Oh, tell the countess that the new Count has returned to the human world, and my services are no longer needed. ” She spoke in a neutral tone but contained some sadness.

”I ’m coming home too. ”

[Okay… I ’ll leave some subordinates just for protection.] Despite being a Snow Clan Maid, Yuki was still from the main Clan. She had a slightly higher status than Oda, who was from a subordinate Clan to the Snow Clan.

”Thanks. ” Yuki exhibited a small smile.

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