My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 146: The Lost Club.

Arriving in the room where his wives were, Victor opened the door and entered the room along with Kaguya who had been accompanying him since he finished his training.

”Oh? ” He looked around and saw that Ruby and Sasha weren ’t home. He used his eye powers, and saw that Natalia and Maria weren ’t home either. Even June went off somewhere.

”Darling, have you finished your training? ” Violet looked at Victor.

”Yes… ” Victor looked at Violet and asked, ”Where are Ruby and Sasha? ”

”Oh, they had to sort something out… No need to worry though. Natalia went with Ruby while Maria left with Sasha. ” Violet didn ’t say much.

”Hmm. ” Victor raised an eyebrow when Violet didn ’t say much, ”I won ’t go digging into your business, but if you need my help, just call me. ”

He also had a few things he wanted to discuss about Maria. He didn ’t think it was such a good idea to leave Maria alone with Sasha, but he decided not to mention it. His wives weren ’t children. They were adults and they could make their own decisions.

Sasha definitely knew it wasn ’t such a good idea to have Maria accompany her. If she made the decision to leave even while knowing this, that was her choice to make…

And Victor would always respect the decisions of his wives.

But that didn ’t mean he wouldn ’t worry about Sasha…

”We know. ” Violet smiled gently.

”It ’s good that you know. ” Victor displayed his usual smile.

”Master, I ’ll go get your clothes. ” Kaguya suddenly spoke.

”Thank you, Kaguya. ” Victor exhibited a gentle smile. He then approached Kaguya and whispered into her ear: ”When you get back, I want you to step into Sasha ’s shadow. ”

”… ” Kaguya widened her eyes a little, but soon she bowed and left the room. She understood her master ’s concern, and knew it was her duty as a Maid to make sure everything went well.

Violet looked at the state of Victor ’s clothes, licking her lips, and swallowing a little:

”…What ’s this? Are you tempting me? Because if that ’s your goal, I can tell you that it ’s working! ” Her eyes were glowing blood red. She was looking at Victor like he was a very tasty piece of meat.

”Oh? ” Victor flashed a small smile: ”My wife ’s a pervert, huh? ”

”Do you have a problem with that? ” Violet snorted.

”Do you see me complaining? I like it this way. ”

Violet turned her face away and said, ”…Good. ” For some reason, she felt a little embarrassed… just a little.

”Hahaha. ” Victor chuckled gently: ”I ’m taking Zack to the vet now, will you come with me? ”

Violet ’s eye twitched, ”Are you going to your childhood friend ’s Pet Shop? ”

”Yes, of course. In that place the service is free, and I want to see my friends too. ”

’I wonder what their reaction will be upon seeing my change~. ’ Victor wasn ’t as worried as he was about his parents.

”In that case, I will. ” Violet got up from the couch.

Victor and Violet were walking towards his childhood friend ’s Pet Shop.

Throughout their short journey to the PetShop, they walked hand in hand as they chatted with each other and played little jokes.

They looked like just another regular couple… That ’s if you ignored Victor ’s rather expensive looking black suit, and Violet ’s clothes that were similar in appearance to gothic cosplay.

And the cat that was on Victor ’s shoulders.

”Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow. ” Translation: I ’ve become so numb, I can ’t feel you there, Become so tired, So much more aware.

… He was a very cultured cat…

Looking at Victor ’s outfit, Violet remembered something she wanted to talk to him about:

”Darling, why do you wear those glasses? ”

”Well, these glasses were the glasses Scathach gave me. ”

”… ” Violet ’s eyes twitched for a few seconds, but soon her expression returned to normal.

”Plus, I ’m too lazy to wear contact lenses to hide my red eyes. ” Victor remembered that June had offered him contact lenses, but he saw no need to wear them.

After all, he only wore the glasses Scathach gave him when he was out in public. No normal human had such deep red eyes, and while it was better to hide them, wearing contact lenses when he was barely out in public sounded like an unnecessary hassle.

”I see… ” Violet understood Victor ’s motives and she knew her husband respected Scathach a lot.

”Meow~. ”

”…? ” Violet looked at Zack who was meowing a lot.

”What ’s his problem? Is he in pain? Why is he meowing so much? ”

”Hahaha, of course not, he ’s just having fun. ” Victor laughed a little in amusement.

”??? ” Violet didn ’t understand anything.

Arriving in front of the PetShop, Victor looked at the open sign and entered.

”…Welcome… ” Edward looked at Victor with his mouth open.

”Sup, Ed. ” Victor laughed.

”V-Victor!? ” Edward practically yelled.

”Yo. ” Victor made a small gesture with his hand, he looked at Edward strangely: ”Is it okay for you to scream like that? Don ’t you have customers? ”

”Yes… we did… My sister had been taking care of some dogs recently, but the customers already came to get them. ”

”I see. ”

”Ugh…this place reeks of dogs. ” Violet put a hand to her nose.

”…Well, this is a Pet Shop, of course it ’s going to stink of dog. ” Victor spoke in a low voice.

”… ” Violet looked at Victor with her mouth open, a little shocked, ’Did he not get my hint? Or does he not want to think about it? … I think he doesn ’t want to think about it, after all, he likes his friends a lot. ’ She thought.

Edward looked at Violet. The moment he recognized the woman in front of him, his whole body froze for a few seconds; ’The princess of Clan Snow… ’ He thought.

”Edward, did you say Victor? He returned? ” Leona suddenly appeared, looked around, and soon her eyes landed on a tall man.

”Sup, Leona. ” Victor laughed.

”… V-Vic-. ” She bit her tongue…

”Pfft, no need to be so shocked. ”

”How can I not be shocked!? ” Leona practically screamed. ’Turning into a vampire changed him so much!? He looks like a completely different person. ’

”Hahahaha, that ’s understandable I think. ” Victor scratched his cheek.

”Vic-. ” Leona was about to say something, but she stopped talking when she saw a woman with long white hair that reached the floor, curvy body, and wearing gothic clothes.

’Clan Snow ’s Heiress… ’ Leona seemed to growl for a few seconds.

”Meow! ” Translation: Sup, Bitches.

Zack appeared on Victor ’s shoulder and raised his paw.

”Oh, you brought Zack too. ” Edward said.

”Yeah, I traveled for a few months, and he took advantage of that time to go without a shower. ”

”… He stinks. ” Victor ’s face distorted a little.

”Meow! ” Translation: Lieee!

”… Well, most cats don ’t like to bathe. ”

”You are right. ”

”Hey Guys. Can you guys solve the problem with the internet? The internet in this place is very slow! ” Fred suddenly appeared, and spoke out loud.

”Hmm? Who is this tall man who looks like a Riajuu? Somehow I feel like hitting him. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked at Fred and flashed a nostalgic smile.

”Sup, Fred. Are you still locked in your room looking for your ’holy treasure? ’ ”

The holy treasure that Victor was talking about, was a legendary sword that could be found in an MMORPG…

And why was this item a holy treasure? Was it because the item was strong? Wrong. Was it because the item gave status in the game world? Wrong.

The correct answer is: The sword had the function of transforming into a very beautiful female NPC …

And as a man of culture, Fred definitely wanted that sword for himself! The sword was unique! There was only one each server!

”…E-Eh. ” Fred gasped a little: ”How do you know that!? I only spoke of this to Vic-…Huh? ”

”Hahahaha, you ’re still quick to figure things out as usual. ” Victor laughed amusedly.

Like his other friends, he ’d known Fred since he was little, and as long as he could remember, Fred had always had that kind of personality.

He was a kind and smart man. And despite having questionable tastes, no one in their circle of friends judged him for that. After all, most of Victor ’s friends liked anime too.

They just felt uncomfortable sometimes because he took his hobby to the extremes. There was once a time where he had spent close to 5,000 dollars on just anime related stuff.

He proclaimed himself ’a man of culture ’, although Victor didn ’t know what that was.

… This is just a secret of Victor ’s, but he had admired Fred a little when they were younger. After all, the man was always faithful to his wishes, and never cared what people said about him. In a way, he was an amazing guy.

”…I thought the vampire transformation was over when you played against Luan, but that doesn ’t seem to be the case. ” Fred suddenly spoke.

”… ” Leona and Edward facepalmed. This man, couldn ’t he be a little more subtle?

”… ” Victor ’s smile died. He removed his glasses, and looked at his friends with his glowing blood-red eyes.

’What is that? ’ Leona and Edward were feeling uncomfortable when they looked into Victor ’s eyes. They felt like they couldn ’t hide anything from those eyes.

Victor ’s world turned blood red. As he looked at Edward and Leona, he saw a strange green-ish energy covering their bodies. As for Fred, Victor just saw his heart beating, evidence that he was just a normal person.

”One human… And probably two-. ” Victor was about to say something, but Leona interrupted.

”Two werewolves. ”

Leona and Edward ’s eyes glowed azure blue.

What were werewolves? They were the race said to be the opposite of vampires.

If we looked at it as if this were a game, vampires would be the wizards who had an immense amount of magic power, while wolves were the warriors who had a great deal of physical strength and stamina.

Of course that was not all. Both sides had their quirks, and weaknesses too.

But the common knowledge of the entire supernatural community was: Vampires and Wolves were eternal enemies/rivals, they would never get along.

And Victor knew these things. But the question was, would Victor care about that?

The answer was obviously no! He always did what he wanted, when he wanted, and however he wanted!

Traditions and rules, limits imposed by others, would always be things Victor ignored!

”Heh~. ” Victor displayed a large distorted smile that displayed all of his sharp teeth. ”That ’s interesting~, interesting indeed. ”


”… ” Violet sighed, she already knew where this was going.

Victor picked up Zack and handed him over to Violet.

”Meow? ” Zack looked at Violet with a suspicious look.

”… ” Violet ignored the cat ’s gaze, after all, he was just a cat, right? Right?

Slowly, Victor walked towards Edward.

”Victor? ” Edward didn ’t understand Victor ’s reaction. He was expecting something friendlier. After all, he knew his friend, he knew Victor wouldn ’t mind this ’little ’ secret, but Victor ’s reaction now was just too weird!

But before he could make out anything, he felt a fist impact his face.



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