My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 146: The Lost Club.

daughter is here again. ’ Eddy facepalmed.

Although the way each of the men understood the situation was different.

The way everyone else looked at Ruby was the same: Fear. However, Johnny was not everyone else.

Johnny was about to get up, but the moment he tried, he was held down by Eddy:

”Forget it, ” Eddy spoke in a solemn tone.

”Huh? ”

”She is one of the daughters of Scathach Scarlett, don ’t you see the characteristic red hair that is a trademark of Clan Scarlett? ”

”… ” Johnny swallowed hard when he heard what Eddy said.

Who was Scathach? Needless to say, even Johnny knew who she was. If he didn ’t, he wouldn ’t have survived as a mercenary for so long.

The rule was clear, don ’t provoke the Scarlett Clan, or that crazy woman would pay you a visit.

”If you were just any old idiot, I wouldn ’t mind you throwing your life away, but…you are the son of Adam, a former general of the king of the wolves. If you got yourself killed, your idiot dad wouldn ’t keep quiet. ”

”… ” Johnny narrowed his eyes when Eddy called his father an idiot.

”Imagine the news. ” Eddy let go of Johnny ’s arm:

”Former General Adam ’s son provoked one of Scathach Scarlett ’s daughters. ”

”and not just any daughter, Ruby Scarlett. Scathach ’s favorite daughter. ”

”Johnny. Are you prepared to cause a war between the wolves and the vampires? ” Eddy ’s tone was deadly serious.

Unlike vampires, wolves were very tight. If you attacked one, you attacked them all. Everyone knew this peculiarity, and this was one of the reasons why other supernatural beings did not attack the wolves that were part of a pack.

Even though Johnny was considered a lone wolf, a wolf that was out of the pack, his family was just very special, and they wouldn ’t keep quiet if one of their kids were killed.


Johnny swallowed hard, he wasn ’t a coward, but he wasn ’t stupid enough to do that.

”… You ’re exaggerating, I was just going to talk to her. After all, she ’s beautiful. ” Johnny sat on the bench again.

Eddy sighed inwardly in relief, but when he heard what Johnny said, he was speechless again:

”I wouldn ’t recommend doing that. I don ’t know what the relationship is between Ruby and him, but the new Count is a disciple of Scathach, and he ’s young. He won ’t be quiet if you do something to this woman. ”

”And the new Count… He ’s just insane. Seriously, what ’s wrong with that man? ” Remembering the information he had received about Victor, he couldn ’t understand how he was so lucky.

How did that man manage to make friends with the three great clans?

”Oh? ” Johnny was interested, ”Tell me about the new Count, I will pay for the information. ”

”Well-… ” When Eddy was going to talk about the new Count, he was silent and looked away.

”Where is Madam? ” Ruby asked in a cold tone that sent shivers down Johnny and Eddy ’s spine.

”She is busy, ” Eddy spoke.

”… ” Ruby just stared at Eddy in silence.

Feeling Ruby ’s gaze, Eddy broke out in a cold sweat.

”She really is busy. The new Count ’s appearance has left her mired with work since everyone wants information about the new Count. ”

”Hmm… ” Ruby seemed to think of something.

Suddenly she said, ”This is a service; in exchange for information about the new Count, your information network will support me with everything I need to know. ”


Eddy swallowed.

”…Can we refuse? ” He really didn ’t want relations with Clan Scarlett.

”I am not my mother. Of course, you can refuse. ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone.

”But… are you sure about that? ” She displayed a cold smile.

”…? ” Eddy didn ’t understand, he just looked at Ruby confused.

”The new Count is currently a hot topic, everyone wants information about him, and you ’re going to have access to that information… Do you know what that means? ”

”…Money, prestige and influence. ”

They would receive a ton of money because of this information. Consequently, they would gain prestige in the supernatural world, and they would gain power and influence over some communities in the supernatural world.

”Right. ”

”But, that information would also paint a gigantic target on our backs. ” Eddy wasn ’t stupid. He knew that by getting this information and selling it, some groups wouldn ’t take too kindly to it.

Mainly the witches. Those greedy women wouldn ’t want to lose their monopoly.

”Risks and rewards. You won ’t grow if you don ’t take small risks. ”

’This is no small risk! ’ Eddy wanted to scream so much now.

’I think that being the daughter of Scathach, she probably doesn ’t understand the magnitude of the danger, ’ Eddy thought.

But his thoughts were completely wrong. Ruby understood the risks; she just didn ’t care too much.

Ruby wanted a personal information network for herself, and not just any information network, an information network that contacted all races.

Witches were good, but their prices were too high, and, in the long run, it was just a loss. She needed something for herself.

”…I don ’t understand something. Why are you talking to Eddy about this? Isn ’t he just a bartender? ”

Ruby and Natalia looked to the side and saw a muscular man, and she immediately understood what he was. She could smell that wet dog stench miles away.

”Mongrel. ” Ruby ’s cold face distorted for a few seconds.

Ruby turned her gaze back to Eddy:

”Are you the type of organization to employ this type of Mongrel? No wonder Madam ’s network hasn ’t grown, despite spending so many years in this industry. ”


Johnny broke the wooden counter:

”What did you just say, Bitch? ” He growled angrily.

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