My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 148: A woman who never forgets.

”What did you say, Bitch? ” He growled angrily.

”… ” Everyone was speechless when they heard what Johnny said.

”Is this man crazy…? ” Someone spoke in disbelief.

A similar thought passed through everyone else ’s minds as well, and they just couldn ’t believe what they had just heard.

”Mongrel, are you deaf? ” Ruby spoke in the same cool tone of voice.

Johnny growled, and then he said, ”I was being cautious because of your Clan… ”

”Johnny, Stop! ” Eddy tried to stop the man, but it was useless.

Johnny balled his fist and attacked Ruby ’s face.


The attack was so strong that it caused a considerable noise, and because of the shock wave, some places broke and raised some dust.

Johnny had a big smile when he felt his attack connect. He didn ’t even care if she was a Count ’s daughter or not; he wouldn ’t let anyone trample on his pride.

The pride of an Alpha!

When the dust settled, Ruby was standing in the same spot, in the same position, and the skin on her face was covered with a thin layer of ice-like armor.

”Not impressed. ”

”!!! ” Johnny felt shivers down his spine when he saw Ruby ’s blood-red eyes.

”Bitch- ”

Before he could say anything else, his entire body was frozen and turned into an ice sculpture!

”Stop! ” A woman ’s voice was heard in the club.

Ruby ’s hand, which was covered in ice, stopped inches from piercing Johnny ’s heart.

”!!! ” What happened!? Everyone couldn ’t understand what had happened! In less than a few seconds, the whole situation changed drastically!

But one thing everyone was sure of, this woman, she was strong!

’This woman… She ’s just like her mother! ’ Of course, Eddy already expected something like this. Although Ruby was more tolerant than Scathach, she still had the same temperament as her mother.

Ruby looked at the woman, her eyes glowing blood-red:

”Madam. Control your dogs. I will not tolerate disrespect. ”

”Y-Yes. ” For a moment, Madam was shaken by Ruby ’s emotionless expression.

Yes… Just like Scathach, she doesn ’t tolerate disrespect. It wasn ’t just Ruby who behaved like that. All the daughters of Scathach had pride that their mother had molded in them, and they wouldn ’t bow their heads to anyone.

That was the main reason the Scarlet Clan was so feared. They were not afraid to provoke conflicts with other races; they were the kind of Clan that would set the world on fire with a smile on their face.

And the terrifying thing was that they had the ability to do that.

Scathach alone was like a walking nuclear bomb, while her daughters were all considered strong by ordinary vampire noble standards.

Being Scathach ’s favorite, Ruby was the same, and she was not afraid of causing conflicts. But, unlike her mother, who attacked everything and everyone, she thought it was a waste of time to provoke conflicts, especially in the vampire community.

But she also knew that vampires were greedy and arrogant beings, they were hard to control, and there would always be enemy vampires.

Ruby had thought about many ways to deal with these enemy vampires and how to put them to use. The most promising avenue she planned to pursue was to enslave any enemy vampires and use them for future plans. Then, if the vampire resisted, she would simply break their will to do so.

Vampires were immortal and had excellent regeneration. They just needed a little blood and could function for several months. They were basically machines that never broke down, an eternal workforce.

It was a simple solution to use against enemies. Why hadn ’t anyone ever thought about it? Ruby couldn ’t understand.

In her view, by coming into conflict with vampires, she was just reducing the potential workforce that could be used for something useful in the future.

What about other races? She didn ’t mind getting into conflict with them, but if possible, she would prefer to avoid fighting witches… Witches were just too troublesome to deal with.

”Fortunately… ” Ruby pulled away from the man and looked at Madam with her eyes glittering wildly, ”This man was weak, like an insect, he ’s not even worthy of my attention, but if it happens again in the future… ”

” I promise you, this whole place will disappear off the map. ”

”… Scarlett… What are you doing here again? ” Madam ’s face twitched a little, she completely ignored what Ruby said, but she got the message. She would make sure that wouldn ’t happen in the future.

She knew this crazy woman wasn ’t kidding.

”I need a service from you. ” Ruby flipped her hair over her back.

”Grr… ” Suddenly everyone heard a wolf growl, and then:



Johnny broke free of the ice sculpture, and his whole body seemed to have grown some fur, and he looked much stronger than before.

Ruby looked at Johnny again, ”Oh? So you ’re not just an ordinary Mongrel… You ’re their leader, huh? ” She spoke when she saw Johnny ’s bright blue eyes.

’And to think I would find an Alpha in this place. ’ Ruby flashed a cold little smile.

”Bitc-… ” Before Johnny could say anything, he heard a woman ’s voice.

”Little wolf, I wonder if you can breathe in space, ” Natalia spoke with a gentle smile.

”…? ” Johnny looked at Natalia, but before he could speak or react to anything, his body was covered by a portal.

But before Johnny could fall through the portal and into the vastness of empty space, the portal broke.

”Ara… ” Natalia looked at Madam and saw her hand glowing with several magic circles. Then, she looked around and saw several magic circles all over the club.

”I said, stop. ” Madam spoke in a deadly serious tone, ”This place is neutral territory. If you want to fight, fight elsewhere. ”

Natalia ignored Madam and looked around, ’A witch ’s territory, huh. ’ She thought.

What was a witch ’s territory? As the name says, it was their territory, witches were beings that could do many complex spells, and the most dangerous place to fight a witch was in their territory.

After all, they could create various unknown spells that could kill or incapacitate any supernatural individual. Fighting a witch in their territory elevated the chances of losing to over 95%.

It was because of this quirk that Ruby didn ’t want conflict with the witches. They were just too troublesome, especially their queen.

”Scarlett, didn ’t you see that he was an Alpha? You would let your maid attack him even though you knew it? Do you want to provoke a war? ”

”Hmm? So what if he ’s an Alpha? ”

”Huh? ”

”So what if this will trigger a war? ”

”Do you think I care about that? ”

”… ” Madam and Eddy were silent.

”In my view, he ’s just another wet dog, not that different from the king of wolves. ” Ruby walked towards Madam.

”Grrr… ” Some of the wolves standing nearby started looking at Ruby with killing intent. They wouldn ’t tolerate an offense to their king.

”… ” Ruby stopped walking when she felt the killing intent from all the wolves present:

”…There was once a time where my mother once said when I was little: ’Daughter, if anyone raises their sword against you, you must annihilate them all. Kill enemies, kill everyone related to enemies, Kill! Kill! Kill! Remember! Don ’t leave any to tell a story! ’… ” Ruby spoke in a cold tone that terrified everyone.

’That is not a teaching you should teach your own daughter! ’ Eddy wanted to scream so much now.

”And I carry these teachings in my heart… ”

”You raised your swords against me. Tell me… ” Ruby ’s voice was so dark and demonic it sent shivers through all the wolves.

Slowly she turned her face and looked at all the wolves while her eyes were hollow, ”Are you ready to die? ” A gigantic pressure started to burst out from Ruby ’s body.


All, including Johnny, swallowed dryly, and they could not move, as if they were trapped in an immense gravity well. They could feel in their spines a cold feeling of death.

And they finally figured something out:

A monster was in front of them!

Who was Ruby? She ’s Scathach Scarlett ’s daughter, and she ’s not an adopted daughter. She ’s Scathach ’s birth daughter.

Of course she ’s not weak! How could the birth daughter of the strongest female vampire be weak?

As the saying goes, the apple doesn ’t fall very far from the tree. Ruby was a perfect example of that saying.

”… ” All the wolves, including Johnny, took a step back.

”Wise choice… ” Ruby flashed a small smile that showed all her sharp teeth, she turned her face and started walking again, and as she was walking, she said:

”You guys are lucky I ’m such a nice vampire… If I were my mother or my husband, this whole place would already be turned into a land without life. ”

Huh…? Everyone thought they were suddenly deaf.

Who ’s nice, woman!? You ’re not nice! You ’re just as crazy as your mother! Doesn ’t she realize that!?

She looked at Johnny, ”Especially you, Mongrel. You were very lucky today. My husband is a very overprotective man, the moment you touched me, it wouldn ’t be death that awaited you… but rather a very long session of torture. ” She tossed her hair back and kept walking.

’Although I don ’t need my husband to deal with this garbage. ’ Ruby had her own pride, and like Scathach and Victor, she wouldn ’t leave her enemies for other people to deal with.

”… ” Madam grinned when she heard Ruby say, ’her husband, huh? ’ She thought that was good information.

She could already figure out how to sell the information: ’Scathach Scarlett ’s daughter has a husband. ’ She could smell money.

’But… I need to know who her husband is. ’

For a moment, Madam completely forgot what would usually happen to people who tried to sell information about Clan Scarlett, and when she remembered that, her face darkened, she thought; ’Forget it. The risks just aren ’t worth it. ’

Seeing Ruby start walking, Natalia followed her silently as she looked at Ruby with a gentle smile:

”… ” Hearing what Ruby said. Johnny ’s face distorted and took on a more animalistic expression. All of his teeth were sharp, and he looked like he was about to attack Ruby at any moment; he didn ’t like being treated that way!

”Johnny, stop. Or you will become my enemy too. ” Madam warned him.

”… ” Johnny clenched his fist angrily and backed away.

Fighting a witch on her turf was just plain nonsense.

”Good. ” Madam smiled since, as a witch, she didn ’t mind the wolf ’s conflicts with the vampires. She just didn ’t want conflicts in her establishment.

If it were up to her, Johnny could die anytime, and she wouldn ’t care. She ’d just go, ’Oh? He died, that ’s a shame. I have lost useful manpower… Anyway. ’

Madam would only care about something if that ’something ’ was her property, for example: The bartender, Eddy.

If Ruby hurt Eddy, Madam would be hostile towards Ruby. After all, Eddy was Madam ’s property.

Ruby walked past Madam and walked towards her office, treating this place like it was her own home:

”Come on. We have important matters to talk about… And I promise you that this matter will make a lot of money for you. ”

”Oh? ” Madam flashed a greedy smile.

When Madam, Ruby, and Natalia went upstairs to the office.

Eddy said, ”You fucking idiot. ”

”Shut up, I ’m not in a good mood right now. ” Johnny looked around and growled:

”What are you looking at!? ”

”… ” The crowd turned away and went back to taking care of their own problems.

”I ’m the one who ’s not in a good mood! ” Eddy slapped his hand on the counter.

”You never listen to me! ” Eddy ’s eyes glowed neon green from his fury, ”And because of that, you provoked someone you shouldn ’t! ”

”… ” Johnny was speechless when he saw his friend explode with rage. He had never seen him like this.

Eddy took several deep breaths while he was trying to calm down:

”Listen to me, you idiot… This is my last warning. ” He spoke in a neutral tone,

”Don ’t provoke Clan Scarlett, forget what happened here. ”

”Son of a former wolf general or not. The moment you become the enemy of Clan Scarlett, you will die. ”

”And your dad won ’t be able to do anything to help you. ”

”Okay… ”

”… ” Eddy looked at Johnny with a cold look; ’That idiot, he didn ’t listen to me, huh? I couldn ’t care less anymore. He can go and die a dog ’s death. ’

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