panese culture. ” The one who spoke was Fred, who, without Victor noticing, approached him along with Edward.

”Oh… ” Victor exhibited an amused smile. He wasn ’t irritated by this old man speaking ill of Scathach, considering he knew that when his mother-in-law wanted to be scary, she could be horrifying:

”She did a lot of things, huh? I can see that just hearing her name made you scared. ”

”… ” The old man didn ’t deny or accept Victor ’s words and used his right to remain silent! He was a free spirit!

”To answer your question, Scathach is my master, and my mother-in-law. ” Victor spoke.

”…M-Mother-in-law. ” Mizuki and the old man stuttered a lot.

’That demon accepted someone to marry her daughter!? Impossible. ’ Despite having denied this thought, the old man felt that Victor ’s words were not false. After all, there was no madman in this world who would say this without being afraid of the consequences.

And he conveniently ignored the part where Victor said that Scathach was his master…

Being a senile old man had some disadvantages…

”…Unbelievable… ” Edward, who knew a little about vampire society, just made a face of pure shock.

’I thought he was only married to the heiress of Clan Fulger and Clan Snow, but he also married one of the daughters of Clan Scarlett!? What is this luck? ’ Edward thought.

”Is this woman Violet ’s mother? ” Fred asked.

”She is not. She is the mother of my other wife. ” Victor replied.

”… Eh? ” Fred felt that his world was cracked like a fragile glass.

”Old Man-. ” When Victor was about to ask him more about the doubts he had, he heard Fred yell.

”Chotto Matte! ”

”Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand a thing Fred said.

Fred walked up in front of Victor, ”What is this…? ”

”…? ”

”What is this!? What is this situation that only happens in harem anime!? ” He sounded very desperate, ”How envious! You were turned into a vampire, and now you have two beautiful wives! ”

”…How do you know she ’s beautiful? ” Victor displayed an amused smile.

”Come on, she ’s a vampire, there ’s no way she can be ugly! ”

”Make sense. ” Victor spoke, and then he continued, ”And who said I only had two wives? ”

”…Huh? ” Mizuki and Fred spoke at the same time.

Crack, Crack!

Fred ’s world is shattered!

”…Hahahaha…This can only be a joke, while I ’m using my divine right hand, my best friend created a harem! ”

”… ” Everyone didn ’t know how to react to what Fred said.

Fred kneeled on the ground, looked at the clouds, and assumed a position as if he were a believer who was praying to God, as some tears started to fall from his face:

”God, why is the world so unfair! Why!? Whyyyyyy!? ”

”I want a harem too! I want to practice dual cultivation! I want to explore the dragon cave! ”

”Why doesn ’t Truck-Sama come visit me at these times!? I want to be the protagonist too! ”

”… ” Mizuki, the old man, and Edward didn ’t know how to react to Fred ’s despair.

And what the fuck is Truck-sama?

Only Edward understood the reference Fred made… The world is so lonely.

”If you want a harem, just get stronger. ” Victor suddenly spoke.

”…Huh? ” Fred looked at Victor.

”My master said that as long as you are strong, you can have as many women/men as you like in your harem. ”

”The strong are the boss. If you are a woman, if you want, you could have a harem of men. Same goes for men, as long as you ’re strong, you could create a harem of women if you wanted. ”

”Even the vampire king has a harem. ” Victor looked like a shepherd who was teaching the way to the lost lamb.

”That ’s true, there are many werewolves who have harems. ” Edward supported Victor ’s words.

In the supernatural world, it was relatively common for beings to surround themselves with several partners, and this was true for both males and females. It all depended on the individual ’s will, and of course, their strength.

When Edward was little, he had heard several stories from his father of a woman who was a general of the wolves who had more than 50 men in her harem.

Coincidentally… This woman was Edward ’s grandmother, but he preferred not to comment on that.

”… ” Fred looked at Victor and Edward with determined eyes.

”It ’s decided. I will become a hunter, and I will raise a harem! ” Fred was already imagining himself becoming strong and having several nuns as lovers.

Somehow, when imagining this forbidden scene, he started to get full of motivation!

”Let ’s fucking goooooo!!!!!! ”

”… It ’s not allowed to interact in church, it ’s against the rules. ” It only took a few words for Mizuki to break Fred ’s dreams.

Crack, Crack!

Fred could even hear the noise of his dreams breaking.

Fred dropped to his knees again as he looked up at the sky, ”This is too much, God. Who made this stupid rule? Don ’t you have control of your organization? ”

”…He completely freaked out. ” Victor facepalmed.

”And we went to so much trouble to cheer him up again. ” Edward sighed.

”Hmm… Sorry? ” Mizuki felt awkward apologizing for a pointless subject.

”I will not become a hunter! Who wants to be a simp of god! Screw this! ” Fred got up off the ground and threw his middle finger at the sky.

He changed his mind very quickly! Everyone thought at once.

”…In that case, don ’t you want to become an Onmyo mage? ” The old man spoke after thinking for a few seconds.

”… Eh? ”


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