Sasha Side.

Maria was following Sasha through the corridors of the mansion where she used to live.

The two women appeared to have been walking for a while.

”Where are we going, Master? ” Despite being uncomfortable with the current situation, Maria was a little curious about what Sasha was doing.

”I ’m here to collect something I forgot from this mansion, ” Sasha spoke in a dry, emotionless tone since she wasn ’t in a good mood.

Sasha ’s eyes glowed blood red for a few seconds:

’Tsk, this mansion is full of bugs and rats. ’ Sasha thought.

”…Oh. ” Maria understood what she was looking for, but she had a doubt, ”Are you sure the hunters didn ’t take the item? After all, I remember we walked all over the mansion. ”

”Hahaha, if those dogs were so competent, the vampires would have been wiped out long ago, ” Sasha spoke with disdain.

”… ” Maria didn ’t know what to say when she heard Sasha ’s words.

The two women walked down a few corridors until suddenly Sasha stopped in front of a gigantic painting that appeared to be damaged.

”Good, the edges of the frame are still intact. ”

”…? ” Maria looked at the frame and saw the image of a woman with long golden hair and blood red eyes. She had a voluptuous body that didn ’t seem to lose to Scathach, wearing a crimson red dress. She looked like a woman of noble birth, while the entire image Maria was looking at appeared to have been hand-painted by an artist.

”… This is. ”

”My grandmother. ” Sasha looked at the painting with a neutral gaze:

”Carmila Fulger… If she were alive, I believe she would be the one to hold the title of Vampire Count and not my mother. ”

Maria had never heard of this woman, but she thought it made sense, if she was Sasha ’s grandmother, then she must have been thousands of years old.

”I learned that she was a very kind woman and that she had the noble personality of a knight. ”

”… ” Maria thought the woman was quite similar to Sasha.

”It ’s funny, right? ”

”What…? ”

”Is a bloodthirsty vampire considered someone resembling a ’knight ’? ”

”Well…I feel like it ’s not weird. ”

”Oh? ”

”Despite our eating habits, we are no different from humans… ” Maria was honest, as that was the impression she had gotten from vampires as she lived with them for more than six months.

Vampires needed blood to survive, and consequently, they had to hunt humans for food. That ’s normal, that ’s just the law of nature, and it ’s not like vampires couldn ’t drink the blood of animals, but the difference is that animal blood made them weaker.

But… Despite being a law of nature, they were sentient beings, and they wouldn ’t accept that for long.

All the problems started when the vampires started playing with their food, and this revolted the humans, so eventually, the humans ’joined up ’ in a group that had hatred towards the vampires, and a war broke out.

Normally, vampires would win as usual.

But because of the energy discovered by the hunters, they began to be pressured and had to look for a new habitat, considering Earth was no longer a welcome place for them.

”A predator cannot get along with its prey. ” Sasha looked back at the painting:

”Eventually, the predator can no longer hold back its instincts and will attack its prey, and, because of that, we can ’t mix. ”

”… ” Maria was silent, she understood what Sasha was saying, and some part of her believed it was true.

Regardless, whether they were aware or not, at some point, their instinct would speak louder, and the predator would attack the prey…

After all, you couldn ’t live in peace with a person who seemed to be very tasty meat next to you, right? You ’d feel like eating and tasting this ’meat ’.

Predators must live among their fellows.

And prey must live among their fellows.

The two can never join in a community. A lion can ’t join the rabbit community, right? How would a predator at the top of the food chain join its prey? That made no sense.

In the end, that is just the natural order of things.

Because of this, Sasha didn ’t believe that humans and vampires could get along in the future one day.

In this war that has lasted thousands of years, one side had to be the winner, and the other side had to be the loser!

There was no such thing as Status Quo!

Peace was never an option from the start.

Sasha pointed her hand towards the painting.

Rumble, Rumble.

”Lightning is in our family ’s bloodline thanks to my grandmother. She was the one who started our family, she is our ancestor… ”

Lightning bolted from Sasha ’s hand and hit the painting.

”Consequently, we as her descendants must pay respect to her. ”

The lightning struck the frame, and it went through the entire frame.

Maria looked at the edges of the frame and saw several strange letters, ”Are those… Runes? ”

”There is a story Julia told me when I was little. ” Sasha continued to stare at the board.

”Originally, Carmila Fulger, my grandmother, was a woman with deep connections to the lightning spirits who were quite close to the Norse gods. ”

”Spirits…? ” Maria looked at Sasha in disbelief, while she had the face of someone who didn ’t believe what she was hearing.

”Well, that story is probably a legend created by ancient peoples. ”

”Ancient people used to make legends out of anything. ” Sasha didn ’t believe that story either. How could a spirit become a vampire?

They weren ’t even beings that had a physical body to be able to transform into vampires, so that story didn ’t make any sense.

When the entire frame was covered by Sasha ’s power, a door of lightning was opened, and everything inside that door was covered in lightning.

”What is that…? ” Maria couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

The place didn ’t seem to have a floor or a ceiling, and it was just an enormous white place that contained lightning flashing back and forth at high speed.

It was a strange place.

”Stay here, you two. ” Sasha spoke, then she continued, ”Only the descendants of Clan Fulger can enter this room, so if you enter and you are not a descendant… Well, you will be electrocuted to ash. ” Sasha wisely ignored the part that the person who didn ’t have the power of lightning would fall into the deep void. After all, they don ’t need to know that.

”…? ” Maria didn ’t understand what she meant by ’two ’.

Maria ’s shadow grew, and soon Kaguya came out of her shadow:

”…How did you know I was here? ” She asked with a confused face. She was sure she was silent enough for Sasha not to notice anything.

”It was just a hunch. ” Sasha exhibited a gentle smile, ”I know my husband, I know he is very overprotective. ”

”… ” Kaguya exhibited a small smile, ”Indeed. ”

”…Oh, it ’s you Kaguya… But why was he worried? Aren ’t I here? ” Maria did not understand Victor ’s concern.

”… ” ’That ’s exactly what he ’s worried about ’, was what Kaguya wanted to say, but she was silent since it wasn ’t her problem yet.

”…Anyway, I ’m leaving…Oh, before I go, I want you guys to capture these rats for me. When you guys finish the job, wait for me here; I ’ll be back in a few minutes. ”

”…? ” Maria didn ’t understand the ’rats ’ that Sasha was talking about, but after thinking for a moment, she opened her mouth in shock; ’How did I not notice? ’ She wondered, and quickly, she began to loosen the strands from her hands and spread them around the place.

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha ’s body began to be covered by the lightning, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone, leaving only a trail of lightning.

The moment Sasha walked through the door, the door closed, and all the two women could see was the painting of Sasha ’s ancestor, who looked a lot like her.

”As expected, she noticed. ” Kaguya turned her face and looked down the hallway.

”Show yourself, worms. ” Kaguya ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”How rude, calling us worms… ”

Several men in combat priest clothes began to appear out of nowhere.

Kaguya looked at the tools the hunters were holding.

”I see… ” She said, looking at everything neutrally; ’Are they using such an expensive tool for this rubbish? Is the church burning money? ’

Kaguya knew that the Inquisition was one of the richest organizations, considering the church earned a lot of donations from the faithful.

”Hunters are investing a lot in worms like you to buy this type of artifact. ” She spoke in disdain as she looked around and saw that there were more than 20 hunters. ’What do they want so badly with Lady Sasha to send so many hunters? ’

This was something Kaguya couldn ’t understand since a portion of the hunters seemed to be focusing too much on Sasha: the ambush that took place in this mansion and these hunters now; something didn ’t smell right. ’My master needs to know this. ’

It was pretty obvious that someone was targeting Sasha.

”We are God ’s chosen ones. Of course, they will support us. ” The priest spoke with a gentle smile, then he looked at Maria:

”I see… You ’ve become a creature from hell, that ’s really a shame… But don ’t worry, we ’ll save you. ”

”I don ’t need your salvation, ” Maria spoke with disdain since she knew that the salvation the priest offered was her death.

Maria looked at the man who was wearing black pants with a red shirt that showed his chest, he had an antique rifle on his back:

”A mercenary? ” Maria didn ’t understand, ’Was the church hiring mercenaries? ’

”Oh, you seem to know us. ” The man displayed a smile that showed his sharp teeth, his eyes for a moment gleaming gold.

”A werewolf… ” Maria was a little worried. She had never fought a werewolf before.

”Don ’t be worried, he ’s an Omega and was kicked out of the Pack. He ’s just a Mongrel. ” Kaguya wasn ’t worried about the wolf, but she was worried about that tall man who was standing back there. He felt quite dangerous.

”Hahaha, I hear that a lot. ” The man didn ’t look offended.

”… ” The man looked at Kaguya as if trying to identify her origins.

’Hmm, they ’re not both part of my contract, my goal is only with that blonde woman who left. ’ ’

”Can you surrender? I don ’t like killing people who aren ’t in my contract-. ” The wolf was going to try to negotiate, but suddenly everyone in the group heard a scream:

”GOD! We ’ve met a demon and a traitor! ”

They looked back and saw a taller man at 195 cm tall, wearing priest ’s clothes, and had spiked blond hair, while his eyes were covered with a black bandanna.

This was the same man that Kaguya had been worried about a few moments ago.

The man pulled out two western swords he had at his waist and walked towards Maria and Kaguya.

”Zandriel, you can kill both women, but the heiress of Clan Fulger must be captured at all costs, don ’t forget your mission! ” The man ordered him, but Zandriel didn ’t seem to be listening.

’Okay, we have a fool present here, thanks for telling me what I need to know. ’ Kaguya thought with disdain.

As he smiled, he prayed:

”Oh, God. Almighty, God. I ’m in front of our enemies, these demons that were cast out of paradise! As your most faithful tool. Bless me with your power to eliminate each of them! ”

The man ’s body began to be covered with a golden power, as the power covered his two swords.

”AMEN!!! ”


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