uh? ” Maria made an annoyed face.

”I will judge you, Demon! ” The man lunged towards her.

Combatants were hunters who used their energy more obviously. They created weapons of power that could be used easily, and these types of hunters were the most problematic for Maria; after all, they could cut her wires with relative ease…

’That would happen if I fought you in the past, now… ’ Maria ’s red threads began to swirl around her as if they were alive; ’My power is stronger. ’

It took six months of training, but she managed to figure out a way to use her powers the same way back when she was a hunter.

She gathered several wires in front of her and defended against Julian ’s attack!


The sound of metal clattering was heard all around.

The man backed away and attacked Maria again.

”It ’s useless. In combat indoors, I ’m invincible. ” Maria made a few gestures with her hand.

Julian quickly defended against Maria ’s strings that were coming at him at difficult angles, ”Tsk, annoying power. ”

”I ’ve only just started. ” Maria held both hands up.

”…? ” Julian didn ’t understand what was happening, but when he felt something coming over him, he quickly retreated away once again.

He looked at the jumble of wires that had a distorted shape, appearing like a demon.

”What is that!? ”

”Secret. ” The strands suddenly fell apart and zoomed towards Julian.

Julian attempted to use his sword to defend against Maria ’s attack like he had done previously. However, this time he couldn ’t defend completely.

Maria ’s wires were very flexible, and she could easily change the direction of her attacks anytime she wanted.

”Fuck. ” Julian yelled angrily as he felt his shoulder being pierced by Maria ’s wires.

”You have quite the foul mouth for a priest. ” Maria flashed a disdainful smile.

”Fuck you, Bitch! ”

”… Let ’s teach this evil boy some lessons on proper behavior. ” She wore a sadistic smile.

She grasped her strands in both hands and began using them like a whips.

”What~. ” Julian couldn ’t defend himself, and then his entire body was covered in deep red lines.

Fuushhhhhh! Fusshhhhhhh!

For a few seconds, the wires made a noise as if they were breaking the air as red blood began to ooze from Julian ’s body.

And seeing this sight, Maria ’s smile only grew.

”AHHHH! ” He cried out in pain, however unlike normal pain, the sensation of having his skin being split open seemed to be much more painful.

”If it goes on like this, it will never end. ”

”God…-? ” He was going to say something, but suddenly his mouth was abruptly covered by Maria ’s wires.

”I know very well how fighting hunters works. ”

The priest ’s face seemed to wear an expression of disdain, and soon his entire body was covered with golden power.

The power seemed to be acting like armor, allowing the man to take the strands from his body and break them all.

”Fool, prayer to God is much more than words. ” He tapped his chest in the heart area and said, ”Faith comes from something deeper, faith comes from the heart, I don ’t need words. ”

”… You are a fanatic. ”

”Wrong! I am a believer! ” The man roared.

The man suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Maria:

”Fuck-. ” Maria quickly used her wires to defend herself, but the attack she ’d been expecting didn ’t come.

”I know where Carlos is. ” Julian suddenly spoke in a low voice.

”!!! ” Maria opened her eyes wide.

”Keep silent if you want to know this information. If you don ’t want to know about Carlos ’ whereabouts, keep fighting. ”

”… ” Maria bit her lip while looking like she was about to make a very important decision.

Internally, she still cared for Carlos. But because of what she had become, she was slowly forgetting her memories of her beloved, and she needed to find him once more.

”… ” Maria continued in silence.

”… Nice answer. The man known as Carlos, he is at address XxXxXx. ”

Maria looked at the man with a suspicious look, ”Why did you tell me this? ”

”It was a request from the man himself: ’If you find Maria. Please tell her to find me. ’ ”

”I ’m just following orders from my superior. ” Julian suddenly kicked Maria in the stomach.

The woman flew towards the mansion wall.

’Fulfilling orders? Carlos climbed the chain of command? What is happening? ’ Maria didn ’t mind her stomach getting kicked since she had a lot going through her head.

”… Well, this is giving my mouth a bad taste, but it ’s not like it ’s anything new. ” The wolf backed away from the conflict and leaned against the mansion wall.

Soon, he closed his eyes and waited. His job was simple, and everything else was just extras, and, if possible, he didn ’t want to do useless work.

It was just a waste of time, and he was not going to make money doing extra work.

”Tsk, why are you so tough? Are you really a human? ”

”Of course! I am a human blessed by God! Now die! ”

Hearing Kaguya and Zandriel ’s voices, the man looked at their conflict.

Zandriel ’s entire body was covered in wounds, but those wounds were healing at a very high rate.

’I ’ve never heard of a human with such high regeneration power… I feel like I ’m fighting a vampire. ’ Kaguya quickly returned to the shadows.

”Zandriel! Are you still playing around!? ” Julian yelled angrily:

”Kill the woman fast! ”

”She is very slippery! ”

”Stop making excuses!

”Tsk, fine. ”


A massive golden power began to come out of the man ’s body while he looked into the shadows and said:

”Give me the power of purification, I will take the devil ’s souls to paradise! ”

”In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit… ” He raised both swords upward, and with a mighty swing, he shouted, ”AMEN!! ”


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